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Catriona Mclachlan Steel

12 juin , 195716 juin , 2019
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Catriona McLachlan Steel, a wife of 38 years, a mother of two beautiful girls and a friend to so many passed away suddenly in her home on Sunday June 16th, 2019. Hers was a fully lived life of laughter, passion, and fun. Catriona was born in Helensburgh, Scotland on June 12th, 1957 to Ian and Elizabeth Lawrie. She was the youngest of 11 children and grew up in a house full of love, laughter and sibling squabbles. At a young age, she developed a passion for dance which she developed into a successful business, training aspiring dancers. While in Scotland, Catriona met William (Bill) Steel, and they had both found their perfect match; a lifelong love. They married in 1981 in Garelochhead. Following the birth of their two daughters, Kirsty and Lynsey, the oil business took them to Anchorage, Alaska in 1991 and then to Houston, Texas in 1994. In Houston, Catriona started what would become a very successful dance studio with her students going on to pursue professional dance careers in prestigious dance companies including the Bolshoi Ballet, New York City Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, Washington Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, Houston Ballet, and Princess Grace of Monaco. Catriona loved her family and friends with all her heart. She loved to travel but also enjoyed being in her dream home and tending to her garden. She touched many lives, inspired hundreds of young dancers and will be remembered as someone with a big heart who was there for anyone who needed help. She was the life of the party, the rock on which her family foundation is built and the glue that held it together. The family wishes to thank everyone for the huge outpouring of good wishes, memories and support. The memorial service and celebration of Catriona’s life will be held at two o’clock on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 at Forest Park Funeral Home, 12800 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77077. Immediately following family and close friends are invited to be with the family at their home. In lieu of customary remembrances, memorial contributions may be directed to Texas Children’s Hospital.


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Catriona Mclachlan Steel


Christina Boothe

13 août , 2019

I was 13 when I came to Mrs. Catriona. I came from a studio with teachers who were emotionally abusive to myself and others, and ruined my love for dance. On a whim, I gave the art one last try, and made the switch over to Allegro West. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, to this day.

Not only did Mrs. Catriona reignite my love for dance, but she loved me for me. I was loved despite my skill, despite my weight, despite my performance. She loved a chubby, tall dancer and expected the same of me that she did of every one of her dancers. I was not a great ballerina, nor was I ever meant to be. Regardless, she never stopped expecting greatness from me. I attribute a large part of the success I have experienced in my professional life to the work ethic she demanded from me.

If I had to summarize Mrs. Catriona, the word that comes to mind is giving. She gave so much of her time and love to so many — even the dancers at her academy who would never have a professional dancing career, such as myself. She was the dawn welcome after far too long a night, and she loved me more than I thought I was worth. What I could give her played no part in what she was willing to give me.

Mrs. Catriona will forever be someone I will owe so much to. And, in true form to many of us who aren't proactive in our relationships, I deeply regret not making the time to thank her in person for all she did for me. She deserved more from me.

Mrs. Catriona, thank you for all you have done. I am so grateful for the way you touched, changed and shaped my life. I love you always.

Becky Freeman

10 août , 2019

Nineteen years ago this September I met a highly recommended ballet teacher with a delightful Scottish accent and dynamic personality that would prove to powerfully impact my family and dramatically change the course of my daughter's life. It was in a shared makeshift studio in the back of a Kroger on Fry Road, as a four year old, that my daughter, Emily, met Catriona Steel for the first time. She was her student for the next nine years. In that time she went from that small studio to the stages of the Wortham, Hobby Center, the Grand 'Ole Opry and later, to Carnegie Hall.

In memorializing her passing, I know this earth will never be quite the same without her light that shone so brightly on hundreds of promising young dancers, their families and audiences.

Nearly nine years after our meeting, on June 12, 2009, which also marked Catriona's birthday, Emily was diagnosed with a rare cancerous brain tumor upon admission to Texas Children's Hospital. It was while in a ballet class as she began seeing spots before her eyes and struggled to keep up with her peers, that we had come to realize something was very wrong.

Catriona Steel not only taught Emily pliés, pas de chats and pirouettes, but instilled in her the character traits that would prove to serve her well in her active battle with cancer. Perseverance through pain, stage presence, a passion for excellence, but most of all, grace under pressure; these are the virtues she embedded in her very being.

Emily credits Jesus Christ and the doctors and nurses at Texas Children's Cancer Center with delivering her from the jaws of death at the hands of such a dreaded disease. However, it was a brilliant, but humble Scottish ballet teacher who imparted the practical skills needed to fight with courage, determination and grace. She taught her to face any and all obstacles with a smile that lights up the stage of life. Catriona's light will shine on in the lives she left behind and served so selflessly.

Sue Hamilton

31 juillet , 2019

Catriona; a name that meant so much to so many.
My story with Catriona began almost 22 years ago when we met at an expat coffee morning in Houston. I think we both realized then that it was the beginning of a special friendship. She took me 'under her wing' as I adapted to life here.

Together we partied,we got in(and out of)trouble, we vacationed, we occasionally cried but I'll always remember the laughter.From 'cheating' at trivial pursuit, pool parties, holiday events and many, many memories where a microphone was involved we laughed and giggled our way through them.
We shared many of life's ups and downs and were always there for each other. Catriona especially would drop everything to help anyone at anytime as many people sharing their memories here can relate to.
Before Catriona, I never knew how important a best friend could be.

But to me Catriona was more than a dear friend, she was like a sister, she was family.

So many memories that cannot be shared in a few paragraphs and so many attributes and acts of selflessness to list but they will all remain in my heart forever.
My heart aches for Bill, Kirsty and Lynsey and I will be there for them ,always.
Thank you Catriona for being my friend and while you may be gone from my sight you will never be gone from my heart.
Sleep well my dear friend. Love you,always.

Colleen Murphy

30 juillet , 2019

This past April, I had a special dinner with Mrs. Catriona Steel and her daughter Lynsey across the street from Lincoln Center. I am sad to say this was the last time I would see Mrs. Steel, but I am very grateful that it was so memorable. Lynsey and I have been the closest of friends for a decade now. We always try to find a way to celebrate our joint birthday together. It was special to have her mother with us this last time. Lynsey, I loved sitting with you and your mother that night. She had me laughing only the way that you can! Everything was simply joyful, except the food... which was quite hilarious, indeed, as I got to see the forthrightness with which your mother handles such situations.
For as long as I've known you Lynsey, my dearest friend, I have wondered where your fiery personality derives a seemingly endless kindle. I see it is just an essential spirit that your mother passed down to you. I am so sorry that she is gone. I write this, Lynsey, from our special Pier on the Hudson with endless love.

To Mr. Steel, Kirsty and Lynsey,
I hope that your love and support for one another can help to replenish your hearts as much as is possible. I hope that as you remember her, you can truly feel her love, that you dream of her from time to time and that you can see her in a beautiful light. I hope that you can treat yourselves with as much patience and compassion as your souls deserve. You deserve happiness and peace. I am heartbroken for you all. Take time and honor your emotions. You have hearts as big as Mrs. Catriona, care for yourselves as much as she always did.

Konner Klobedans

28 juillet , 2019

It has been an honor and privilege knowing Miss Catriona for the short time that I have been at Allegro West.
When I came to the studio I was older then others in many of my classes, and had lots of gaps in my technique however, she never once gave up on me or let me give up on myself. Ms. Catriona pushed me and worked with me that first year so that I could improve and fill those gaps quickly. She continued to push me over the past years and I’ve continued to improve ... for that I’m forever grateful.
Being the only boy dancer at a studio you sometimes get forgotten, but not at Allegro West. Her and Miss LynSey always made sure that I was dancing as a male should and that I always working to become a strong male dancer.
I am forever in Ms. Catriona and Miss LynSey’s debt for all that they have done to be sure that I was able to be a part of the Allegro West Company. Again Thanks!
Ms. Catriona, I will miss your smile, hugs and yes, even her “corrections”. Please know how important you have been to me and as I continue to grow as a dancer you will forever be in my heart.
Konner K

Elizabeth Bates

20 juillet , 2019

Mrs. Catriona, I feel so honored to have had you as my mentor and friend for the past 17 years. It has been hard for me to find the right words; you are genuine, hilarious, and honest to a fault. I can't count the number of times I bragged that you were "the best ballet teacher I'll ever have" You instilled in your dancers the value of respect, discipline, and responsibility- all of which made your studio so one of a kind. The most welcoming family of well behaved young students. Bradley and I loved watching you teach class, making it seem effortless while being so creative and always bringing out the best in every dancer.
Outside of dance, I always admired how fearless you were. You lived life to the fullest and always had the biggest personality in any room. Your open heart had time to listen and share your wisdom, even if it was in the form of an old Scottish jingle noone has ever heard of.
I remember when I moved to Katy it was instant, I lived at your house more than my own. You were always there for me picking me up from school for class, getting me into college, at the hospital when Bradley was born so early, the list goes on. I cant thank you enough for sharing your love with my family. We miss you so much.
My heart aches for Lynsey, Kirsty, and Bill as they have to learn to navigate the days without you here. Although, it brings great comfort knowing you are not gone, just with us in a different light. I know you would not want us to be sad but rather celebrate your beautiful life, keeping our heads held high.
I love you and will do my best to keep your legacy going through kindness, hard work and a touch of humor here and there.
It is a privilege to keep you in my heart always.
Elizabeth, Bradley, and Joe

Ruthie Phillips

16 juillet , 2019

Mrs. Catriona was full of life, joy, laughs and passion. My heart goes out to Lynsey, Kirsty and Mr. Bill. As hard as it is to write this, I know I should be so grateful for having her in my life, as one of the most influential people in it for the past 25 years. What a privilege to learn from her. I was able to learn ballet technique, followed by how to teach dance - but more importantly, I was able to watch Mrs. Catriona’s example of how to live life to the fullest. In the main studio at Allegro West, it reads “In Pursuit of Excellence”. Colossians 3:23 says: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord...” and Mrs. Catriona daily demonstrated this, for everyone to see. She set a beautiful example of cherishing, honoring and loving Mr. Bill, in their marriage. She took such joy in her daughters, and being their mother. Mrs. Catriona required discipline and fostered kindness among the dancers at the ballet studio. In all areas of her life, Mrs. Catriona “pursued excellence” and had her heart on a higher goal. Forever unselfish, she didn’t worry about trophies, winning competitions or promoting her own name among dance circles. Instead, she honored God by training her students’ hearts and minds to persevere through challenges, encourage each other, and show kindness. She accepted each student with grace and value, then encouraged them - encouraged all of us - to grow. Grow as dancers, grow as individuals. I am so blessed to have known Mrs. Catriona - and hope that we all have the opportunity to honor her in the way we go about our daily lives - in our marriages, in our families, as parents, in our skills, gifts and talents, -and the way we encourage others, may we all pursue excellence.

karriparlevliet@gmail.com Parlevliet

16 juillet , 2019

Our family knew we were home when we came to Allegro West. Mrs. Catriona and Ms. Lynsey both welcomed our daughters with open arms, high expectations, and love. What more could a parent ask for?
This picture is of Alayna, our oldest daughter, when she was accepted into the Allegro West Company. It is a day my daughter will never forget as she was SO thrilled to be a part of such a special group Mrs. Catriona and Ms. Lynsey cultivated.
Mrs. Catriona was always present. On exciting days as pictured, but also down on the floor at the dance shop when she received her first pointe shoes to make sure they were an exact match, during class, and when they exited the Allegro West building to say goodbye and thank you.
Mrs. Catriona touched our daughters lives as well as ours as parents. Her mark will be with us forever and we couldn't be more proud and honored.
We love you Mrs. Catriona & Ms. Lynsey!
The Parlevliet Family
Mirko, Karri, Alayna, and Sydney

elisha Frost-Rivera

11 juillet , 2019

Wherever a beautiful soul has been there is a trail of beautiful memories. Ms. Catriona has definitely left a lot of beautiful memories with Sofia and all her Allegro West family. She was a very dedicated dance teacher to all her students who walked through her doors. She pushed them to the max and saw their true potential. I am forever grateful that Sofia was taught by her. She will be extremely missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to Lynsey and her family.

Aimee & Ashleigh Wendrock

9 juillet , 2019