3 décembre 194711 octobre 2021

John BLOOMGARDEN, age 73, of New York, New York passed away on Monday, October 11, 2021. John was born December 3, 1947.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at www.riversidememorialchapel.com for the BLOOMGARDEN family.


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Debbie Dardon

2 décembre , 2021

Alba, what beautiful sentiments!! I read them with joy and happiness knowing what a beautiful life with friends and family he had. I know he’s watching over you, Nina and Gaby, as well as his close friends and family. God bless you all. 🤗🤗🤗😇🙏❤️

Alba Quezada

1 décembre , 2021

We both met wonderful partners and moved kicking and screaming into adult life; proud parents of four wonderful children (two each). We spent almost every summer together renting on Block Island, where John would treat us to fresh, grilled swordfish and bluefish, just some of his specialties. John and I would race our bikes around the island most mornings and then reward ourselves with iced coffee and cinnamon buns at the Bagel Shop.
John was a wonderful, empathetic person and friend - a contemplative, profound thinker, and so much more. The hole and grief that exists in the lives of us who knew and loved John is way bigger than the Ozone, but my solace is that I had the privilege of being John’s friend, a privilege - along with the wonderful memories - that sustains me during this difficult time. And finally, John’s spirit and presence is carried on by Alba, Gaby, and Nina, a family that we are so lucky to feel part of.
From David Rubin: I knew John since we were 14 years old. We connected in an effortless way for more than half a century. Our relationship survived through all sorts of challenges and yet, it rarely changed. Perhaps that was the beauty of being friends with John… the building blocks of our friendship never disappeared. They were never replaced, and they never wavered.
I guess John’s death may change the building blocks of our friendship, but I am not there yet. When December 3, comes by, and my calendar reminder tells me to call John for his birthday, I might just call him.
I often called him and would say, “I called to see how you are.” When I said those words, I often felt a bit dishonest, because I sometimes called just to feel our connection. When I called John, I was touching someone close. Someone from whom the comfort of the touch comes from a lifetime of connecting when time and circumstance seemed to be mere background to an unbreakable connection. That was my connection to John.

Alba Quezada

1 décembre , 2021

Where I panicked changing diapers, John calmly took on the task without breaking a sweat. In later years I made it a point to hold back my intense desire to intervene when he was engaging with the girls. They grew up knowing that their father held the advice they needed for certain situations. It made me happy to see their closeness. I can sense John in them as they make life choices based on careful and balanced consideration.
For as long as I remember, a week did not go by in which Peter Waelsch or David Rubin did not communicate with John. I always knew to whom John was speaking by either hearing him responding empathically to one or playfully admonishing the other. These men were always present to John, and still are to me and to our daughters who adore them both. David Rubin and Peter Waelsch are true mensches.
It touched me immensely that Peter drove all the way down from Boston – twice within a month - just to watch a football game with John. The last time was the weekend before John left us. I walked into our bedroom to see Peter propped up on my pillows alongside John in the bed, chuckling and talking about the players and the arc of the moral universe.
I don’t know what Nina and I would have done without David Rubin rushing to us at 4 A.M. in the morning, on the day John passed on. David stayed at our side for most of the day to help us figure out what needed to be done - and to grieve - trying to make sense of what had just happened to John and to us. I love Peter and David for having actively loved John so deeply. John loved them back dearly as if they were brothers.
From Peter Waelsch: I met John at Dalton in fifth grade and our lives have been intertwined ever since. We hung out in NYC during Thanksgiving and Christmas college breaks, trying to pick up the ladies in mid-town. Post college, we backpacked through Europe and spent a year in London going to film school where John produced and directed a student film we made.

Alba Quezada

1 décembre , 2021

John Bloomgarden (12/3/47 – 10/11/21)
by Alba Quezada Bloomgarden, Peter Waelsch, and David Rubin

I’m not entirely sure what John was like during his years at Riverdale but I’ve been told by James Fuld and Jeff Richards that although he was quiet and reserved he was very involved in school activities, such as being co-editor in chief of the yearbook with Robert Rosenheck. John Brendler wrote that he loved John as a high school friend and always had a special feeling of warmth toward him. “He was one of the most sensitive and thoughtful friends in my growing up years.”
Robert Krulwich wrote that John and he rode the Riverdale bus together each morning and that he “…was so good looking that he had more female admirers than all the rest of us…”. I found this to be true when he and I began to date. I had to soothe the women who loved him by letting them know that they would not lose their standing with him just because I came into the picture. His quiet reserve coupled with his good looks made him mysterious and appealing to me when I first met him in the elevator of our building in 1984. Learning about his passion for Latin American politics, film, and theater made him even more attractive. I was lucky to land John and marry him in 1988. Sharing my life with John for 36 years has been a balm to my soul.
John offered a generous spirit, a sensitivity, and a solidity within himself that was like an anchor to my free-spirited, flitting personality. I learned the value of stopping everything to sit quietly alongside him to read the New York Times or watch MSNBC and the Giants. Although watching the Giants wasn’t always that calming!
John was a true listener. He never tried to talk me out of my feelings. His greatest joy was in the raising of our beautiful, talented, and intelligent daughters; Gabriela and Nina, now both in their 20’s. John was a fully involved father from the beginning. Where I panicked changing diapers, John calmly took on the task without breaking

peter waelsch

25 octobre , 2021

Riverdale vs. Hackley (or Horace Mann), 1964 or '65

Louise Hamagami

21 octobre , 2021

A short poem to our friend, John, with the deepest soul and the shyest smile:

Alba and John met in the eighties
A most beautiful couple they made.
He, quiet and gentle, she full of grace and fire.
Together they lived atop the beautiful Park and grew a beautiful garden,
But not before growing two magical beauties of human form, Gabriella and Nina, who carry on all the good stuff that matters. The depth of your love and your character lives in them. And when a little rabble-rouser pops up in them, or from them😘, we will all be thinking - there you are.
Journey well dearest John.
We love you
Louise, Marc, Luke and Hiro

Robert Ziegler

19 octobre , 2021

John was in the centre of a great group of friends and family that we've known for many, many years. From knowing Alba from the time she'd moved to New York City and met a very friendly and kind guy in her building, through the birth of all of our children, to the summer we spent together in Tanglewood, canoeing and listening to music; to our chats on the phone recently as John tried to get a publishing project off the ground; to the surprise meeting with Nina at London's South Bank Centre when she was studying in Cardiff; to Alba and John's visit to stay with us in our home in South London and our many trips to stay at their delightful and welcoming home high above Central Park West. These are just some of the wonderful memories that are now flooding back to Nicky and me. We're so grateful to have known such a kind and generous man - all our thoughts and love are sent to him and to the great circle of family and friends around him. John - we'll miss you!! xxxx

David Bloomgarden

17 octobre , 2021

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Recollections of John and Alba’s wedding In East Hampton when Jane and I had our three kids: Noah then 6, Zach 3 and Josh 3 months old.Lots of fond memories.When Gabyand Nina came along we used to love getting together then as a family. We shared family get togethers at Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur,Hanukah, and Passoveras well as birthdays; laterHanukah was usually celebrated at my mother’s and Simon’s apartment where Simon would take great joy in handing his grandchildren silver dollars.John was a kind and gentle person with great love, warmthand affection for Alba, Gaby and Nina..... and always the dogs.Gaby and Nina......John was a loving, kind father and I am sure you will miss himdearlybut he will always be in your hearts with his warmth, kindness and love for each of you.I too will miss John. He was a dear and deeply caring person. Much love to you all -David

David Bloomgarden

17 octobre , 2021

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October 11, 2021Heartfelt emotions on this day as I learned of John’s passing. So many thoughts and feelings that I have for too long buried within.I cannot redo what I did not do but I can share my belief that family matters. Maintaining and fostering a relationship is important.Much that I could’ve, should’ve,would’ve said to John. I had begun to share some of those feelings on the few occasions we got together during his decline.His death has caused me to reflect on much that we shared and some things that we struggledwith. Living together growing up as kids at 1185 Park and going to Dalton has caused me to reflect on many of those childhood experiences. Though Jewish and always celebrating Hanukah, John and I would go with Flo Flo to pick out a Christmas tree to placein our family roomin our apartment.Iwas always jealous of John because it seemed that he had a much easier time at school than I had. Somehow it seemed that he could always write a paper or memorize lines in a flash. I seemed always to be struggling.We shared a room growing up with a wonderful train set on a platformthat could be lowered into the middle of the room. Who would have the train controls was often an issue.I always enjoyed going with John and Kermit to sit in the empty theatre to watch a rehearsal or a run-thru of some of Kermit’s shows. One of my wonderful memories was going to watch the The Music Man in an out of town rehearsal in Philadelphia.I also recall sitting with John and our mother as Meredith Wilson and Rini played the score of Music Man for the first time to our family on an upright piano in our living room.

Naomi Kerest

17 octobre , 2021

John was a wonderful friend to my family no matter the time or place.We were grateful for his empathy and compassion and he never stopped loving. He was genuine and incredibly generous with feelings for those he cared about rarely expecting anything in return. I knew John when he and my brother were in high school and now so many years later, having created rich memories it is unbelievable that we can not make any more but rather must explore and treasure those from the past.I send love and hugs to Alba, Gaby and Nina and will always cherish and be thankful for our friendship.