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Scott Duncan McMann

28 septembre , 196028 janvier , 2020
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On January 28, 2020, Scott Duncan McMann passed away suddenly at the age of 59.

Son of the late Jean McMann and Wilfred McMann. He is survived by his children who loved him dearly, Brittany Marie McMann and Ryan Duncan McMann and his grandson Raiden Anthony Leland Maher. He will be lovingly missed by his extended family and many friends.

"Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

Donations can be made in lieu of flowers to Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge.


  • Saturday Afternoon Visitation samedi, 8 février , 2020
  • Saturday Evening Visitation samedi, 8 février , 2020
  • Sunday Afternoon Visitation dimanche, 9 février , 2020
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  • Funeral Service lundi, 10 février , 2020


Scott Duncan McMann


Brittany Marie McMann

3 février , 2020

Dad.. I cannot believe I have to write this. You taught me so many things. To be hard working and to always persevere through anything life throws at me.

Years ago when Grandpa was sick, you told me that at some point, everyone will have their time to leave this world behind and move on to a better place. That doesn't mean they don't love you but that it's their time to go. It saddens me that your life had to end here

I have an immense love for animals of all sorts. I got this from you. The farm animals we had to the wildlife we took in and cared for - baby skunks, raccoons, etc. I remember as kids you got us an aquarium with multitudes of fish, we bred rabbits, and even though you hated cats you let me get my first kitten Dusty who grew on you like no tomorrow.

You'll be happy to know that I have some of your fish. I'll take good care of them always ❤️. I stare at the tank and get lost in it as I imagine you did too.

You would be so proud of your grandson Raiden. He's nearly 9 and a straight A student. A fishing rod of yours will be passed down to him and I'll show him the ropes. I know you'll be looking down on us.

I love you so much and I'll miss you forever and a day.

Love, your little girl, Buttons ❤️😔

Tom Nicholls

2 février , 2020

Scott was a fellow trucker, co-worker and friend. I can say with utmost certainty if it wasn't for Scott's generosity a few winters back my family would have froze - he helped me through the winter with firewood when work was too slow to afford it.
Always knew when I'd run into him he would have a joke or two to share. This world could use a few more Scotts. He was a rough around the edges teacher of many life skills and I believe he taught Ryan very well how to be a reliable and hardworking. Many times I saw the look on his face of being a proud father when watching his son work.
Scott will be missed.

Dianne Scott

2 février , 2020

I have known Scotty only for a short time but he left such an impression on me that I felt I have known him for a lifetime.
It's hard to believe he's gone and he will be missed until we meet again.
Always put a smile on your face. A wonderful story teller and loved to share a joke.
He was such a giving man. Always thought of others first.
The kind of man that would give you the shirt off his back.
The world has lost a very special person.
Definitely one of a kind.
Love you always

Krystal Bolton

2 février , 2020

As a child I lived in that little House on Highland Road quite a bit. Being around Scot was always a fun and exciting time. he was always joking, he was always a prankster, he always told funny stories and always took me to fun places. As I got older the jokes became different still funny, the pranks became different no longer funny to me, of course I was a teenager, but still hilarious to Scott. Those pranks, those jokes, those funny stories had a great and wonderful impact on my life and I will always, always love him for doing what he did.

Ryan Duncan McMann

2 février , 2020

I remember the time when I was young all the times my dad and I spent if I wasn’t at home with him I was always with him at work helping him at his company tiger town towing my sister and I use to always go to the speedways and watch him work with the stunt team I was always in the tow truck with him my dad taught me how to drive a truck how to hook up cars when I was 5 years old he has taught me everything I know today love you and miss you dad you will always be remembered Rest In Peace ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Heather Duncan Campbell

1 février , 2020

I have know you from the day you were born. I have a life time of memory's with you. We were raised more like siblings than just Cousins. We spent most of our young lives together and our children were raised the same. We parted ways when I left to live in Scotland but our children always stayed connected. They say life is long but sometimes it feels not long enough. I've loved you then, love you now and will always love you in my heart. Love your cousin Heather and family oxox rest in peace ❤️

Joyce Cunningham

1 février , 2020

Memories that instantly flash by -
meeting Scott and Mary and children at Travellers Transportation's Christmas party - Tiger Town Towing - goats, chickens, lama, dogs, etc. - Cayuga Big Rigs Race & the mechanical bull - Country Bob's in Binghamton NY - putting up fencing for said animals - Scott arriving towing a hay elevator to our house to bring shingles up to our roof - just for starters.

Samantha Campbell

1 février , 2020

I remember going to uncle Scott’s house when I was little and having sleepovers with my cousins and swimming in the pool It was always fun and he was very good to me, we lost contact over the years as life is long and busy but the memories will be forever. Love always , butterball

Tanya Pembleton

31 janvier , 2020

I remember Uncle Scott skipping double Dutch with my sister and I. As well swimming lots at Grandmas and Grand dads house.