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Willie Travis Chambers

4 novembre 19437 janvier 2021

Willie Travis Chambers est né(e) le 4 novembre 1943 et est décédé(e) le 7 janvier 2021 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Martin Mortuary.

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Willie Travis Chambers


Tammy Tyssen

25 janvier , 2021

When I got to meet Travis I was going thru a really hard time in my life and my marriage. I had depression and migraines and nothing was helping. I had a mental melt down and left my family my life and my husband. I drove 1900 miles to escape it all. Was broke, hungry and scared. My daughter who is good friends with Kristie and Travis and John. to go there and they would take care of me. They took me in so to speak. They let me stay out in front in the old camper. Made sure I was feed but I also did my part around the house to help out. They didn't treat me special they just treated me like Family!! And I will never forget that. They grew to be a special part of my life.. all 3 of them and I call them family. I will miss Travis.. he was a hard one to get to know and a hard one to read . You didnt know at first if he was kidding or not. But he was hard because it was what you needed and was like a teddy bear also when you needed that too . He amazed me and he was so very smart . He was a unique man and I will.miss.him dearly. Thank you Travis for helping me again. For giving me a place to sleep.and food to eat and of course pot to help my migraines
You became a sweet dear caring friend with a sense of humor that I adored. I will miss you my dear friend. But I know in my heart that you will always be with us. Giving us a hard time and snickering about it as you walk away. Sending you with much love and admiration!!
Tammy Tyssen

Courtney Idler

22 janvier , 2021

Dad, I miss you so much. I wish we could just go fishing. I hope your healthy n happy up there riding in the skies. Xoxo 💋 I’ve been just trying to think about your laugh n smile and it helps me get through the day. I miss you so much. Thank you for being my dad.

Ronda Mount

20 janvier , 2021

RIP Travis. You were a kick ass awesome dude and I will miss you. . You started off being my caretaker then we became good friends. I was honored to be one of those characters painted on your wall of God's Gift* my smoke I got this week in yr honor God's Gift)to you not hesitating helping my daughter when she was in a car crash. To giving my youngest a lick in the face. The best gift, know.

Garnet Miller

18 janvier , 2021

You will be missed by so many! R.I.P old man !

Trena Richards

16 janvier , 2021

I love you travis and the day you gained your wings, was a sad day indeed - I will never forget our time together at your place playing marbles, laughing and having a good time - You made me feel welcomed and loved at all times, like family ... You had a good heart and just a funny guy all around, You will be missed everyday and thought of, I promise ...♥️ Thx you for letting me be a part of your life ...REST IN HEAVEN! See You On The Other Side - 🥰

Courtney Idler

15 janvier , 2021

Dad, I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am to have been lucky enough to be one of your many children. Thank you for taking us in and loving us as we were your own. You are such an amazing man with such a big heart. You taught me that love is unconditional as well as how to love with a kind heart. I can’t thank you enough for all the memories I’ve made with you. One of my best fishing partners ever. Thank you for letting me be me and still loving me. Lol Thank for giving me my first tattoo getting me addicted to them and learning how to give them. I will forever be grateful and carry the ink on in your name with your machine. I love you more than words can express forever always plus four days . Your Asshole daughter Courtney .... Ride high dad Til we meet again. Always in my heart

Savannah Claeys

15 janvier , 2021

We are so sad to hear about such a beautiful soul taken from us ❤ much love from robert,savannah,aspen and harlynn

Lee Mohrman

9 janvier , 2021

The OLD MAN is on the long ride now, you will be missed by those who were lucky enough to have known you ,safe travels Brother until we take that ride and meet again