Marjorie Monteleone Romer

1 février 192328 avril 2021

Marjorie Monteleone Romer est né(e) le 1 février 1923 et est décédé(e) le 28 avril 2021 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de GLENDALE FUNERAL HOME.

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Marjorie Monteleone Romer


Cary Moore

5 juin , 2021

I met Marjorie when I was exploring notable architecture in my neighborhood. I’d learned of Hill House in a guidebook to Los Angeles architecture and decided to go take a look at it. On a fall Saturday I drove over to Coronado, parked up the block a bit and walked back to the house. I hadn’t been standing on the sidewalk so much as thirty seconds when the door flew open and her husband Al appeared and invited me to come inside and have a look. Al was a fan of USC football and as the game was about to resume after halftime, he handed me off to Marjorie. She proceeded to give me a thorough tour both inside and out. I think we even looked at the water heater. I went away both astonished and immensely pleased at such a welcome for a complete stranger.

We stayed in occasional touch and later sometime after Al had died I was in a workshop with the Los Angeles Conservancy learning how to write a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument nomination. We were to research it and write it for a building of our choosing. I chose Hill House. I contacted Marjorie about the project and she invited me to bring the whole class for a visit when the project was complete! That was Marjorie.

Although she was hesitant at that time about monument status I was very pleased to learn that some years later she embraced the designation and that that wonderful house is now protected. With due respect to Mr. & Mrs. Hill the house Marjorie and Al lived in for far more decades than they ever did might more properly be known as Romer House.