Christine Marguerite Crawford

15 janvier 19601 mars 2021
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Our loving mother, wife, daughter, and sister, Christine Marguerite Crawford, age 61, passed away at 12:27 PM on March 1st, 2021 in Florida.

Christine is survived by her mother, Hazel Tomlinson; her brother, Tony Tomlinson; her husband, Robin Crawford; and her three daughters, Christina, Alexandra and Rebecca. She was preceded in death by her father, Joscelyn Tomlinson.

Christine was born on January 15, 1960 in Kingston, Jamaica to parents Joscelyn Loche Lewis Tomlinson and Hazel Elaine Tomlinson [nee Vickers]. She graduated from Immaculate Conception High School in Jamaica in 1976 with academic distinction. In her youth, she was active on her school’s swimming team and was an avid piano player. At 19, she met the love of her life, Robin, and was married at the tender age of 20. Her family expanded to include three daughters at which point the family emigrated to the USA setting up home in Florida.

As an Anglican, Christine was a deeply spiritual person and stayed true to her Christian faith and traditions throughout her life. Her interests (lovingly dubbed by her family as “obsessions”) included orchids, jewelry, Longaberger baskets, travel, cooking, baking, make-up and bourbon tastings. She also enjoyed watching tennis, soccer, MacGyver, cooking shows, James Bond, and Jurassic Park. Christine maintained deep and intimate friendships, many spanning over 40 years, and enjoyed time with family, often spending many an evening chatting, laughing and playing cards or dominoes late into the night. She was also a loving mother to her “son”, a Cockapoo named Cooper.

Christine’s generosity, sincerity, laughter, humor, smile, determination, resilience — and quirks — will be remembered and cherished always by everyone who knew her. She will be forever loved and missed.

Christine was cremated, privately, on March 23rd, 2021. A memorial service is scheduled for 11 AM on April 10, 2021 at: Forest Lawn Funeral Home South, 2401 Davie Road, Davie, Florida 33317 with the repast to follow at the same premises. The Rev. Frank J. Corbishley will officiate.

Due to current COVID restrictions, the number of persons allowed at the service and reception will be limited. Please call Robin Crawford at 954-558-4883 to confirm space availability beforehand. The memorial service will also be live-streamed to those unable to join us in person. [See ‘Services’ section below and click on the ‘JOIN LIVESTREAM’ link]

The family would like to thank the many relatives and friends for their outpouring of love and support at this very difficult time. For those wishing to make a donation in her name, Christine was passionate about supporting charities that were dedicated to the welfare of underserved children and her family supports charities and institutions pursuing cancer research.



Christine Marguerite Crawford


Roger Floro

12 mai , 2021

Uncle Robin, I am so sorry to hear about Christine's passing. Our hearts and prayers are with you and the family in this time, hopefully the fond memories of her shine through and the joy of her presence is felt everywhere. May she rest peacefully with God and always be remembered. Our hearts are with you! Love to you and the family.
- Roger and Amanda

Ryan Lowry

12 mai , 2021

Hey, Robin. Sorry to hear about your loss. It has to be taking a toll on you and the family. I’ve only known her as a beautiful person with a big heart. I’m sure it has been such an arduous ordeal for her. My prayers are with your family and I hope you can find some peace. Take care.
- Ryan

Emon Hossain

14 avril , 2021

I have know Christine and Robin for more than decade. Always loved talking to her. Such a sweet and intelligent women. She will be missed, but not forgotten. May you rest in peace Christine. I'm sure I will see you again in the next life.

Matthew Reid

10 avril , 2021

Auntie Christine will be missed. I am grateful to have the memory of her cheerful smile, caring voice, warm encouragements, wise advice, and of course the tasty patties and plantain tarts at every visit. Rest eternal in the arms of God.

J. Suzanne Turpin-Mair

10 avril , 2021

I met Christine and her lovely family soon after we moved to Florida as evacuees following the epic flooding of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. They and their cousins, the Reids, provided much needed support to my family by way of the warmth and friendship they extended to us. We spent a grateful Thanksgiving with the Crawford family one year. I will never forget the delicious meal Christine prepared and what a wonderful hostess she was.

She was an exceptional person who will be sorely missed. WE PRAY FOR HER FAMILY and trust that the Lord will hold her in His loving arms as she makes her transition.

May she rest in peace.
Suzanne Turpin-Mair and family

Gloria Lewis

10 avril , 2021

Christine was a truly special lady. She was always smiling, positive, and cheerful. She impressed me as a very happy and welcoming person. She was an excellent cook and hostess. I enjoyed many get-to-gethers in her home over the years.

When she had a work assignment in the Far East, she thoughtfully talked to her cousin Arlene and I was overjoyed to be included in the trip. We visited Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and Thailand. All thanks to Christine!

She will always be remembered with loving thoughts.

May she Rest In Peace in the loving arms of Jesus, Our Savior.

Gloria Lewis

Jamie Segno

10 avril , 2021

Mrs. Crawford,
I will cherish all of the memories that I have shared with you and your family over the years. From Borla to Costco, there have been so many adventures! You have always been so kind, caring, and generous. Thank you for helping me plan my very first trip to visit Christina in Jamaica, and for sharing your travel planning tips with me. Thank you for always including me in your family gatherings, inviting me on trips, and cooking us delicious meals. Thank you for visiting Christina and me in our very first college apartment and giving us the best decorating advice! Whenever I attempt to bake or see a garden full of orchids, I will always think of you. Rest in peace.

Steven Brener

10 avril , 2021

Christine was a sweet and a delightful person. Condolences to her wonderful family. Also, extending condolences on behalf of my mother, Sylvia Brener, who hasn’t quite figured out the ways of the digital world.

Steve Brener

Angela Reid

10 avril , 2021

Christine Marguerite was the youngest of the grandchildren on Uncle Jos' side of her family. Then me. We children shared many holidays at Hampstead with Gra'ma Tomlinson, Sybil Marguerite. Oftentimes Gra'ma's brother's (Uncle Ken) grandchildren came too; Michael, Philip and Arlene, the baby!
We all have so many experiences to share:
Hampstead House was built way up in the mountains and we had a view of the sea a very long way away. We could see Black River in the distance.

We could hear a car coming from miles away - the echo through the hills gave a humming drone.

We had a lovely rope swing with a wooden plank for a seat which hung in the Yellow Heart breadfruit tree by the 'garage'. A stone wall bordered the precipice, which the swing went over when we were pushing the limit!! Christine reminded me of when Gra'ma realized the danger, and had the swing taken down… oh, what a pouting…

We used to go for picnics to Round Pond, a pasture, miles from the house. We used to walk but I remember us getting a ride once:
Mr. Cecil Gayle, "Mas' Cecil" went to New Market for Gra'ma every Wednesday. Market day. He would come to Hampstead on his mule, for the requests, ride to New Market and back. We caught a ride to Round Pond for our picnic, a feat orchestrated by Mrs. Inez Campbell. Christine in one hamper and me in the other! We were awestruck to be lifted into these huge sisal baskets strapped across the mule's back. I can still hear the creaking sound of the sisal baskets stretching as we swayed with the mule's gait so high above our path all the way down Hampstead Hill and the 'crunch crunch crunch' of feet on the steep gravel road as Mas' Cecil walked beside us.

I thank God for these blessings in our early lives and the childhood memories we shared. They have bonded us forever. I miss her. We miss her. I know though that although we love her, God loves her more. No more pain.
Our Heavenly Father has taken her home. May her soul rest in peace.

Judith Gager-Houston

10 avril , 2021

Christine , was a trooper she never complained and always had a smile on her face even going through what she did for years -
You will be missed this is not good bye this is till we meet again