George Bates

20 juillet 192111 août 2011

Arrangements under the direction of Hibbett & Hailey Funeral Home, Nashville, TN.

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  • Visitation

    dimanche, 14 août , 2011

  • Funeral Service

    dimanche, 14 août , 2011

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George Bates


lysa meadows

28 août , 2011

Grandda I love and miss you so much. I really want ot hear you yell for me. Please. I am having a really having a hard time. I love and miss you good night.

24 août , 2011

Hi Grandda. I miss and love you. I really want to hear you yell for me. I want to beable to sit on the bed with you. I lay on your bed with my eyes closed and I feel you there. I don't know what to do grandda. I am very lost! I love and miss you! :(

lysa meadows

21 août , 2011

Grandda I know you and Granny are up there having the time of your life. I know you are getting her up to date on everything down here. I know you so happy being together again. I do love and miss you both both. I never dream I would ever be with out you 2. And it is going to take me awhile to get my life together. I know you both will help me. I love you both. Good night! <3


17 août , 2011

Amy Pillow

16 août , 2011

I have had the pleasure of calling you grandad for 30 years. The lesson you have taught me and the legacy you have left not only to me but in your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be felt for many years. How do you fill a hole in your heart where there was laughter, love, and the pure enjoyment of life? you have been loved by many and will be missed by many more. Thank you for the pleasure of calling you Grandad.

Quinn Edwards

14 août , 2011

I met you at Jessicas wedding and you were so sweet and had such a kind soul. I have no doubt you touched many lives. May God Bless you and your family....RIP....

Kim Reed

13 août , 2011

Lysa, I'm sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers. May God give you the strength and peace you need during this time. Love you!

ashley dilon- johnson

13 août , 2011

rip granddaddy. love you and miss you. now your with granny. have a nice after life and enjoy the time and tell the stories to her from first hand experience

Riley Dicus

13 août , 2011

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Chris Mangrum

13 août , 2011

grand daddy i wish i could have got to spend more time with you as a friend .But the time i got i will always remember because you are very good friend . And two thangs i will always remember you saying are HEY LYSA and what do you say buddy . grand daddy you are the coolest man i know still to this day . My kids really love you like there own grand father . you are such a loved person buddy . And i hope that I get a chance to live as long as you did . And I know that you will watching over all of us . So thank you for the time that i got to know you. I love you buddy and i know you will keep them on their toes up there and save me a spot next to yall . So when he calls me home I can get to know granny to. Your Friend Chris Mangrum .