Georgina Ramos

7 novembre 193710 juin 2021


Georgina Ramos was born on November 07, 1937, in Lares, Puerto Rico, to parents Juan and Juana. She was also known as GeanGean by many members of her family. She was the eldest of five sisters and the wisest.

She never had any children of her own but was considered a second mom by her nieces and nephews. She put her life on hold, taking care of our parents till their passing. Gina made friends everywhere she went. She worked as a crossing guard, and the kids loved her. She took a job as a meter-maid for the Gary PD. and taught all her sisters how to drive; she was a real tough cookie. She became an extremely talented self-taught artist and even sold some of her paintings.

Gina was blessed with having met Frank, her husband of 20 years. They had so much fun together. She fell very ill and unfortunately passed this year. Gina is survived by her husband Frank, sisters, Carmen, Anna, and Lucy, nieces, Roxanna, Crystal, Farah, and Christina, and her nephews, Mike, David, and Jessie, and their children. God bless you, you will be truly missed.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy can be shared at: https://tinyurl.com/GinaBena


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    samedi, 10 juillet , 2021

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    samedi, 10 juillet , 2021


Georgina Ramos


David Hurtado

10 juillet , 2021

Gina, you always stepped up to the plate. When family needed help, you were there. I recall spring bleeding into summer days that had you hitting fly balls to Michael and me as one of our little league coaches. My talents for baseball were far more limited than Mike's but you pushed us both. I recall a sauna of a weekend afternoon when you and Belo came to help tame the jungles of our front and backyards at 18022. You were drenched in sweat as I handed you a drink. A drink that disappeared quicker than a college sophomore can shotgun a beer. With an "Aaaaah..." you exclaimed, "I could do this all day if I have something cold to drink." And there was the roadtrip in 1980 to visit Jesse at bootcamp in S. Carolina. I know you also didn't want my mom to drive us alone. You seemed to be able to approach life without doubts, eventhough I know we all have them. You were too busy doing what "needed to be done" to linger on doubts or suffer fools. Quick to laugh, but also ready with a clinched fist... if the occasion called for it. You embodied joy, toughness, resiliency, and loyalty that made a lasting impression on everyone around you. Thank you for being there for my mom, your little sister, so often. She always appreciated it. Now go on dear Gina and sneak sugar cane from a celestial farm with my mom as you did in Lares as children. Have a cool drink by the glimmering waves with Bela and Belo because you have all day now to exist in love. And say hi to my dad for me... Hit him some fly balls and teach him how to pitch. He'll enjoy it. I did. We will see each other again. Until then, Godspeed and thanks. - David

Samuel Roman

9 juillet , 2021

You will be missed for your humor, your kindness and your beautiful smile. You're a reflection of our creator with his ultimate trait being Love.
I enjoyed our outings, especially the day we went to Wolf Lake with Roxy and Doc. I also enjoyed the times you spent Christmas and new year's with my entire family.
You're with God now and in good hands with Jesus. Until we meet you there, you'll never be forgotten and live in our hearts. We love you.

Roxy Sonny

9 juillet , 2021

Love is patient, love is kind, hers knew no limits.
Gave birth to none, yet was a mother to all. Gina dedicated her life to her family. Even from when she was little she looked after her sisters, taking care of them when needed and babysitting her cousin Peter like he was her little brother. That carried onto her sister's children as well. Caring for Crystal, Michael, and myself as if we were her own because in her heart of hearts we were. Every emotion every care was true and unwavering.
She loved and gave with every bit of her heart, and no matter the distance of space nor time could ever lessen that care.
That love gave her the strength to take care of both her parents through their toughest times. To the end unwavering in her dedication to caring for those she loved.
Through Doc, she got the chance to live a life she probably didn't expect. A chance at love later in life with some adventure as well. Which, after having a life taking care of others, she truly deserved.
She loved, lived, and fought full throttle, a true lesson in living which we all should carry with us all of our days here.

Rudy and Suzi Ford

19 juin , 2021

Rest In Peace sweet Gina! Your struggles are over. Praying that God keeps you in His loving care. Your neighbors Suzi and Rudy

Adrienne Gonzalez

18 juin , 2021

I will never forget the first time I met you! I was 13 years old meeting my Dad’s cousins for the very first time. You were always so happy and loving. I’m grateful to have spent some more time with you over the years. You always welcomed us with open arms. I will never forget you. God Bless and Rest In Peace! We will see each other again. Please give hugs to my family in Heaven. 🙏🏼❤️😇