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Garrett William Bednarz

25 juin , 199812 août , 2019
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Garrett William Bednarz, 21, of Lubbock, passed away August 12, 2019. He was born in Tifton, Georgia on June 25, 1998. Garrett graduated from Frenship High School in 2016.

Garrett was a web page designer and loved to draw comedic pictures. He loved card tricks, gaming, flying drones, and riding motorcycles. He was a kind young man with a gentle heart. He had an affection for animals especially dogs. Garrett could make anyone laugh and loved to brighten up a room with humor.

He is survived by his parents, Angela and Craig, siblings, Megan and Dillon, and dog, Carbon. In his life Garrett chose to be an organ and tissue donor. Through this, Garrett will be a blessing in death the same way that he was in life.

A viewing will be from 5 to 7pm on August 18th at Resthaven Funeral Home with a rosary immediately to follow. The funeral will be held on August 19 at 10am at Holy Spirit Catholic Church.

In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate it if you donated to Life Gift. https://www.lifegift.org/make-contribution


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  • Visitation dimanche, 18 août , 2019
  • Rosary dimanche, 18 août , 2019
  • Funeral Mass lundi, 19 août , 2019


Garrett William Bednarz


Angela Van Sickle

13 novembre , 2019

I do not know if anyone out there will still see updates. It has been 13 weeks, one day, 16 hours, and 20 minutes, since my life changed with the loss of my sweet son, Garrett. I search for everything and anything I can find or hold that is close to Garrett. There is not just a whole in my heart and soul. There is barely nothing left of me, I feel. There is no worse pain on this earth. My counselor says I am still in shock. I guess, because I cannot wrap my brain around this, I am. I function, as I need to, but it is so difficult. If anyone out there sees this and has pictures or videos of my sweet son or even stories that you can share withe me, PLEASE, share those photos, videos, and stories here or on my Facebook page. Friend me: Angela Van Sickle. Garrett's picture will show with my name. Everyone says they wish they could help. Many can with prayers and checking in. You can also if you have pictures that I would not have. You have stories of Garrett that I do not know. Memories of Garrett are my future. You can help me. Thank you, in advance. I should have closed this page by now and will have to soon. I appreciate you! I will pray for you!

Timothy Fox

21 août , 2019


We can not express our sympathy enough. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all your family.

Tim and Barb

Carole VanSickle

20 août , 2019

I have lots of memories of my Grandson. The one I love the most is a very recent one . As he got older he loved to tease me because I never talked or pronounce words right . I couldn’t say his tattoo or his dogs name right. He then got another dog and named it Carbon and I thank him for picking a name I could say . He laughed and said Nana I am happy I could help you out . Love you Garrett.

Jill schmidt

19 août , 2019

I am so sorry for the loss of your son Ang. I cant even imagine what you are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this most difficult time. God Bless. Love, Pickle

Andrew Reyna

18 août , 2019

My sister Elizabeth Reyna who is a 2012 graduate of Frenship High School. Knew Megan bednarz from band. I am so sorry for the bednarz family. Garrett will be deeply missed everyday every hour and every minute of the day. He will be remembered through the walls of Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Lubbock Texas. Sending prayers to the parents of Garrett and his sister Megan bednarz.

Mary Franklin

18 août , 2019

I went to high school with Garrett, and had the pleasure of playing French horn with him. As many others have said here, Garrett never failed to make me laugh with his witty jokes and snarky remarks. I spent many long hours sitting next to Garrett in practice, or standing next to him in set. But being with Garrett always made the time pass quicker. One time, on the bus to a competition, Garrett started drawing funny pictures on a sheet of music, and we passed it back and forth until you couldn’t see the music notes anymore, just jokes and doodles we’d scrawled across it. I wish I had that paper now. I miss Garrett’s comforting presence, how he would remind me that “nervous is a useless emotion.” Garrett was always there to make me laugh with a joke, give me a big hug, or spray water in my face (when I definitely deserved it). He will be dearly missed by many people.

Lee & Judy Meurer

18 août , 2019

We are praying and thinking of the family during this time.

Kirk Motsenbocker

17 août , 2019

I didn’t know Garrett personally but knew his dad and his dad’s brother Chris who passed in 2008 was my best friend in high school. I love the Bednarz family and want to send heartfelt condolences from the Motsenbocker family. Craig, you and your family are in our prayers. God bless.


Carmen Diaz

17 août , 2019

Garrett had a very special connection with Angela; as a baby he used to tenderly hug her and if anybody dare to try to hold him, he used to hide on his mom’s chest and arms. He smiled to others only if she was holding him. He was also very sensitive to loud noises, it was common to see him covering his ears with his little hands even with music.
As soon as we met, the Bednarz family and the Diaz bonded together so well that we used to see each other almost everyday. Garrett and Carlos in one team and Meagan and Gabi in the other team. Meagan and Carlos were the opposite poles and Garrett and Gabi were the ground that neutralized conflicts., in that way there was always a very good energy flow.
We treasure every single memory, from the long hours playing all together in the swimming pool, to every special celebration like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays, First Communions.... When they moved to Texas, they left a big empty space that was never filled out; in many occasions my husband and I talked about visiting them, but we postponed it too much...

We love you Garrett

Robin Christian

17 août , 2019

Sending prayers of comfort to the Bednarz family!



      Garrett William Bednarz was known as many things to many people. He was a loved one, a friend, and someone special. To family and friends who knew him best, Garrett will be remembered as a very exceptional person.

      Garrett was born on June 25, 1998 in Tifton, Georgia. He was the son of Craig and Angela. Garrett was raised with two siblings, Megan and Dillon. Garrett was usually involved in all sorts of activities with his siblings. He and his siblings experienced rivalries typical of a growing family, but they shared many life experiences over the years.

      A typical teenager, Garrett had a fairly happy high school experience, making that critical transition from adolescence to adulthood. He graduated from Frenship High School in 2016. He enjoyed some classes more than others, having favorite subjects and teachers.

      Fortunately, Garrett enjoyed what he did for a living. Showing a strong work ethic, Garrett worked diligently and did his best to succeed in his career. His primary occupation was web design. Garrett always sought to be a team player, doing what was necessary in order to get the job done.

      Garrett enjoyed his leisure time by taking part in various hobbies. His favorite pursuits were drawing comedic pictures. He loved card tricks, gaming, flying drones, and riding motorcycles. He was content to enjoy his favorite pastimes alone but was also willing to share his interests with others.

      He was a kind young man with a gentle heart. He had an affection for animals especially dogs. One of his favorites was Carbon, his dog. Garrett could make anyone laugh and loved to brighten up a room with humor.

      Garrett passed away on August 12, 2019 at University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas. He is survived by his parents, Angela and Craig, siblings, Megan and Dillon, and dog, Carbon. Memorial services were held at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Lubbock, Texas.

      Simply stated, Garrett was a good and kind person, an individual who will for all time be remembered by his family and friends as being a caring and giving person, someone who was a vital part of their lives. Garrett leaves behind him a legacy of life-long friendships and many cherished memories. Everyone whose life he touched will always remember Garrett William Bednarz.