Mr. Jerry Russell

4 mai 194121 janvier 2021

It was given as my task to write an obituary for my father. Unfortunately for the reader, this may seem a little different. My dad passed away quietly at 79 years old, my sister, Angela, and brother, Michael, just steps away, making sure he was kept comfortable. If you see the moon, you will see the beauty of God. If you see the Sun, you see the power of God. If you look in the mirror, you will see God's greatest creation. Myself (Jerry Jr), Michael, Steven and Angela were the luckiest to have him as our father, one of God's greatest creations. A man who loved his wife, Margaret, for almost all his whole life. She passed away a few years ago, and it broke his heart. His brother, sisters, and best friend Charles, were all better for being close to him. It would take a whole page to list those he touched, but he was my father. He was the best. Yet, his brother, Gerald, was also the best, just ask Tina, April or Eric. His sister Gwen was the best, just ask Johnny. As is his other still living siblings are the best, just ask. Bottom line is, hopefully your family, is blessed with a man or woman who never lost sight of faith and family. And this man, Jerry F Russell Sr, never, ever lost site of what is and what will always be important. He lives in me, just as your father or mother lives in you. Let love fill you, just as my Dad would want. I will miss him and always love him. I know we all will. Enjoy the fruits of your faith Big Man. I will see you again.

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    jeudi, 28 janvier , 2021

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    jeudi, 28 janvier , 2021


Mr. Jerry Russell


Ava Spell

28 janvier , 2021

Jerry was such a sweet big brother to me. Our Mother started working at the VA Hospital as an Occupational Therapist when I was 10 and Jerry was 16. Our Daddy had passed 2 years before. I had a lemonade stand and Jerry "strongly encouraged" his buddies to buy from me. They would, and I would make me a little money..ha! Sometimes, Jerry would fry us some french fries..Yum! Many times, he would let me ride on his motorcycle. Jerry always made me feel safe and loved! I will miss him!!

Kathy "Sissy" Reid

27 janvier , 2021

To know Uncle Jerry was to love him. He spoke softly, but his words were always kind and meaningful. He has a great sense of humor too and it has obviously carried on through his children and grandkids too. However, his strongest virtue was his unconditional love of his children and grandchildren. He was so very proud of each and every one of them. How very lucky we all were to have had him in our family and to have enjoyed his never ending love and support of us all. I will miss our phone calls "catching up", but I take much comfort in the belief that he is now home with Aunt Margaret and the rest of our families, eternally blessed.

Aprile Greenleaf

26 janvier , 2021

I hope everyone has a fun uncle. That is what Uncle Jerry is to me and my siblings. Joyful, funny and entertaining — a kid’s delight!! I have so many wonderful memories of him, sweet Aunt Margaret, and their wonderful children. Uncle Jerry was continually supportive of not only his family, but his siblings’ families as well. He serves as a beautiful example of what family is all about.

Steven Russell

26 janvier , 2021

My father, Jerry F Russell was a mountain of a man to me as a child. I was forced to look up at my father as most others were due to him standing at nearly 6ft 5 inches tall. Over the years as I grew into being a man there never came a time when I reached the heights which my father maintained throughout his life. In fact, with each passing year, I found myself looking up to my father more & more knowing that fact will continue. Last Thursday, January 21, 2021, my father was summoned by GOD to an appointment that my father has been preparing for his entire life. An appointment which his every word, action, and breath was directed towards. Unlike many, my father never feared, never been anxious, concerned, apprehensive, uncertain, or hesitant about being called to this appointment...in fact, my father is celebrating knowing how fleeting our time upon earth is, at this moment he is with the creator of the Universe, the one who my father has been unapologetically dedicated, committed & faithful to throughout his entire life-he is w his beautiful wife, my mother & all is well. To know my father, I'll share a moment from my childhood, Dad would take us to listen to God's words from a man who is still admired throughout the world, Rev Billy Graham. A man who arguably lived his life as close to that of Jesus Christ as any mortal man. I mention Rev Graham for the simple fact that my father's life parallels him & therefore Jesus as closely as any who has ever existed. Of those in our life's consider how many haven't deviated, compromised, conformed to societal norms, or followed the old adage "while in Rome..." another way of asking is to consider how many can truly proclaim, "...not only talked the talk...but also walked the walk..."... If being honest, I doubt many if any, can honestly think of a single person who would be justified being placed in this category. For those who read this & could not think of anyone-Now you can, my father, Jerry Russell Sr. I love you Dad