Kenneth John DRYDEN

21 février 195128 octobre 2020

Those who knew and stood close to Ken will forever hold this honour, the privilege, to have had such a figure in our lives. The gift of you built and returned a strong family, many friends. We hold the gift of being able to hold your hand, to have seen your smile and bright blues as you journeyed from this life to the next. Such a special moment we will all forever treasure.

I’ve heard so many words that could describe you, but to describe such a person with just words seems likely impossible. He's a man of many great things; as well as someone who gave a comfortable warm hug of reassurance, "everything will work out." whenever needed. He's the guy who would give you the coat, or shirt right off of his back. Ken holds many titles, a son, a friend, a brother, a cousin, and an uncle. An absolute amazingly loving, strong dad, a giving, phenomenal grandpa and great grandparent aside his Beautiful bestfriend, and soul mate Darcy. Ken is a gentleman, an amazing friend, loyal and honest. He's kind and genuine. He's respected, and a role model, funny, a hard worker, and one of a great great story teller. Ken was, and is unconditional love. Husband, dad, grandpa, you will be forever be missed, and always in our hearts, we know you'll never be far.

All who knew you, loved who you were, the call it as it was kind of guy, charismatic; a leader those more than just your family. You will forever be reflected and talked about as being the great man you always will be known to be. You fought a battle that came upon so suddenly. You being the man you raised everyone to be, fought valiantly and courageously. With peace and calmness praised on that handsome face of yours; cancer took over fast but in the end rested your pain. Memories of who and what you stood for, will stay in our hearts for the entirety our days. Until we meet again, rest well, keep close, and know that you were truly one of a kind.

His wife Darcy of 51 years, his children. Marie (Paul). Dianne (Scott). Terri (James) Dave, 15 grandchildren, two great grandchildren. A large extended family and friends. His brother & best friend. Wayne (Dale), sister Marg(Bryan), brother Ray (Cathie), Sister Pat (Brian) Ken was predeceased by his, Father in law Maurice, mother in law, Evelyn, Daughter in law Drina, mother Gladys and father William.

Forever in our hearts.

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Kenneth John DRYDEN


Serge Sandler

12 novembre , 2020

Hey ken I want to say thanks for all the wise words that you gave me and you where are was there for me when I was down to put a smile on my face I’m so proud that I got to meet a wonderful person like you and I’m thankful for that god bless you and may you rest easy 🙂

Shelbylynn Willson

11 novembre , 2020

Michelle Klassen

11 novembre , 2020

I love you, Uncle Ken. So good to see your picture, and it’s exactly how you will always look in my mind. You shared your warmth with me, with my sister. I’m sad that you’re gone. Thank you for being kind.

Marie Willson

11 novembre , 2020

Missing your smile, missing your laugh, missing........ You. Love you so much Dad. Xo

Sherry Robinson

11 novembre , 2020

A cousin we only just found. A warm, welcoming soul. You were gone too soon.

Sheri Klassen

11 novembre , 2020

Thank you Uncle Ken for every hug and every “hello sweetie” you gave me. You will always live in my memories as a gentle giant. I’m so honored to have known you. I love you.

Dianne Mckay

11 novembre , 2020

I still can't believe that you're gone. My heart hurts and I have a lump in my throat. I find myself not being able to breathe. I miss you so much Dad. Until we meet again, I will miss you every second. Xo

Roy Neall

11 novembre , 2020

All I can say is that Ken was always there no matter what you needed a hand working on a car or to help move but more then anything a ear to listen. He had big shoulders and would never say no to anyone I will miss him so much Rest In Peace till we meet again

Becky Wyatt

11 novembre , 2020

You were one of the first people John brought me to. I guess so you could tell him he’s crazy. I’ve never felt more like family than I have this last year. Say hi to John for me please. Love and hugs. Becky ❌⭕️❌

Terri Olivier

10 novembre , 2020

You were always there for me even when I was sad you would tell me everything is going to be ok and give me a big hug. I miss you like crazy. Until we meet again rest easy Dad