James Lyle Baugh

8 novembre 19508 octobre 2020

James Lyle Baugh est né(e) le 8 novembre 1950 et est décédé(e) le 8 octobre 2020 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Rogue Valley Funeral Alternatives.

Celebration of Life aura lieu le 5 novembre 2020 à 2:00 pm à Table Rock Fellowship, 3610 N. Pacific Highway, Medford, OR.

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  • Celebration of Life

    jeudi, 5 novembre , 2020

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James Lyle Baugh


Jordyn Marcum

5 novembre , 2020

To whom ever is reading this, you’re reading memories from a vibrant soul. You’re reading about someone that could achieve the impossible. You’re reading about someone with a kind soul that would light any room he walked into. You’re reading about who was once my super hero & is now my guardian angel. You’re reading about my grandfather.
While writing these words as the memories flow so do the tears; memories I thought were stored so far away, seem so vivid now. Remembering my grandfather for the man he was & the legacy he’s passed on I can only be so proud. Me, Jordyn Marcum, his grandchild at the rambunctious age of 21 can never forget the impact my grandfather left in my heart & others. No matter how big I’ve gotten, how grown I thought I was, to my grandpa I was always his little Jordy Pordy. A nickname I once dreaded is now one I’d give anything to hear him say just one more time. As the tears continue, so does the reminder that he would want us to be strong & celebrate him and what he stood for & represented. As a family, he would want us to bond together & not give up hope. Knowing even through spirit he still is with us. A good bye so hard to say, but coming to peace with knowing we’ll meet again... I miss you grandpa. You’re forever in my heart everywhere I go. I love you, see you before you know it.

Love yours,
Jordy Pordy.

Dylan Dobbs

5 novembre , 2020

Dear grandpa the time together was filled with love and happiness. Having you around made it feel like a lil bit of rick was around all of us and im truly glad to have got to know you. Those crazy videos we all did together will keep your memory alive in all of us. Im sorry you didn't get to go fishing with us but grandma might go in your place lol i hope youll be watching because ima catch a big one for you. I love you grandpa tell my brother i love him too.

Sincerely yours
Your Grandson grandson grandson

Larissa Marcum

5 novembre , 2020

As much as he loved giving everyone else a nickname, I never got the chance to give one to my grandpa. But what do you call a man who has accomplished so much?

One of my favorite memories together were one of the first I can remember. To excite us for an upcoming Super Bowl featuring the Chicago Bears, grandpa bought my sister and I a small brown bear wearing a football shaped backpack. When the Bears ultimately lost, grandpa declared, “Well that sucks, but that’s what the bear is for,” he grinned and prompted us to open the bear’s backpack where there was a treasure of candy to cheer us up from the loss.

To me this story represents what my grandfather was to me and to the world.

Our Silver Lining. ✨

Our reminder that no matter how bad things were, there was still some positivity to be celebrated. For that, there is really only nickname that I could give him, and that would be “Our Hero”.

We will love and miss you forever grandpa, but we won’t forget the lessons you left us.

Love you forever,
Your Loney Boney Communicator ❤️

Lisa Gonser

3 novembre , 2020


I am sorry for you loss, Heaven got a new angel who will be watching over all of us. May you find peace in your heart knowing Jimmy is in a beautiful place. He will be missed.

Lisa (WDG)

Annette Hirt

3 novembre , 2020

Dear Teresa,

I am so sorry for your loss, Jimmy was always a pleasure to talk with and he will be missed. I pray that you and your family find comfort in knowing that he is in God's hands.

Annette (WDG)

Jaymelee Rycraft

3 novembre , 2020

My Uncle Papa. I have so many memories it's hard to just pick one. He called me his Brain Child my whole life cause I thought I knew everything I guess. Everytime we got on the phone he'd yell CHILD!!!! So loud, it hurt my ear but I loved it. I just learned to hold the phone away from my ear. The last time we hung out I picked him up and we spent the whole day together, I'm so glad we got that time together. I will miss him forever.
Best Papa Ever, #1Papa.

Jamie Marcum

3 novembre , 2020

My Dad , My Dad I will love and miss you for the rest of my life! My life will never be the same without you. I love you so much daddy my heart is truly broken! You were an amazing father and friend and I was blessed to be able to call you Dad! Thank you for all the beautiful memories my dad, my dad you truly meant the world to me! Love your daughter, your daughter Jamie

Aunt Jan Snow

3 novembre , 2020

I met Jimmy about 30 years ago. He always has a smile on his face and lots of love in his heart. You will be greatly missed. I love you always my friend. Love you too Teresa.

Maddilyn Bearchum-jones

2 novembre , 2020

I honestly dont know were to start, all i can think of is the way he made people smile. I will always remember the way he made me feel so happy. we always sang our special song when we saw eachother, it was so important to us. It wouldnt feel right if we didnt sing it and i would make him sing it with me at least once. I wish i could sing it with him one last time, he is very missed.

Maxie Burnoski

2 novembre , 2020

I remember when I first learned how to play guitar, I would go over to Aunt Teresa and Uncle Jimmy’s house and just spend hours playing music with him and learning from him. He had such a wonderful singing voice and loved to share his songs with family. He was always smiling and was the life of the party at family gatherings. Uncle Jimmy will be missed more than words can describe!