Ricardo A. Wong

17 mai 193630 août 2020

Ricardo A. Wong est né(e) le 17 mai 1936 et est décédé(e) le 30 août 2020 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Quinn - Fogarty Funeral Home.

Visitation aura lieu le 3 septembre 2020 à 3:00 pm à Quinn - Fogarty Funeral Home, 192-15 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, NY. Funeral Mass aura lieu le 4 septembre 2020 à 9:30 am à St Michael's Church, Barclay Avenue & Union Street, Flushing, NY. Committal Service aura lieu le 4 septembre 2020 à 11:30 am à St Charles Cemetery, 2015 Wellwood Ave, Farmingdale, NY.

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  • Visitation

    jeudi, 3 septembre , 2020

  • Funeral Mass

    vendredi, 4 septembre , 2020

  • Committal Service

    vendredi, 4 septembre , 2020

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Ricardo A. Wong

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Ricardo A. Wong


Carol Wong

2 septembre , 2020

Dear Uncle Ric,

Thank you for all the help extended to our family. I remember our family being happy getting letters with photos and some packages containing shirts for your brother (our Papa) and school supplies for us (Carol, Jeanette and Jennifer). One of the memorable gift is this spelling corrector, which we still keep. Our mother would often give praises about you until she passed away last year.

If there’s one thing I wish for that would be allowing us to have communication, Papa would have been happy seeing you virtually. Never though the Lord will take you anytime soon, but He sure did bless you will long life, full of blessings and memories.

Thankful to Auntie Flora for being a loving and kind wife; to your children for the love and time they shared with you.


Thomas James

2 septembre , 2020

Deepest condolences to all on the passing of Mr. Ricardo Wong.

Joana Reyes

1 septembre , 2020

Grandpa Ricardo was a man with few words. He was a simple, quiet type of guy and would often see him sitting in the corner, smiling, and just watching everyone else. He was a wise guy with lots of guidance to offer. He loved his little corner computer room seat, and often see him reading stuff on the internet. He loved reading about herbal medicines, he would tell me how it helped with his diabetes or hypertension or prostate. I remember when I first met him, he told me "Study hard. Not everyone gets the same opportunity to be here." Everytime he sees me he always asked about school, and remind me about hardwork and to study hard. He had this huge smile everytime he sees me; a smile that you know someone is proud of you. He was always excited to hear good news from me about school and jobs. You can tell he was excited bec he just loved to listen. He loved seeing the kids and you can tell he liked kids bec even though he just had procedures done, he still wanted to play and carry the babies. I never imagined I would be saying good bye to grandpa because I always thought he would lived forever. He was such a strong, determined, and motivated man. He made me think he's indestructible. I never imagined this time would come, it breaks my heart. But I know he is in a better place now and he will continue to watch over us and guide us. We love you grandpa. We will definitely miss you alot.

Jennifer Tan Wong-Elak

1 septembre , 2020

Uncle Ricardo — how he was and how he lived — was a good role model. He stood up and took responsibility for to whom much is given, much is expected. He was like a second father to his nephews and nieces. He earned not only their respect but his siblings’ as well. My father loved his older brother very much and I know that the level of love, concern and admiration between them was the same.

Uncle Ricardo was also my godfather. I hope he was happy about that :p. We have plenty of beautiful memories with him despite the distance. It was because of the connection that was just magical. He and I would write each other letters when I was in grade school and early high school. Later via emails. How can I forget when I decided to finally write him a long letter asking for something. I was so silly. He would often send us some money to survive with our basic needs yet I still managed to ask for a colored TV! Soon he came along with his family and the TV!!!

With every loss of a loved one, I always think that it is time to be stronger. It hurts to know that someone who was your sunshine is gone. But it is so good to know that you got to meet them. Uncle Ricardo will always be special to me. I wish I had shown him that and given him enough sunshine, too. I even said to myself that I would be his caregiver for free when the time comes if he needed one.

Uncle Ricardo, wherever you are, you already know what’s in our hearts. Thank you for all eternity.

Genesis Wong Olandag

1 septembre , 2020

Uncle Ric has always been supportive and thoughtful of our needs especially when me and my brothers were growing up. He never failed to share his blessings to his family back in the Philiipines, he never forgot us. That's why I believe, God has continuously blessed him through the years.

Uncle Ric, you know how much I am grateful to you for the love and support you have given me. You are the kind of father that I looked up to and aspire to be, and you know that...thank you for the moments that we spent together when you drove all the way to Nova Scotia to see how I'm doing in my military schooling; you drove all the way to Alberta to see how my family is doing here knowing we're just new in the place, and making sure we were ok especially my kids. I could never measure up to the man that you were but I know you will always be my source of inspiration as I go through life as a father myself.

I know you are in a better place now..please hug mom for me. She is surely happy to finally see his big brother coming home....

I love you Uncle...Rest well now...until we meet again.

Annabelle Wong

1 septembre , 2020

Uncle Ric,
thank you so much for all the kindness that you shared to us especially when daddy Rey is alive.
Thank you for your understanding our situation during the times when my dad is down, you always there to help and support us.

Thank you so much Uncle Ric!
You will always remain in our hearts, Forever!

Jeanette Wong

1 septembre , 2020

I had a lot of memories with Uncle Ric. But this specific notebook was really special for me... It always reminds me of the tough times when my sisters and I were finishing college while my father (Sam) and my mother were coping with financial stress. Uncle Ric gave us the strength and means to pursue our dreams..We would not be where we are today without his support and inspiration.

Thank you so much, Uncle Ric! Your boundless love and generosity to us are undeniable...

You are forever loved and missed.