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Marshall Jared Michaud

11 février , 198331 janvier , 2020

Marshall Jared Michaud est né(e) le 11 février , 1983 et est décédé(e) le31 janvier , 2020.


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Marshall Jared Michaud


Rosemarie Camporeale

11 février , 2020

Marshall was a coworker of mine at Melbourne International. Although he and I worked together briefly, he was always pleasant to be around. We would talk, tell stories, and joke at work. He was such a nice person. The news was so upsetting. I send my condolences to his wife and family. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Matt Talbot

10 février , 2020

Marshall you were a loyal friend for so many years. I am so thankful to have had you in my life...on the gridiron, speeding down "Batchy" with no keys in the ignition in the Cutlass or heading to "Fat Tuesdays" at Papa Ginos (or the dumb stuff we did after that) , you were always up for anything. A dear friend is lost far too early. You will be missed!

Ray Germain

10 février , 2020

You never forget your first friend's no matter how far apart you live, your differences or losing touch over the years. You were a good man and I am blessed to have known you. You lived across the street and were my first friend at the age of 5. I remember our rock throwing fights, i also remember you smashing a huge chunk of ice over my head. This was the typical "boy's will be boys" type of friendship. Marshall was also the reason I failed my first driving test, something I was embarrassed about but lead to many laughs later on in life between us. You were loved by all who knew you and will be greatly missed. Rest easy brother.


10 février , 2020

Marshall was a best friend of mine ever since I can remember, roughly since 5th grade. He was a great man who cared deeply for those he loved. He was very intelligent guy who had great potential. As for memories, I'll never forget the times we got lost on our way to school and ended up at hampton beach... must have been a wrong turn somewhere. Then there was the one time that 75% of the football team decided to take the wrong turn on the same day and they called all of our parents to inform them we were not at school.... good times for sure and the great memories will out weigh the painful one of his passing.

Kendra Sheffield-Dean

10 février , 2020

My daughter told me a memory of her Uncle Marshall. We were outside playing, and my daughter and Marshall were throwing "helicopters" that had fallen from the trees. Marshall began to show her the seeds inside, and taught her how to plant them, explaining how that tiny seed could turn into a big giant tree one day. I like to think that this could be symbolic of everyone's love and memory of him... I am so sorry for this loss that has to be endured, but the love and memories have been planted, those things can never end, and the love can continue to grow.

Angela Pruett

9 février , 2020

I met Marshall briefly at a Christmas Party at the Melbourne Airport. He had just started working there. I wish I had known him better. I would have loved to greet him every day, tell him jokes, have a real conversation to get to know him as a fellow human being. I'm sorry this did not happen.

To his wife, family and other loved ones, I feel for you. Permit us all to groan, grieve, ache and cry with you. This hurts so much. In spite of the hurt and pain you are feeling, you did know him, albeit too briefly. You loved him. He was your friend. He will still be with you in all of your stories you will tell and remember.

Celebrate his life, the good things, the good times, the laughter, the lessons learned, the hugs, the joy, what he means to each of you.

Angy Pruett

Blanche Sheffield

9 février , 2020

Marshall was loved my everyone that knew him and will be missed.