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Martin Jonas Lotz

19 août 197110 juin 2020
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August 19,1971 Sven Martin was born in Dortmund/Germany. At the time of his birth his mother was very young therefore she couldn’t take care of him. His father came from Zaire and lived in Dortmund with his family. He was an engineer. In 1975 his father moved back to Kongo with his family. Within his first 3 years Martin Jonas lived in different foster families.

In March 1974 Martin Jonas was mediated by the youth walfare office into our family. At that time our journey together as parents, son and brother starts.

One year later, Martin Jonas got our family name and his first name was changed from Sven Martin into Martin Jonas.

We moved into a small swabian village next to Stuttgart. Together with his brother Urs he went into the kindergarten. Martin Jonas enjoyed the liberties which are provided to children in such a small place. But his coloured skin gave rise to difficulities with the local people.

So that our sons could attend the Waldorf School, we moved to Stuttgart in the Schwabenhaus. This was a student residence in a fantastic location. Nothing better could happen to us as a family than to be able to live freely in this community with so many young people.

From 1978 - 1992 he attended the Waldorf School on the Kraherwald in Stuttgart. In spring 1989, Martin Jonas went to Bigfork / Montana for a year within a student exchange program. We thank his host family Turner for the loving reception in their family. Martin Jonas felt very comfortable with them and would have loved to stay in the USA straight away.

His schooling ended when he graduated from high school in the summer of 1992. Our special thanks go to Ms. Löwe, his class teacher, who accompanied him until 1995 he trained as a foreign language correspondent and translator. During this time we parents were separated. This was a difficult time for our sons and us.

Martin Jonas now began to implement his wish to live in America with determination. He met Penelope - an American soldier stationed in Stuttgart - and moved with her and her children to Houston.

In May 1997 he started his life in Houston, where he married Penelope. This marriage was short-lived.

Continental Airlines / United Airlines became his professional home with all of his valued and loving colleagues. He was very attached to this employer and remained loyal to him throughout the years.

July 21, 2003 was an important day in Martin Jonas life. His son De Aundrae was born. He became the most important person in his life. As a single father, he looked after his son very lovingly and responsibly. Together with him, he visited friends and relatives in Germany every two years.

We spent the last time we had on these summer holidays in a warm bond.

His long-cherished and repeatedly postponed dream of crossing the Rocky Montains with his father and son is no longer fulfilled.

What we have left are many happy memories, a package of unanswered questions that we can never clear up and a deep and painful gap in our lives.

Martin Jonas had to struggle with so many obstacles in his life, but he was always a kind, helpful, sincere and honest person. With a very own and unmistakable laugh.

Jonas, we let you go and live with you in our hearts. We love and miss you very much.

Gudrun, Werner, Urs and de’Aundrae


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    samedi, 4 juillet , 2020

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    samedi, 4 juillet , 2020


Martin Jonas Lotz


Jennifer Yirai

4 juillet , 2020

I am truly at a loss for words , it feels like just yesterday that I was telling him a joke to make him laugh or pick with him to get him to chuckle , he has given me a lot of advice and a lot of encouragement telling me that I will be great he always knew exactly what to say , if he felt like you were having a bad day he asked if you needed to talk or if he could help you with something with a smile that would warm anyone’s heart ♥️ Martin impacted everyone that he met I could just tell he may have left us here but he will never be forgotten ! He impacted my life in a great way and I am very thankful for that . Martin was a real family person and he always talked about his son he was a very proud father ! I wish my condolences to the family ! Wir werden dich nie vergessen auch wenn du jetzt nicht mehr unter uns bist wir wissen das du vom Himmel auf uns aufpasst

Francisco Vizcaya

4 juillet , 2020

In all honesty I am out of words ..... not only were you my coworker you were my friend.... RIP mi hermano .....

Jeanette Sonnenberg

3 juillet , 2020

Dear Martin,
I wish you knew how much you were loved.
I wish you knew how much you were respected.
I wish you knew how funny you were.
I wish you knew how handsome you were.
I wish you knew what an awesome father you were !!
I wish you knew what a great friend you were.
I wish you knew what a supportive and fair boss you were.
I wish you knew how much I learned from you, as a person as well as a boss.
I wish you knew that your kindness filled peoples hearts.
I wish you knew that your compassion made people feel calmer.
I wish you knew how your calm demeanor made people feel safe.
I wish you knew how you, Martin Lotz literally touched thousands of peoples lives for the better.
Martin, I will miss you more than words can express.
Until we meet again.
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Jase Davila

3 juillet , 2020

Martin was, and will always be, an amazing person. Always willing to help, I knew I could depend on him for anything. He sure knew how to tell a story and his jokes always cracked me up. I think every time I saw him we’d have something funny to tell each other. Whether if it was work or personal, I treasure those moments of levity and our conversations over the many years we knew each other. Miss you much, buddy. May you Rest In Peace.

Stefanie Dominguez

3 juillet , 2020

I got to know Martin in the last years of his life a life too short lived. The biggest brightest smile and always a kind word. I wish I could go back and tell him what a great guy he was! It was a gift to know him. I will always remember you. ~ Danke Martin

Inge Anderson

3 juillet , 2020

I am so sorry for the loss of Martin and everyone affected by this tragedy, which words can not really express.
Martin was a wonderful person.
When CO called me back from COLA in 2004, I did not know anybody in Houston and commuted weekly back and forth from Colorado - Houston. Martin, my coworker and I sat together in the German department, and Martin, being a very sensitive person took me under his wings. When I needed a new battery or a tire changed, my Martin was here for me. When I was sad, he would invite me to his home and comfort me. He was a dedicated father, friend and colleague. He always wanted to visit me with his son to see the Rocky Mountains, which sadly never happened. Last greetings to you, my friend till we meet again.

Hema Patel

3 juillet , 2020

Martin was a great friend and coworker, always willing to help everyone with a smile! I will always cherish your memories Martin, especially when your eyes would light up every time you talked about your son, your smile and laugh will be greatly missed at NHC. RIP my friend, gone too soon but never forgotten.

Betty Stroud

26 juin , 2020

I really enjoy worked with Martin. He was a great friend and a loving father. Martin was the most friendly, caring, and kind person. He had a great heart and it showed. He will be greatly missed. Martin, Rest in peace with condolences.

Dalva G Beck

24 juin , 2020

I'll have great memories of Martin as my co-worker. He was friendly, had a positive attitude, humble, helpful. I can not think of any more words to describe Martin. I had the opportunity to work with Martin while he still was a German Agent. We together found a German Lady lost in Newark by taking the wrong flight. She was supposed to travel to Cleveland and spoke no English. Her Family awaiting worried at the Airport in Cleveland for her. Once with Martin's assistance we got her to go to Cleveland. Needless, to say her Family and our Employer was very appreciative, wrote letter and through the channels Martin and I received all the praises. I'll never forget Martin. I hope he is in a better place now. Rest Martin. Dalva G Beck

Deborah Hayes

23 juin , 2020

I am so sorry for your loss. Martin was very kind and fun to work with. He will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with
your family.