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Billy Ibanez

10 juin 19717 décembre 2020
Nécrologie de Billy Ibanez
A hard worker, a big heart, nutty and crazy, too. Billy was a unique bundle of his own individual style. Never passing up a good laugh and a spontaneous crazy moment, Billy always looked for that opportunity to laugh, to find a smile. He also had to have things his way. And this sometimes caused crazy to happen. But with the big heart that he had, he always let go of the worst to make room for the positive and best to eventually happen. Yes, that "crazy captain, Billy, can be seen in the heavens above waving his "hang loose" hand sign, telling all to stay calm, have fun, and be a little stupid sometimes for all is going to be just fine.

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samedi, 19 décembre, 2020


samedi, 19 décembre, 2020

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