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Krishna B Vaid

27 juillet 19276 février 2020
Nécrologie de Krishna B Vaid
I hear a note of moaning in my voice. I don’t want to waste the rest of my life in moans. I want to breathe my last, not moaning or screaming, but laughing, absurdly, so that, if anyone should care to recall my last face after I’m gone, he should see a toothless old child, his eyes closed, his mouth open—emitting light. Obviously I am recalling some picture seen centuries ago. Anyway. I have another great desire—I want to be rid of this awful word: anyway. "None Other" by Krishna Baldev Vaid Translated from the Hindi "Doosra Na Koi" by the author

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vendredi, 07 février, 2020

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vendredi, 07 février, 2020

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