David Eugene Dees

9 juillet 195731 mai 2020

David Eugene Dees est né(e) le 9 juillet 1957 et est décédé(e) le 31 mai 2020 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Rogue Valley Funeral Alternatives.

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David Eugene Dees


steve wilson

17 mai , 2021

i really miss you, david. you were the best. you are the best. nothing has come close to filling your shoes and never will.

Joe Dubs

6 mars , 2021

David Dees was a legend! His artwork, music, and kind soul will be greatly missed. I used to love his live streams on fb where he'd sing and play guitar. He was tremendously talented in more than a few ways. I'll miss his art, music and his sense of humor, RIP David.
-love, JoeDubs

Jessie Doncaster

9 février , 2021

I used images from David's book for a freedom rally last summer. I think of him still and always will. he was the the first truther artist to my knowledge, and the best in my opinion. He was brave and an inspiration. love you David.

Freshly Snipes

5 janvier , 2021

His artwork became a cornerstone on all conspiracy and alternative news forums and chat groups around the world. He could depict a million words and convey a message to someone new to the topic. I found this while looking for his website today. I see the wonderful Jeff Rense still has some of his artwork on his main webpage. I think it is important for new generations to see the artwork of Mr. Dees and have their eyes opened for them to at least ask questions and seek the truth. From my Paltalk chat group of over 1850 members, Our condolences. We are sorry to the Dees family for their loss. Please have a blessed 2021

Duane (Dat Drifter) Emerson

8 novembre , 2020

I'm far long over due for this...I vanished from the Internet 5 years ago and lost contact, for which i regret. I sure miss our many chats many years back. I'm always looking and waiting for the next great message in your artistic spirit. One can only imagine what creative work these last few months would have graced us. Words can't express how much you are missed from us all. See you soon. Much Love and appreciation. ~ Duane "Dat Drifter" Emerson

Jeff Daniel

27 septembre , 2020

David Dees started my awakening, as can be said for countless others around the world. He awakened me to a countless number of issues that have distressed and perplexed man since the beginning of time. Through his art and conversation, he helped me to confront the troubling realities that burden us all; and to make sense of the world in a way that ironically makes you laugh and grit your teeth at the same time. Thank you, David, for putting your venerable talents to use for a higher purpose, and for the invaluable insight you've afforded me. You certainly made your mark on this world and left us all with a lasting impression. You can rest assured your soul will continue to live on through your powerful works, and I hope to one day meet you face-to-face in the next life. God bless.

John Smith

21 septembre , 2020

Didn't know of his passing until recently. While I may have shared very different thoughts on a variety of things with him, his work caused me great joy.
Keep fighting on in Valhalla, David.

Jamie Murphy

21 septembre , 2020

I was saddened to learn of David's passing. Although I did not know David personally I loved his art and especially his courage. During his last months I purchased some of his art and contributed some money for his well-being. Jamie Murphy

Mary Mason

2 septembre , 2020

You were a warrior for truth and enlightenment. I'm so sad that you left this world. But Heaven needed you home. See you soon!
Much love, Mary Kay

Sean Someone

29 juillet , 2020

I don't know what can be said other than thank you. Say hello to John Lennon for me. I'll see you soon brother.