Alfred J Cammarata

16 octobre 193911 mai 2018

Alfred, “Al” Cammarata passed away peacefully on Friday, May 11th, 2018 at Fairfax nursing center. He was born October 16, 1939 in Pittsburgh, PA to Alfred and Lena Cammarata. After high school, Al served in the United States Air Force. He had a distinguished career with the government, serving posts in Turkey, Indonesia, Sweden, England, and Washington D.C. He later worked for Intelsat, in the field of international satellite telecommunications. He retired at age 55, and became involved with family genealogy, and wrote his memories, “A Remarkable Life, Alfred Cammarata”. Al enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren and was very proud of his military and government service. He and his wife Nancy also continued to travel extensively in their retirement. His hobbies included HAM radio, civil war reenactments and volunteer service with the Fairfax county archeological association and the USO association. Survivors include his wife of 52 years, Nancy, their daughter Rita, her husband Doug, and grandchildren, Ryan, Kaitlyn and Kyle; also their son Alfred Jr. his wife Holly and grandson Brad. His Brother Marc and his wife Helen as well as many nieces and nephews and family members. He is preceded in death by his parents and brother Mike. A message to my family from his memoir, “A remarkable life”…… “When all is said and done. When the urgency of youth has been served and we reach the sunset of our lives, only one thing in life really matters-family. When my time on this earth is over, do not be sad because I am gone but remember me for how I lived. Oh, how I lived!”


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    jeudi, 17 mai , 2018

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    vendredi, 18 mai , 2018

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    lundi, 21 mai , 2018


Alfred J Cammarata


Tom Pusateri

21 mai , 2018

Al and I met at Perry High School in our early High School days. I had a long time interest in Ham radio because my best's friends dad was an inactive ham. I did nothing about it until Al invited me to join the Amateur Radio Club in school. He got his license before me around 1955. We would go home from school and communicate on Short Wave radio using Morris code (CW). Al was much better than me with the code and little did we know that using that skill would be part of his lively hood. Al's call is W3AWU and mine was W3CPI, we got our calls the last time the FCC issued "W" 1 by 3 calls( this would mean something to hams, shows he was a old timer.) His dad would take us to Ham Fests (Picnic/radio flee mkt) and as we got older and could drive we would go to the Amateur Transmitter Association (ATA) ham radio meeting at the planetarium in Pittsburgh.

After High School we did not see each other much but I would visit with him when ever my wife and I were in Washington D.C.. I moved to the Chicago area in the early 1970's and we would talk on 20 Meters. I consider him a life long friend who's voice I will miss on the air.


Joseph Laquatra

17 mai , 2018

Al was such a caring cousin. His love of family was legendary. He is sorely missed, and he leaves behind terrific memories.

Joe Laquatra
Greg Potter
Freeville, New York

Sam Cagna

17 mai , 2018

I first met Al in 1965 when we were both assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. We worked together in the Embassy Communications center and shared a government apartment for about a year. We are both of Italian descent and got along very well. Both of us grew up in Pennsylvania, Al in Pittsburgh and I was from a small town northeast of Pittsburgh. Most of the government and military personnel in Ankara socialized together because of the local culture.

Al and Nancy were married in Ankara as was the case for me and my wife Gladys. In fact, I was best man in their wedding. After the government service, several of us kept in touch and started getting together fairly often with a so-called "Turkey Reunion." Gatherings in Virginia, several times to Las Vegas and Laughlin, NV, Orlando and Ft. Myers, FL, Connecticut and California and several even went on Alaska and Hawaiian cruises. We were like a big family. 2 years ago, we met Al & Nancy and Carl & Alex Johnson in High Point, NC. Also visited them in Fairfax, VA along with Barbara Weisenbeck who is from Chesapeake, VA. That was the day a sudden thunder storm came up and while we were visiting, a large tree limb dropped on their house and damaged an upstairs bedroom and possibly more.

Always enjoyed Al's emails in which he would share items of interest to both of us. A good man and a good friend who will be missed by all of us.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Nancy and the family during this difficult time.

Sam & Gladys Cagna (The Turkey Group)

Carl Johnson

16 mai , 2018

Al was a co-worker in the American Embassy, Ankara, Turkey in the mid-60-s. He was a hard worker and fun to work with. After hours, we'd go to the Marine House on the corner of the embassy property for down time. It was a meeting place for singles as the cultural differences with the local populace didn't provide a great deal of companion ship. Al and Nancy were among the many marriages incubated at the Marine House. This provided the impetus for many Turkey reunions over the years.

Al was intelligent, gregarious, deep thinker, and a great co-worker and friend. He will be missed. Our sympathies to Nancy, kids, siblings, and family.


Kaitlyn Johnson

14 mai , 2018

Growing up, visiting my Papa (Al) meant eating dinosaur pancakes for breakfast, and for some odd reason pancakes taste so much better in the shape of a dinosaur. We had these every morning before he would take me to Chuck E. Cheese at the crack of dawn because I insisted we get there before anyone else. My favorite game was skee ball, and I would always climb up and drop the balls in the slots with the highest points because that meant more tickets to buy prizes! My Papa was by far one of the most amazing people I knew. He lived a remarkable life, one that inspired me greatly. The time that my Papa gave to me is something that I will cherish forever. He made it a point to attend everything that shaped me as a person; all my sporting events, dance recitals, and high school graduation. After all, family was the most important thing to him. Because of you I have learned to always chase after my dreams and to never settle for less. I love you and will miss you. Kaitlyn

Dan Sullivan

14 mai , 2018

I had the honor of getting to know Al personally over the past seven years through our mutual interest in Ham radio. Even though we didn't see each other often, I did have the pleasure of visiting Al and Nancy last October to help Al install a new Ham antenna. We took breaks from our antenna work and sat around the kitchen table chatting about life, family, and learning we had many mutual work colleagues from the “old days." I came to like Al and Nancy very much, what a great couple. I join his many Ham friends who admired Al for his operating skills, courtesy when "on the air," and love of contacting those elusive islands around the globe. I'll miss Al very much as a person and as a friend. God Bless the entire Cammarata family, may He give you strength and keep you safe.

Alan Olson

14 mai , 2018

Al was a genuine good guy. I always loved to hear his 'stories' while working with him at Intelsat Operations Center for a number of years back in the late 80's/early 90's, especially about his Civil War re-enactments, and being a die-hard Stellers fan. RIP my good friend, AC.

Mickey (Lena) Cammarata Cook

14 mai , 2018

I am sending along my deepest sympathy to Alfred's family. Although we never stayed in touch as adults, I remember Al from my childhood at family functions and especially at the Coco Cammarata reunions. His dad and my dad were first cousins and my mom and his mom were always friends. Lena was always so proud of her sons and kept us up to date on their lives. May your many wonderful memories make his loss a little easier to bare.

April Marie Bonilla

13 mai , 2018

I wish I had met Al earlier as we only knew each other for a short time. We spent our days playing word games and telling stories... He led quite the life! I'll never forget what he did for me even though in doing so, it led to our last meeting together. We laughed, cried and had "rollercoaster" days together and in the end we called each other friend. I miss you already Al. To Nancy and his family, my heart is with you all.


Doug J

13 mai , 2018

I met Al in 1986 when Rita and I started dating. Right from day one, he accepted me, at least he made me feel that way, and from then on it was a bond that would never turn back.

The only time he made me nervous, was when I asked him if I could marry Rita. It was a short conversation, but after assuring I would take care of his daughter, he gave me his blessing. All that know his sense of humor, he ended it with, "now shes your problem", he laughed at that, and I was in.

Al has been a great Grandparent to my kids, and they adored him growing up. I thank you for all you have done for your family, and the kids will continue chasing their dreams as you always told them to do.
We all Love you,