Alex George Hamvai

28 novembre 19862 janvier 2021

It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of Alex on January 2, 2021 at the age of 34.

Cherished father of Nicholas and Natalie McCann (Jess). Beloved son of Sharon & Craig Macmillan and Miklos Hamvai. Loving brother of Amber (Jas) and Santana (Brian). Special uncle of Lily, Emma, MacKenzie and Maddy. Dear grandson of Sharon Gowland (Mike),the late George Gowland, the late Phyllis and Patrick McGrath. Alex will be sadly missed by his aunts, uncles, cousins, other family and friends. Due to the current restrictions a livestream of Alex's Funeral Service will take place on Friday, January 8, 2021 at 3 pm by clicking on “Join Livestream” under the Service section of this webpage. Cremation to follow. Once restrictions are lifted, the family will arrange a public graveside service at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery for his final resting place, more information will follow. Flowers gratefully declined, donations may be made in Alex's memory to Wayside House Hamilton http://www.waysidehouseham.com/donatenow.html , let's change lives through recovery.



Alex George Hamvai

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Barbara Hanson

janvier 13, 2021

To all family and friends of Alex, my sincere and heartfelt condolences. Alex was a huge part of my Son's and my life. We had so many fun times together, hikes, go-carts, mini putt batting cages, carpet picnics in our home. We had lots of healthy snacks....and a little bit of junk food.
There was a rule at Al's house "Kyle couldn't call Alex until after 10am".
One day the 3 of us were at Eastgate Mall, the boys were about 5 years old, we saw a man will curly toed shoes and Al said "LOOK MAGIC". We laughed so hard! I think Alesx thought the man was a magician.
SO many loving and find memories of dear Alex.
He called me "Maw". It was so endearing.
Rest in Peace our dear friend. ♥️

Jessilee McCann

janvier 8, 2021

Alex, I said so many thing's to you, but rarely said what mattered. As I sit here in silence I think about all the laughter that filled the walls of our home,

You would play with our children from dusk until dawn, I remember how you would sit with Nicholas for hours doing math homework, or reading together at the kitchen table. Natalie always by your side or falling asleep on your lap. You taught Nicholas how to ride his first bike and Natalie take her very first steps.

I remember getting upset with you, you would  treat bedtime like a pillow fight at the circus. I'd hear little voices say "again daddy" than bursts of their laughter would echoe down the stairs. The kitchen lights would flicker from leaps and jumps off their bed and onto your back, I'd hear a great  thud, than you'd whisper "shh dont tell your mom" our kids would yell down to me "Im ok! just 5 more minutes"

Well Now they will never get 5 more minutes with you, instead they will replay those memories inside their head, and cherish those moments for a lifetime in their hearts.

You are always caring, loveable, funny and laid back. Your smile, inviting, your hugs, always warm. You are missed in our home, it has been quiet since you left.

I never did say Thank you, I never took the time out to appreciate just what you brought to our home, the gifts you've given us throughout the years, and the beautiful children you helped to raise.

My promise to you Akex is to raise our children with the same love, respect and gratitude you have shown to so many. Our children have big shoes to fill, but with your guidance I have faith that they will make you proud.

God has called you home now, may you share your gifts with the Angel's above 🕊

Love Always: Jess, Nicholas and Natalie

Gosia Wasniewski

janvier 8, 2021

There are no words for such an unimaginable loss. Alex was so loved and cherished. You and Alex are in our thoughts and hearts.
Gosia and Andrzej

Kerrie Russell

janvier 8, 2021

Although I only met Alex a few times, he was polite, respectful and made me feel very welcome. I appreciate being able to learn more about him through the many memories shared on line and especially from Santana. RIP Alex. You are well loved. Kerrie Russell

Tammy Childs

janvier 8, 2021

Alex was always such a sweet person, everytime he was around me. I'll always remember him smile, he could brighten your heart with it. You will be dearly missed, I love you and I hope you found peace ❤✌

Shakur Alliman

janvier 8, 2021

To Alex, you were a really nice guy. I liked you very much because you were my best friend.

From Emma, I miss you very much. And I love you. And me hope you have a good day in heaven 💜💜

Candice Carr

janvier 7, 2021

Alex, for many years was my step brother. Pretty much my entire childhood. From wearing my tweedy bird t shirt he made fun of until I was out of college. That's a long time he was considered my step brother. I never had a brother. We were all really young and always trying to have some fun. We girls shared a room and Al was always hanging out with us girls ...some times driving us crazy, but most of the time I know he loved being the little crazy brother.
We watched movies in our room with our bunk beds, played Sega, watched Much Music videos ...Sharon would always come in and say "Al are you bugging the girls?" Lol

We went to Disney World....we went on a road trip to Nova Scotia and new Brunswick in a van with 4 girls ..Al...Sharon and my dad....he always switched spots with me to not be stuck in the middle in the back seat lol...he always walked to the store to get us treats, he was really funny...always funny always smiling...walking with us to the pay phones to call boys ....walking to McDonalds with us .... introduced me to the band Korn.... I'm sad we lost touch once our parents were no longer tg but he reached out to me a couple years ago and it was nice to hear from him! I wish we could help the ones who need help. It always seems too late or we cannot help unless they want help....or there is just not enough help out there!! My absolute love and prayers are with you Sharon..
Amber and Santana I love you all always my family!! I hope Al is in a better place and is at peace

mackenzie montague

janvier 7, 2021

no amount of words can express how positive and empowering you were. you always had the best views on life and thats something a lot of people lack, it was a privilege to know you and call you my family. i will never forget how easy it was for you to make everyone in the room smile and laugh all the time, you put everyone before yourself and it didnt go unnoticed. thank you uncle a, ill love and miss you forever <3

Amie Robertson

janvier 7, 2021

One of the things I will always cherish about you is your bright smile and your amazing sense of humour. No matter the circumstance you always had something smart or funny to say. You had a personality that would light up a room and always had a way of seeing the positive in any situation. I will never forget our heart to heart talks and your pure heart of gold. I remember kicking your butt countless times in Jenga and our walks to go grab breakfast in the morning. I remember our pyjama party and the fact that you were always down for an adventure, no matter what it was. You were always the first to help someone regardless of the situation and would go without to give to someone else. You were truly an amazing guy and I am so lucky to have met you. Rest easy my friend, until we meet again.

Santana Hamvai

janvier 7, 2021

Because I won’t have the words tomorrow I would love to share a little today.
My brother was the ultimate prankster and the most fearless daredevil.. as a kid he loved sports..He played hockey, lacrosse and spent a lot of time on his skateboard And bikes hanging with neighborhood buddy’s . We spent hours playing Nikki Nikki nine doors running through the streets. He lived the ultimate 90s childhood. Alex’s video game skills were on point and we would work together to get past each level, just like we worked together to get past each level of life.
I was lucky to be so close in age that we spent many school years together and have mutual friends... There was a lot of times I wanted to hide him from some of my girlfriends, because if you knew my brother you knew he was a handsome and charming man. He always knew how to take care of me whenever I was sick. Alex would always make sure He had everything I needed to comfort me..he would sit there and rub my back for as long as I asked. He was ultimate caring and loving little brother us girls could ask for. Alex was a devoted father and uncle and enjoyed getting down and rough playing with the kids.. I remember telling him to stop and telling him that someone was going to get hurt but I’m glad he never listened to me and just had the most fun he could with the kids. He spoiled all of us during holidays and birthdays he was such a giving man and enjoyed seeing Loved ones receive gifts that he had picked out with so much thought. He loved to dance and he love to sing.. He was 80s baby but with such a old soul which came out in his love of rock and alternative.. I know I will never be able to listen to the doors without seeing him rocking out.. He was so much fun to be around, he was inspiring. There are so many hilarious and special moments I could share.. Alex you were a riot.. you were unbelievably special.. You are always going to be with me. I love you xo