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Paul A. Hamilton

7 juin 196318 avril 2024
Nécrologie de Paul A. Hamilton
Paul Allen Hamilton Sr. was born June 7, 1963, to Alexzene Hamilton and Willis Grace in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was the youngest boy amongst 10 siblings and professed Christ as his Lord and Savior at an early age. Paul embarked on his journey in carpentry and real estate during his formative years in the public schools of Indianapolis. It was there that he began cultivating the skills and knowledge that would pave the way for his future accomplishments. His graduation from Pike High School marked the start of a career that would see him become a licensed contractor, honing his skills under the guidance of mentors. Paul’s exceptional abilities and passion for his craft earned him a reputation for tackling any task with finesse, setting the stage for his later achievements. In 2005, Paul’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Indy Hamilton Construction, a testament to his dedication and craftsmanship. His commitment to quality and his exceptional work ethic laid the foundation for his success, demonstrating his drive and determination. In 2015, Paul joined AAA Hoosier Motor Club and quickly rose to the position of AAA Fleet supervisor due to his dedication and hard work, earning widespread respect and admiration from his colleagues. Paul was widely recognized for his caring, helpful, and personable nature, with a knack for storytelling that could effortlessly brighten anyone’s day. In 1987, he joyously welcomed his first child, Jessica Hamilton, into the world. Later, in 1999, he married the love of his life, Michelle Shovan, expanding their family with the blessing of two more children, Taniah Hamilton and Paul Hamilton Jr. Paul Sr. was a family man and cherished family gatherings with good food and card games. On April 18, 2024, at the age of 60, Paul peacefully departed this life after bravely battling acute myeloid leukemia. Throughout his journey, he remained optimistic and steadfast in his faith, trusting in God’s presence beside him. Paul is preceded in death by his parents, Alexzene Hamilton and Willis Grace, and his siblings, Edward Smith, Willa Mae Glasco, and Rodney Hamilton. He leaves behind his devoted wife, Michelle, who stood by his side for nearly three decades, sharing a life filled with love and joy. Paul’s memory will forever live on in the hearts of his beloved children, Jessica, Taniah, Paul Jr., and all those fortunate to know him. May his legacy of kindness, resilience, and love inspire us all.

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