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Angela Marie DeLeon

13 mai , 197210 juin , 2019
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Angela "Angie" Marie DeLeon, age 47, passed away on June, 10, 2019 in Dallas, Texas. She was born May 13, 1972 in Dallas, Texas to Juan J. DeLeon, Sr. and Ava V. DeLeon. Angela "Angie" was raised in Dallas, Texas and eventually had three children. In her spare time, "Angie" enjoyed music, crocheting, and her live pearl parties named, "Love Our Goodies". Her family and friends will always remember her as sweet, caring, and always willing to lend a helping hand. She is preceded in death by her son, Fernando Cortez, Jr. and her cousin, Aroldo "Tiny" Longoria, Jr. She is survived by her father, Juan J. DeLeon, Sr. and his partner, Nena Rodriguez; mother, Ava V. DeLeon and her partner Jaime Camacho; daughters, Ava B. Cortez, and Tiffany D. DeLeon; grandchildren, Nevaeh Cortez, Isabella Morales, Melanie Morales, Julian DeLeon, Elijah DeLeon, and Angel DeLeon; sisters, Debbie DeLeon and her husband Refugio Alvarado, Josie D. Guzman and her husband Jesus Guzman; brothers, Juan "Jay" DeLeon, Jr., and Rocky DeLeon; nieces, Frances Fuentes, Ursula DeLeon, Candace Lopez, Bebe Dominguez, Kaley Alvarado, Angel Guzman; nephews, Juan J. DeLeon III, Jesus Coy, Matthew Alvarado, L. Cpl. Robert Lopez, Daniel DeLeon, Isaac DeLeon, Julius DeLeon; boyfriend, Rick Parra; grandmother, Josephine V. Bergin. She was also loved and cherished by many other family and friends.


  • Fernando Cortez Jr., Son (deceased)
  • Aroldo "Tiny" Longoria Jr., Cousin (deceased)
  • Juan J. DeLeon Sr., Father
  • Nena Rodriguez, Father's Partner
  • Ava V. DeLeon, Mother
  • Jaime Camacho, Mother's Partner
  • Ava B. Cortez, Daughter
  • Tiffany D. DeLeon, Daughter
  • Nevaeh Cortez, Grandchild
  • Isabella Morales, Grandchild
  • Melanie Morales, Grandchild
  • Julian DeLeon, Grandchild
  • Elijah DeLeon, Grandchild
  • Angel DeLeon, Grandchild
  • Debbie DeLeon, Sister
  • Refugio Alvarado, Brother-in-law
  • Josie D. Guzman, Sister
  • Jesus Guzman, Brother-in-law
  • Juan "Jay" DeLeon Jr., Brother
  • Rocky DeLeon, Brother
  • Frances Fuentes, Niece
  • Ursula DeLeon, Niece
  • Candace Lopez, Niece
  • Bebe Dominguez, Niece
  • Kaley Alvarado, Niece
  • Angel Guzman, Niece
  • Juan J. DeLeon III, Nephew
  • Jesus Coy, Nephew
  • Matthew Alvarado, Nephew
  • Lt.Cpl. Robert Lopez, Nephew
  • Daniel DeLeon, Nephew
  • Isaac DeLeon, Nephew
  • Julius DeLeon, Nephew
  • Josephine V. Bergin, Grandmother
  • Rick Parra, Boyfriend
  • She was also loved and cherished by many other family and friends.


  • Memorial Service samedi, 29 juin , 2019
  • Committal Service samedi, 29 juin , 2019


Angela Marie DeLeon


Tracy Hamill

29 juin , 2019

I'm fairly new to the family so I didn't have the chance to really get close to Angie however, I was blessed to have been able to visit with her at the hospital. Thank you for letting me share the one thing that is so inspiring and that is Angie's smile!!! That smile and ever so positive attitude lit up the room and now she is a light in heaven. R.I.P. my sweet girl. Much lo e to you.

Bertha Valdez

29 juin , 2019

Just reminiscing on who she was and how I was so excited to see her on Facebook doing her thang. I never told her but I would brag about her cause she had this way of captivating the people. She was a sweet caring person and was so much fun to be around. I will never forget her smile and who she was. RIP love

Ava Deleon

27 juin , 2019

My beautiful baby girl I love you so much I will love u even though I lost u for ever but u will always be in my heart Mija I love you so much my baby girl and l miss you so much my heart hurts one day I will be with you in heaven.AMEN

Jesus Coy

27 juin , 2019

Nana was a sweet strong soul she would always look out for family I’m glad I got to be a part of your life you always have a part of you in me since you tattooed me a couple of times
love your nephew Jesus

Tiffany Deleon

26 juin , 2019

Him and his lala laying down miss laying down with her and my boys😘😍

Leticia Turner

26 juin , 2019

I never got a chance to meet you personally, but you were the mother of my sweet cousin Bianca and Fernando. I loved watching your pearl parties and even have twin pearls that I won for sharing. May God have you now and reunite you with your beloved son Fernando. REST IN PEACE.

Tiffany Deleon

26 juin , 2019

One of the memories i will always remember when julian would get ahold of your things you would get on to him but guess what he still loves u lol u showed him tough love thank u for that but he will always remember u he still looks for u and would bang on the door saying lala lala lala pansonie loved being with his wella he was to small but thank god he spent some time with my momma and baby angel will know about u soon i will tell them about u love ya mom you r baby tiff aka puggy💙😇

Priscilla Villalon

23 juin , 2019

Today is another day I can't stop thinking of my precious cousin, I love the precious moments we spent together that were so powerful to me, I will forever treasure you in my heart and in my mind ,you could never be forgotten. You entered your kingdom today but I will see you tomorrow, and believe me I remember how you loved to have breakfast and had to have your eggs done a certain way even if we made a dozen of eggs, P.S Thanks to Tiffy ( You knew how to make Momma's Eggs Just Right) 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Love You ,Perla 💑🍫🍰🍪🎈🎈

Tricia Perez

21 juin , 2019

Great friend loving to be around

Perla Villalon

21 juin , 2019

My precious Ang. The special moments we shared together are so Unforgettable💜 I will treasure these moments deeply in my heart💜 I love you and remember you forever💜✝ I will never forget when I was feeling down you always brighten my day💜 and our Laugh's were like CRAZY 😋👍💜 ✝ love you my beautiful angel💜✝ Perla 💜