David Anthony Brown

11 août 19937 juin 2021
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David Anthony Brown, 27, was born in California. He was a life long resident of Las Vegas, NV, he passed away June 7, 2021. He was a loving, devoted father to his 9 year old son, Anthony.

David was loyal to all he loved and considered family. He never turned his back on anyone in need. He loved everyone more than he loved himself.

David loved to be with family and friends: cooking for them, having a wing cook-off, get togethers or just rough housing.

He is survived by his son Anthony, mother, father, grandmothers, 5 siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Everybody loved him!

Funeral Services will be at Palm Cheyenne on June 19 , 2021

Palm Eastern handled the arrangements.


  • Visitation

    samedi, 19 juin , 2021

  • Funeral Service

    samedi, 19 juin , 2021

  • Reception

    samedi, 19 juin , 2021


David Anthony Brown


Janet Beauchamp

12 juillet , 2021

I'm David's Aunt Janet. David was a beautiful soul. He cared and loved his family so much. I remember when he was little he always wanted to be around his mom, always wanting her to hold him, or just to be near her. I think felt that way his whole life. I have a funny memory of him and my boys. The boys were 9, 10ish. David was over here playing with the boys and they were so quiet outside, I go to check on them, they are covered head to toe in mud. They made themselves a big mud hole in my backyard. They had mud in their ears, up their noses and I even saw mud on their teeth lol. It was funny but they had a blast. The difficult part after, and alittle painful ( being boys and all), was spraying them off . Lol . I love you David, I love you bunches.

Weston Chapman

19 juin , 2021

The first time I met David we were getting off the bus from elementary school. There was this one kid who would pick on me all the time and as usual he started with his sly remarks while getting off the bus. From nowhere David appeared next to me and told this kid you mess with him you mess with me. Now ive seen David befor around the neighborhood we grew up in but never said a word to him. Even tho a year younger than me and having never talked to me befor David was willing to get into a fight for me. At that moment I thought this kid is nuts. The bully walked away and David turned to me with his cheesy ass smile that he just never grew out of and said, "hi im Gizmo!" From that day on he was my best friend. The entire Brown family treated me like I was part of the family. Heaven truly is blessed to have him. So ill say good by for now. One day tho ill get to see you again. I love and miss you Gizzy!

Lisa Oviedo

19 juin , 2021

David offered to be my witness at my court house wedding. My deepest regret is to not taking him up on that offer. We drank together at some hole in the wall bar when I told him I was getting married. Little did I know that would be the last time we see each other the last time he’d call me little Lisa. I hope he finds peace, I wish his family finds love and support in the darkest of times.

Nicole Garma

19 juin , 2021

My deepest condolences to all the family and friends and especially to his son Anthony! My heart breaks for you all! I will always remember David as a sweet little boy!! I will keep you guys in my thought and prayers! 🙏❤️

Rem Davidson

19 juin , 2021

My favorite memory with David was just him living with me the last few months! I got him into a few shows that he never watched Vikings was his favorite so far. But one thing he would always tell me that i will cherish is to never say goodbye it’s always see you later! So to you David Brown see you later until we meet again! Love you Brotha 💙

Michelle B

19 juin , 2021

Moving to Victorville from Colton , I remember David with his beautiful blonde hair and his little smile and being the youngest one in "the group" but blended with everyone . I have some vague memories of him in the back of a red little car zipping through the neighborhood.
As we all got older and moved away , I am beyond blessed to have David sister Jessica as my best friend . With that being said , I Know David was an AMAZING father and had a sweet soul. I would video chat Jessica and David would always managed to pop in and say hello and chit chatted. I would always "Aww David him" because in my mind he would always be that little boy I met when I moved to Victorville with his beautiful blonde hair and little smile.
To the family my heart and prayers goes out to everyone.
- Michelle B.

Josh Garcia

19 juin , 2021

David was one of a kind, one of the most loyal kind hearted people I have ever met and I’m still in disbelief that he has been taken away from all of us way too soon.. i will never forget the energy David would always bring to the crew, man Seeing how much David loved and would do anything for anyone he loved was truly inspiring , We had the pleasure of sharing plenty of memories with David from good ones, bad ones, crazy ones to the chillest ones and those will forever stay in my heart.
I will never forget the type of man you were my brother and we will make sure to keep you alive through all of our hearts & always remember and celebrate your life.
Love you brother.

Jerome Shubrick

19 juin , 2021

David was a loyal and kind friend. He was my best friend. We talked every single day, either about a new show or game or every day life struggles. One of my favorite memories was on Slicks birthday when David was teaching me how to ride a jet ski. His brother cut us off and me and him flew into the water. I was the only one with a life jacket and I thought this fool was drowning but he was good. Or the time we got locked out of his car at the bar. Or times spent barbecuing. It’s honestly hard to pick a favorite memory because there are so many. But no matter what he will always be my brother in this life and beyond. I love you David. RIP BHK forever

Janet L Ortiz

18 juin , 2021

I had the pleasure of meeting David through my son Luda. David was always kind and caring and showed great love for me and my son. I am forever grateful of their friendship. Blessed to have known you for even a little while. ❤️
Watch over us and Rest In Peace.

Matthew Duque

18 juin , 2021

It sucks that you left us all to write this letter. I should start by letting your family know that I am here for you all. David’s spirit lives within us all. Ever since I’ve heard the news I have been feeling your presence, I could still here your laugh, I could still see that big smile you have that would light up any room. Anthony I love you man, Uncle Mateo is here for you kid. I know your going to make your Dad proud. He will always be watching over you. You have us all.
Your good friend,
Matthew Duque