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Ashleigh Jandora

14 novembre , 198122 novembre , 2019
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Ashleigh Blaine Jandora, 38, of Martinsburg, passed away on November 22, 2019. She was born November 14, 1981 in Altoona PA. She was the daughter of Tony Jandora and Judy Vancil Jandora. Ashleigh loved Fantasy Football and was a huge New York Giant’s fan. She was employed at Procter and Gamble. Ashleigh is survived by her children, Ethen Durst, Kolin Durst and Harlow Jandora; father and step-mother: Tony and Kris Jandora; mother: Judy Vancil Jandora; brothers: Michael Jandora, Nicholas Jandora and Logan Ellis. A celebration of Life will be held on December 8, 2019 at 1:00 pm at Rosedale Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


  • Celebration of Life dimanche, 8 décembre , 2019


Ashleigh Jandora


Kristie Belger

2 décembre , 2019

We had some good times in high school and shared some memorable moments as we got older...still cant believe ur gone but u and ur spirit will never b forgotten...rest easy my dear friend...as we will meet again one day...my deepest condolences 2 ur children and family...With all my love, KB

Donald Russ

2 décembre , 2019

Remember all the fun in highschool?best years man.its really upsetting that you passed.you were always really nice to me even when i was covered in makeup and spikes lol i see you got the family you always wanted growing up and im sure you were as happy as them.its was great growing up with you.it was a good day.


Holly Lawrence

30 novembre , 2019


Though life took us in different directions, our paths constantly crossed. I'll never forget meeting you in Greek Mythology class all those years ago. I think we were the only ones disappointed on how dumbed down that class was. 😂 From there on out, we had a lot of in & out of school. Your heart was always so giving. I know you'll be watching out for us all, especially your munchkins. Just know you will be missed, and the world will feel your physical loss. May God be with your children, family, and all who feel your loss.

Jamie Seeley

30 novembre , 2019

I am very sad that I shall not see you again in this world. We shared our thoughts with one another on the spiritual matters that we each felt were of great importance. Our views were quite different on many things, but it never created division. Just understanding. I was always glad to see or hear from you. You always treated me like I was special, and that is what I shall always remember about your sweet spirit. God rest your beautiful soul and grant you eternal peace.

Judy Jandora

29 novembre , 2019

I remember your first words at the age of 6 months old. I was changing your diaper and telling you “I love you” and from your tiny little self, I hear you say “I lub oo too”! I was blown away and only slightly questioned whether I actually heard what I heard. But, you quickly set me straight! You were so excited to communicate in words, you never stopped. You freaked a lot of people out back then... and didn’t stop that either *smiles*

This is one of a lifetime of memories.

You were never an average anything. You were every kind of storm this earth could conjure. A force of nature that most, including myself, were clueless to soothe. It obviously wasn’t in the cards. You were here to BE theses storms. I believe there will come a time in all our lives, or afterward, we will find the true treasures of what you were here to offer us all.

You were so so so many things to so so many people, you cannot be quantified or explained.

I’m just so grateful that, over these past several years, we grew closer and shared similar views on important spiritual matters. You brought me your insights, your victories and your expansive ideas that reached into the cosmos. We shared so much healing.

I know your need for drama and intensity was near impossible to tame and it created incredibly stressful situations all around, but I can’t help but believe the soul you came in with, had a mission and it is now fulfilled.

I love you and I honor you and I’m grateful that you are on to other, hopefully much more pleasant adventures!

Goodbye for now, my baby girl!

Love, Momma