Stephanie Nishii Budar

10 février 19602 juin 2021
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Stephanie Nishii Budar, age 61 passed away on Wednesday, June 2, 2021. Stephanie was born February 10, 1960 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Stephanie Nishii Budar


Herbie Nishii

30 juillet , 2021

It took a while for me to think about my Aunty Steph’s life. It ended quickly and I couldn’t help but think, “God, why did you take her so soon?” Sometimes it hurts and other times it doesn’t feel real. Some of the earliest memories of my Aunty Steph was when she would take me bike riding. I was around 2 or 3 and she would strap me into a baby seat on her bike and take me riding around the neighborhood. She would babysit me from time to time and it was always fun! When Halloween came around, she’d invite me over to trick-or-treat in their neighborhood. As I grew up, I’d always be excited to spend time with her. She was always so caring, kind, thoughtful, humble, and generous. Her strength in love really stood out. That never changed about her over the years and you can see these same qualities in her family. On my wedding day, she helped plan, prepare, and run errands so that my wife and I wouldn’t have to worry about the little things that came up. Later on, as I started my own family, she was always so quick to lend a helping hand. She gave us a place to stay when we needed it and would offer to watch and play with my kids. In the same way that I’d be excited to see Aunty Steph as a kid, so was my family. Although we miss her and feel like she was taken from us too early, we will always have such amazing memories of Aunty Steph.

Jonathan Turner

4 juillet , 2021

I'm sorry I was not able to come to the memorial service. My thoughts are with Rick, Laura, Sarah and Ricky. Steph was a wonderful anchor not just for her immediate family but those of us who were fortunate to be a part of her life. Donna speaks for all of the Turner family. We miss her but cherish our memories of her.

teri nishii

3 juillet , 2021

Stephanie was the embodiment of the word "Grace". She had elegance, poise, finesses, charm, politeness and was poetry in motion.
I was always in awe of how Stephanie could do everything: From fixing the upholstery of her moms Jaguar, installing cabinets, flooring, plumbing. You name it and Stephanie could fix it.
She once told me that if she could, she and Rick would turn homes for a living.
I must admit that I was a bit envious of how close she and her children were. Stephanie was allowed to be apart of all her kids social media sites. Something my sons will not let me do.(LOL)
Rick and her children truly enjoyed being with each other. I believe she was a best friend to all of them.
When we had family get togethers, I would talk to Steph about K-drama's. Although Stephanie was the younger sister, Herb treated Steph like his "noona" a korean word meaning older sister.
Herb always followed Stephanie's lead and advice.
She was my "unni" and older sister who I admired and respected.
Herb and I will miss her love and guidance and gentle grace.
Gam-sa-ham-ni-da (Thank you) Unni

Sophea Budar

3 juillet , 2021

No matter where in the world I was or what stage of my life I was in, Aunty Steph had always made sure that I knew her home was always there for me when I returned. I will miss our times watching Christmas stories on Hallmark starting from the month of October as we had lunch together, seeing her walk down the stairs at 1 am in the morning and I’m still lazily zone out watching T. V as she sweetly smiles and says goodnight, seeing her notes letting me know she made coffee and food for me as she’s off doing errands, I’ll miss her texts letting me know my mails are at the house, our weekly routine of watching Masked Singers, her laughing as I talk about my cat, I will miss the many things I shared with Aunty Steph and the laughters we had. I am forever grateful and thankful for all the great memories we had with Aunty Steph ❤️💐

Donna Budar-Turner

3 juillet , 2021

Our family was blessed when Steph joined our lives. The common themes in all of my memories of Steph are her love for and commitment to her family, her reliable sense of humor; and the calm, capable and unflappably strong way she lived her life. She shared her love with generations of our family and cared for us even when it wasn’t easy. I will miss her incredible sense of humor that was razor sharp but so casual and understated that if you weren’t listening carefully you might miss it. Her comments were predictably followed by her cracking a smile and then everyone busting out laughing. I am grateful for all the times we spent laughing together and that she shared her sense of humor so freely. I will miss the “looks” she gave Rick that said it all without saying a word. I am so grateful for how much she cared about this family. I didn’t realize until years later that Steph used to check in on and visit my popo while we were all away; not because she was obligated to do so (Rick and she weren’t even married at that time)but because that’s who she was- a kind, loving and caring person who deeply touched the lives of us all. Words cannot capture the feelings of sadness and loss we are all experiencing. We love you Steph. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Kerry Nagai

1 juillet , 2021

Stephanie was a special and amazing person. Smart, funny, caring, and so much more, I can’t possibly list everything. I met Stephanie in December 2017. In January 2020 I was told that I could no longer bring my 7-month old puppy, Annie, to work with me. Stephanie wouldn’t hear of it. From the next day, she picked up Annie and took her home with her and brought her back to me in the afternoon. Every. Single. Work. Day. WHO DOES THAT? She barely knew me and yet she went out of her way to care for Annie. She would even walk Annie and take her riding and on her errands.

I am grateful for having known Stephanie, as those who did really are the lucky ones. My deepest sympathy to Rick, the kids, and the rest of Steph’s family.

May Lau

1 juillet , 2021

Stephanie was a kind and giving person who did so much for all of us. She was always ready to help Joe and I with computer questions, insurance, shopping and whatever we might need help with. She and Rick took good care of my sister Eva and brother-in-law Dick, and took care of shopping for Joe and I during the COVID lockdown. She even helped us buy a car after our recent car crash, and lent us a car while we were without one. I have fond memories of her whenever I ride in our car. We will miss her greatly.

Love, Aunt May and Uncle Joe

Francine Lee-Kadota

30 juin , 2021

Francine Lee-Kadota

30 juin , 2021

My sisters and brothers and I used to see Steph and her brother, Herb, a lot when we were younger. Our mother used to watch Steph and Herb when they were growing up while their parents went to work. I certainly enjoyed all the fun times we had as kids . . running around the neighborhood, playing tether ball, going to the beach, get togethers at Grandma and Grandpa Obata's house and farm to name a few.

We all attended Maryknoll School. Steph was a song leader in high school. It was so nice to know that she would always be at my basketball games as a supporter and cousin. Another fond memory I have is when we were both on the same prom court one year. So special.

I always admired the special relationship Steph and Richard had. They seemed like the perfect couple. They raised 3 beautiful children whom I have much respect for.

I will certainly miss Steph and her warm smile.
A Hui Hou Kakou . . Until we meet again.
Much love, Francine

Steven Budar

29 juin , 2021

Steph was a beautiful person who provided our family with a quiet calm laced with strength and wisdom. She was my sister in law and I was privileged to witness her rock solid support of her children and my brother over nearly 60 years. As my parents aged, Steph was beside my brother throughout the arduous task of caring for them.
I am forever grateful for her support and care of them. Steph’s passing is a profound loss to our family. She will live on in our memories forever . I will particularly remember her smiling face at every family gathering.
Sleep tight little sister, we love you.

Steve, Barbara Jayne and Sophea Budar



Stephanie Budar—Wife, daughter, sister, and mother, passed peacefully on June 2, 2021 with her husband Richard, and children, Laura, Sara, and Ricky, by her side. She was 61 years old.

Soft-spoken yet fierce, Stephanie was an undeniable and beautiful presence for all who knew her. Through her sudden and short lived, fight against cancer, she never failed to maintain the fearlessness and strength that characterized her spirit in life. A lover of dogs, DIY renovation projects, sewing, watching tennis, and love stories, Stephanie’s bright smile, and brighter eyes, never failed to light up any room.

Daughter of Myrtle and Herbert, and sister to Herb, Stephanie was born and raised in Honolulu. She attended Maryknoll School, where her shy demeanor charmed classmates, and ultimately attracted her future husband Richard Budar. The two eventually started their relationship at 15 years old, and were married after Stephanie graduated from the University of Hawaii, at Sacred Heart church at Maryknoll, where they met so many years before.

Motherhood was Stephanie’s biggest source of pride, and as a mother, she perfectly balanced structure, and style, with unconditional love and support. Her strength came from her family, both human and canine. She never faltered in any decision, and always seemed to know exactly what to do in every situation. Laura, Sara and Ricky all remember their mother as stern yet kind, and always the first to be ready to leave the house. She was stylish, and always impeccably put together, from the moment she woke up.

Stephanie’s mantra through life was to “surrender and silence your ego and your power will rise.” There was no one humbler, quicker, wittier, more patient, or loving. She was the linchpin of her family, and happiest when surrounded by her husband, children, and dog Jasper.

Stephanie is survived by her mother Myrtle, brother Herbert, Husband Richard, and her 3 children, Laura, Sara, and Ricky.