Musa R Kamal

8 décembre 193422 octobre 2021

Musa R Kamal, 86, de Westmont, Quebec décédé(e) le 22 octobre 2021. Musa R est né(e) le 8 décembre 1934 à Jordan.

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Musa R Kamal


Jorge UribeCalderon

5 novembre , 2021

Dear Nancy, Basim and family,
I am sorry for your lost. Prof. Musa Kamal was an extraordinary mentor; I had good guidance and advance in my carrier. He shared his wisdom with me over ten years when I was his graduate student, postdoc and as his colleague. I remember his advice every time I write a paper… “always, you should tend to perfection…”. My deepest condolences.

Michael Ryan

3 novembre , 2021

Dear Nancy and Family,

Joan and I just learned the sad news and wish to express our deepest condolences. Musa was a great advisor, friend, and mentor. No words can adequately express how much he meant to me and how much he impacted my life and career. Musa is truly missed but he will always be in our hearts and thoughts. His legacy will live on into the future.

Mike Ryan


2 novembre , 2021

Dear Nancy and Family,

Please accept my sincere condolences. I was very shocked hearing Prof. Kamal's passing away. It is really hard for me to accept the fact that he has left us. I feel very sorrowful and sad.

I worked for Prof. Kamal in 2003 and became his Ph.D. student in 2004. As my supervisor and mentor, he has been very inspiring and encouraging. He is the first person in the world to establish the processing-structure-property relationship of injection molded products based on morphology in micro and nano scale, and he even developed sophisticated software to model the injection molding process and the morphology development during the process based on established science.

With what I have learned in the field of micro molding under his encouragement and guidance, we started up a business in the field of micro molding in 2009. He continued his support as a technical advisor of the company and we have been in close contact. His vision in micro molding has contributed to successful development of many products, in the field of electrical, medical, and more.

His wisdom, intelligence, diligence, resilience, and caring for others will continue to inspire me in my whole life.

Jingsong Chu

Philippe Laporta

1 novembre , 2021

Dear Nancy and family,
As neighbors, Musa has always been quiet but it was a pleasure to read some of the memories written by the students that were inspired by him. The passion we see in Nancy's warm smile seems to be as strong through Musa's magnetism and inspiring personality. Catherine & myself send you our deep condolences.

Bob Meng

1 novembre , 2021

Dr. Kamal was one of the most important people in my life, I will always remember him.

Abdessalem Derdouri

31 octobre , 2021

I am profoundly saddened by the passing away of Professor Musa Kamal. He has been my kind and trusted mentor for many years. I will always remember his kind feelings towards me and the advices he provided to me while collaborating with him on various projects. I will cherish his friendship forever. I present my sincere condolences to his wife Nancy and his family.

Furong Gao

31 octobre , 2021

Dear Nancy,

Please accept our condolences. We are deeply saddened by the news.

I remember vividly many occasions with Dr Kamal including his guiding instructions on my very first English presentation, his red ink revision marks throughout my thesis, our enjoyable gatherings at many ANTEC, PPS and SAMT meetings, and his visits to Asia. It was his logical revisions make my very first paper won "the Best Paper Award" from SPE ANTEC Injection Molding Division. His teaching and wisdoms shaped me and many of his studnets and visiting scholars. We are very grateful to him.

While Dr Kamal will be missed, his strong legacy will certainly continue to have impact for a long, long time.

Please take care.

Furong Gao and Ling Yang

Robert DiRaddo

31 octobre , 2021

Dear Nancy and Family,

Please accept my condolences. I was deeply saddened by the news. While Musa will be missed, his legacy is strong and will certainly continue to have impact for a long, long time.

In a career spanning over 30 years, I have never experienced a more inclusive work environment than that in the 1980s in his labs; an inclusivity naturally existing because of his authenticity, candor and boundless energy. Musa had a unique ability to engage positively with any individual, whatever their background. I will never forget at my wedding, as he was leaving and at his car, he said to me, "I have to run back for a second and say goodbye to the old woman." He had quickly recognized the value and depth of my 90 year old illiterate grandmother.

Musa was a spectacular man who influenced many and he will never be forgotten.

Robert DiRaddo

Nashaat Nassar

30 octobre , 2021

Dear Mrs. Kamal and Family,
I just sadly heard about Professor Kamal’s passing. This is such a huge loss to the polymer science and engineering researchers. I came to know Professor Kamal back in 2001, when he accepted me in his research group at McGill University to pursue MSc degree in Chemical Engineering, specialized in polymeric nanocomposites. Professor Kamal not just introduced me to the nanotechnology world, where it became my interest and passion since then, but he gave me the opportunity and opened the door for me to be where I am now. It was an honour to have known him and to be one of his students. He was always kind and still challenged me to be better…“you could do better than this” ..I learned a lot from him, and I will never forget him as he made strong influence on me. I always talk about him and about my experience with him to my students and colleagues. I graduated from McGill in May 2003, and kept in touch with Professor Kamal since that time. We met several times, and had lots of phone conversations and heard from him so many things. He was the person who advised me to stay in academia and accept the faculty position at the University of Calgary! …“You can help your country and people from here much better than if you stay there”. Since I joined University of Calgary, Professor Kamal became an exceptional colleague and mentor for my academic career…he used to tell me “I am following your progress and hearing lots of amazing news about your successful stories…You are making us proud!”
Such a wise man! I’m proud to have had him as an advisor and a mentor. He will still be a favorite professor of mine, who will be dearly missed.
Condolences to all of us.

fatma mahrous

29 octobre , 2021

Dear Mrs. Kamal and Family,

I was honored to have the chance to work with Prof. Musa Kamal as a great polymer engineering scientist who spent more than 50 years at McGill University as a globally recognized academician.
Personally, he was a nice, supportive, generous and so polite person. He had a tremendous impact on my life.
Wishing you comfort and peace in the days ahead.
Condolences to all of us
Fatma Mahrous