Naomi Greenberg

29 mars 19507 août 2018

Naomi Greenberg est né(e) le 29 mars 1950 et est décédé(e) le 7 août 2018 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Schwartz Brothers-Jeffer Memorial Chapels.

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Naomi Greenberg


Blaire d'Agenais

5 juin , 2020

I only met her when I was a few years old, but I wouldn't exist if it weren't for her. For that, I thank her with the entirety of my soul, and wish I could have known her more.

Neena Das

18 novembre , 2018

Naomi and I connected on issues of conscientious objection & taxes. While many of our conversations were in passing such as at vigils, it was always meaningful. I appreciate the joy and clarity she shared and feel honored to have known to have her. I'll miss you, gentle spirit.

Tita Beal

17 novembre , 2018

If each of us "puts our bodies where our mouths are" and does just one action towards making life fuller for our fellow human beings, that's more than nothing. Naomi took at least one action a day. I could not be involved in Morningside social actions when Naomi began working closely with Morningside, so I did not work with her on today's challenges - but I a savor my first meeting with Naomi: at the Quaker Meeting House in Flushing. She invited Morningsiders and walked us through the moments of history throughout the Meeting House, sharing with us the stories behind the gatherings there and the struggle to keep it with us. A photo of her beloved Meeting House: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Old-quaker-house-flushing.jpg
Beal Anntares

Karen Taborn

12 novembre , 2018

Naomi always brought a strong passion and a loving spirit to our Morningside Meeting. I appreciated her presence greatly and am glad our paths crossed. Rest In Peace and power dear friend

Robina Niaz

5 octobre , 2018

Deeply saddened to hear of Naomi’s passing. Just found out! She was a brave and fearless voice who did not hesitate to support and protest on behalf of the voiceless and marginalized. Thank you Naomi!
May you Rest In Peace.

Julie M Finch

29 septembre , 2018

I am so sorry to hear of Naomi Paz Greenberg's passing. I will always remember her leadership at Flushing Friends Meeting when our 15th St. Meeting's Peace and Social Justice Committee traveled out to Flushing to join her. We all stood in a vigil at the US Army Induction office there. She was a firm anti-war activist. I will miss her.

priscilla prutzman

28 septembre , 2018

Naomi made wonderful contributions to our Quaker and restorative circles. We admire her courage and miss her terribly.

Erica Leigh

7 septembre , 2018

I always enjoyed seeing and talking with Naomi at the war tax resister gatherings we were both at. Her spirit, passion, and dedication were evident. I'll miss her.

Lisa Attias

4 septembre , 2018

She was a wonderful and caring person, who was dedicated to making this world a better and more peaceful place. RIP


2 septembre , 2018

Oh! What a sad news although this is inevitable in everyone's life. We come alone and also go alone.However, kith and kin and friends particularly with whom we have interacted closely in life leave an indelible mark and memory. Dear Naomi has been one such great and genial individual. I regret I have not seen her for quite some time. My sympathies to the grieving family. May her soul rest in peace. She will be in my prayers.

Padmanabhan (GP)