James "Jim" Paul Wisdom, Jr.

9 février 19385 avril 2021

Jim Wisdom passed away, peacefully, at home April 5, 2021. He was born in Denison, TX, to Paul and Pauline Wisdom on February 9, 1938.

After graduating from Denison High School in 1956, he attended the University of Texas, Austin prior to serving his country in the U.S. Navy. After an honorable discharge from the Navy, Jim began his career at Texas Instruments, working there for thirteen years while resuming his education at the University of Texas, Dallas, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Marketing.

Adding to his list of accomplishments, Jim also fulfilled his goal of training and becoming a licensed instrument rated private pilot. Leaving Texas Instruments, Jim enjoyed the next thirty-four years of his career as Owner and President of J. Wisdom & Associates, the manufacturers representative organization he started in 1983. He enjoyed the success of his business, as well as the opportunity provided him to meet many throughout the U.S. who became lifelong friends.

Jim never met a stranger, as everyone he met seem to quickly become a friend. Jim was a kind man, always available to help in anyway he could, anyone who needed him. To his many friends, Jim was a unique individual with a generous heart, and an uncanny sense of humor which made moments with him somewhat unpredictable, but never dull. His kind and loving nature resulted in the gift of many special and close lifelong friendships. He managed time for his many interests over the years, including the joy of weekends piloting a small plane, a great day of bass fishing, and time building his models.

A busy man, there was always time to help anyone in need, and most of all, to always be available to his wife, Jennifer, of 45 years, and to his three children who he loved dearly and whom he was proud. Jim was most willing to share, to others, his children’s accomplishments. He was equally proud of his four grandchildren, looking forward to their calls and visits. The loss of a loving, kind man, generous to all who were privileged to meet him; a man who loved nothing more than to leave everyone laughing, will leave a void in the life of all whom he touched in his 83 years.

Jim is preceded in death by his parents, his son, Nathaniel Wisdom, and his close friend, Barbara Wisdom. Jim is survived by his wife, Jennifer; daughter, Laura Wisdom, son-in-law, Thomas Durnin; daughter, Megan Wisdom Larkin, son-in-law, John Larkin; grandchildren, Sydney Larkin, Chloe Larkin, Elliott Larkin, and Colin Larkin. He also leaves behind his dearly loved pets, Alexandria, Auggie and Itty, and his grand dog, Teddy.

A family memorial service is planned.


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James "Jim" Paul Wisdom, Jr.


Gigi Katsiff

30 avril , 2021

Jim was the man with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes. He was that rare breed of man who could make his loved ones feel both loved and safe, all while making them laugh. Jennifer showered him with love and care in his final years of life and I can’t imagine her grief. My heart goes out to my dear life long friend Laura and to Jennifer and the entire family. Rest In Peace, Jim. You will be missed.

Amy Corless

12 avril , 2021

I'm so sorry for your loss Jennifer, Megan and Laura and, for that matter, all of the family!
I have so many fun memories of our friends bombarding your house to swim, be noisy and grill. It was so much fun and you guys were always so welcoming to us. Jim always greeted us with his big smile. Thank you for those great memories. I love you guys very, very much.

Gloria Soo Hoo

12 avril , 2021

I will miss you, dear, sweet Jim. Thank you so much for always asking about my daughter and how we were doing. We, at Thermo Keytek will miss you very much. Rest in peace my friend!!!

Megan Wisdom-Larkin

11 avril , 2021

For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to have a dad like mine, I’m sorry. There was never a dull moment with my dad around. Never. As kids we had pet skunks, rode in a convertible with no seats (milk crates sufficed), and had jiffy pop and homemade fudge for dinner. We also got to go flying in a little 4 seater plane (until my mom found out and put the kabash on that. ) He never met a stranger. And what he said wasn’t as funny as watching the perplexed looks of those whose chain he was yanking. The sharp ones would catch on and play along. The slower ones...well...¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
Never one to treat his daughters as “girly”, he encouraged us to use power tools and learn to work on cars. We fished. We helped the neighbors build a patio cover.
Now, when I embarrass my own children by joking with strangers, I think, “Well, I came by it honestly.”. And they roll their eyes like I did and I laugh to myself because I always think, “I AM my dad.”
So, thank you, daddy for all the things you taught me and all the love you gave me. The hole you have left behind will be hard to fill, but we will try to fill it with laughter and love, just as you would want. ❤️

Marsha Hoffman

10 avril , 2021

It was spring of 2015 when I first moved into my new studio space in Richardson, Texas. I was new to Dallas from Denver and I really didn't know many and my family is in New Mexico. It was the middle of the day and as I was moving in and Jim was the very first person I met he said that he had girls my age. Jim was such a sweet soul and from then him and Jennifer couldn't get rid of me, they took me in as one of their own and gave me a place to stay for 1 entire year before I moved back to Denver in 2017. If it wasn't for them I don't know how I would've made it.
Jim always kept laughing as many have said, he was such a funny guy and as witty as they come. I will never forget the time we spent hanging out, they were both my best friends.
Jim had a thing for cool socks and that became my staple gifts to him, he always enjoyed the ones I sent and he even wore The Colorado socks to his daughters (Laura) wedding, he said they were such a conversational piece.
My memories will never fade and Jim will be forever in my heart. Until we meet again.
Fly high my friend!

Andrea Komkov

10 avril , 2021

Jim was one of the kindest, funniest people I have ever met. He was one of our favorite clients at the animal hospital because he always made our day brighter. He would always remind me that he was Jim, that Mr. Wisdom was his father! He was a loving pet parent and cared so genuinely for those little creatures under his care. He left us all laughing after any visit when he would playfully tease the receptionists, or jokingly place his “order” during curbside and tell me I needed a tray and roller skates. We will miss him terribly. Rest easily, Jim. We will take care of your little Alex and Aggie for you until you see them again.

Virginia Thompson

9 avril , 2021

Jim became a special friend when we were in the 8th grade at Houston school. I looked forward to our high school class reunions because I knew I would get to spend time with him. What a unique and special person! Remembering him brings back many many good memories.
Virginia Williams Thompson

Ron Zimm

9 avril , 2021

I recall Jim as a good friend and a brother rep. When he decided to go into business for himself, I referred several good lines to him. Later in life, he was my rep and was just a stand up guy.

Tom Meuse

8 avril , 2021

Little Jimmy, that’s how I’ll always remember him! About 35 years ago he befriended this young kid, taught me so many things about life, about business and showed me an amazing work ethic which has driven me ever since. He invited me into his home, introduced me to Miss Jennifer, his girls, his son and always made sure I was never alone when in his “territory”. I’ll never forget the way he’d say, “Hi Uncle Tommy”, like hearing from me was the best part of his day or the fact that he’d introduce me to his friends in the same way, and he certainly had a lot of friends! We talked about everything under the sun during the many, many hours we spent driving between Dallas and Austin. Occasionally we’d stop for a wing or two, which of course had to be all left drums, not right, occasionally we’d even bring some extras home for Miss Jennifer. I felt like something was missing when I heard he left us but feel better to have known him. I’m going to miss his friendship and the way he always made me, and others laugh, I’m sure he’s got a new audience for all those jokes!

I know the loss I feel and know that it’s nothing compared to how Jim’s family is feeling, my thoughts and prayers go out to Jennifer and their daughters at this sad time. Jim touched so many, my condolences go out to all his friends as well!

I will miss you my friend!!

Phil Martin

8 avril , 2021

Jim was quite a unique individual with a gracious heart and an uncanny sense of humor which made moments with him somewhat unpredictable, but never dull. He was no small man and you felt like a little kid when you went to shake hands with him. His hand dwarfed yours, yet he was a mere gentle giant. He was a private pilot with an instrument rating, something many never knew about him. There will be a huge emptiness in the lives of those who knew him and an incredible void for his wife and daughters. My condolences to his family and friends.