Dawn Belinda Dawson

2 avril 19626 septembre 2021

On September 6, 2021 we lost our beloved Dawn to ALS. She is survived by her dear son Benjamin, her mother Janet Wetzbarger, late stepfather Roy Wetzbarger, father George Dawson, stepmother Margarete Dawson, sisters and brother-in-laws Lisa and Robert Wood, Diana and Bill Edwards, Lauren and Brad Paine, brother and sister-in-law John and Brittany Dawson, nephews and nieces Justin and Alleita Wood, Madison, Joshua, and Zachary Edwards, Parker and Collins Dawson, great-nephew Bentley Wood, along with many other family members and dear friends.

The family is having a private service. Expressions of sympathy may be shared at www.schimunek-nottingham.com


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Dawn Belinda Dawson


Diane Blackwood

7 octobre , 2021

I absolutely loved Dawn! I am teacher in Baltimore County Public Schools. When I taught fifth grade, we had a field experience called Eco-Trekkers during which the students would visit Marshy Point and Miami Beach to study habitats. I always enjoyed the habitat that we studied wherever Dawn was the teacher. She was always a breath of fresh air and had an innate ability to connect with the students, especially those who could be oppositional or easily distracted. Dawn was exceptional at her job. I will definitely miss her!

Melissa Whisted

1 octobre , 2021

Dawn will always be remembered as a lighthearted woman who was caring for all things- human, animal, and in nature. She had a beautiful spirit. Her deep laugh warmed by heart. Rest in peace my friend.

Tom Melito

27 septembre , 2021

Dear Benjamin, I was lucky enough to know and work alongside your mom for over 15 years. She never called her job “work” because she loved it so much. Everyday she got to explore nature with students. I can remember every so often after the students would leave our site and I would say to your mom, “wow, that was a challenging group of students.” She would smile and say, “Really? I thought they were a terrific group.” Your mom was a skilled enough educator to be able to pick out the students that were scared of nature and by the end of the day with her, she was usually able to help them to overcome that fear.

I was also lucky enough to be by her side as she found the love of her life…you! Boy did she ever light up when she spoke about you. She had some pretty impressive self-control because I think she would go on about you all day if she could. She would talk about how smart you are, your good looks, your athleticism, your compassion (I think you got that from her), your dancing and so much more. Everyone that knew your mom (and even those that didn’t know her like the guy in Home Depot, the waitress, the mail man) knew that you were the single most important thing in her life.

There were a lot of things I loved about your mom: her self-confidence, her love of travel, her lack of inhibition when it came to singing and dancing in front of other people (no thank you!), her ability to seek out the student most uncomfortable and build up their self-confidence, her terrible fake accents which always made me laugh, her random acts of kindness to strangers and those not as fortunate as her, but what I loved most of all was her laughter. When I heard your mom laugh it came from her soul.

I know you will have some tough days ahead. Your mom was an incredible person and you will miss her. We all miss her. A lot. On those difficult days, try to listen to her laughter in your head. My hope is that it brings a smile to your face like it does to mine.
Your buddy, Mr. Tom

Amy Hughes

22 septembre , 2021

While working in the Office of Science, I had the pleasure to know Dawn. We shared many stories of family, nature, and music. Dawn was a kind, compassionate and loving person. I admired her faith and her dedication to her son, Benjamin. Dawn always had time to lend an ear or write a note when someone was going through hard times. Her capacity for giving was unmatched. My sincerest condolences go out to her family and friends. While her physical form is gone, her light shines on in all who knew her.

Mary Stitz

20 septembre , 2021

Hello. I did not know your mom, but saw that she passed from als. I know this disease. It is awful. I'm sorry she suffered from als. My daughter, age 44, is now suffering from als. Two years now. So I know what your loved one went thru. Prayers for your family. Mary, from bel air. Md.

Yvette Richardson

17 septembre , 2021

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Dawn when I joined the Science office in 2018. Dawn was an awesome teacher, mom, and colleague. She welcomed me into the office with her warm and caring smile. I remember her sharing with me she her story about adopting her son Benjamin. Her face glowed like the sun as she shared the joy he had brought into her life. I could see and feel how much love she had for her son. Another memory I will cherish about Dawn is her expertise in gardening. She did a "how to" planting class at one of our staff meetings that was so much fun and informative for me. I was the plant lover but had no clue how to care for them until Dawn showed me and shared her expertise. I am blessed God allowed Dawn to be a part of my life. Heaven has gained a sweet and special angel. You are truly missed Dawn. My sincere condolences to the family.

Carol Wingard

15 septembre , 2021

My first heart-felt memory of Dawn was visiting her classroom and listening to her play her guitar and sing so sweetly to her students. As her Principal of Seven Oaks, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Dawn teach and interact with her students, as she was always thoroughly engaged with her students through creative lessons. Dawn was such an exceptional teacher and a kind, caring and compassionate person. Her students loved her and they knew she loved them too!
As an instructor within the Office of Science, Dawn truly enjoyed every minute sharing her knowledge and appreciation of outdoor life, adventures within nature, and the land and water creatures at Marshy Point. Every year, Dawn would join our 7Oaks Science Fair and set up an extraordinary display. Of course, Benjamin would be with her to astonish us with his knowledge about the animals that she brought along. As he did so, Dawn would show her deep love of Benjamin with a huge smile of pride. Her enthusiasm always glowed...all eyes and ears were fixed on her every action and word. She touched the lives of many, both children and adults!
We were blessed to be touched by an angel!! I will always envision her bright smile and light-heartedness. She was an exceptional person who shared her gifts with so many people. Her gifts of teaching and the giving of herself will live on forever within students, friends and loved ones. Love you Dawn!
My sympathy and prayers go out to Benjamin and family. Love to Benjamin, who was the center of Dawn's heart and he, as well as many, will feel her love forever.

Sharon Tarlton

15 septembre , 2021

Cousins are our first friends. Sweet Dawn, my memories go way back, to overnights on Easter, old pictures of skinned knees and chocolate bunnies. Easter and Christmas dinners with family, flush with giggling girls. At family reunions, she was the first person you hope to find. Dawn always sought us out with a bright smile and open arms. We're praying for peace for the whole Dawson family. May God bring you comfort. Love you all, Sharon

Denise Wilson

14 septembre , 2021

Dawn has always been my "comma friend" because all of our conversations never really ended with a "period". We would see each other in the hallways after weeks passing and pick up exactly were we left off.

Fate brought us together as writing partners for the first Eco-Trekker's curriculum. We sat on the back deck of Marshy Point worked for hours. Well... to be completely honest, we talked for hours and wrote during some of those! We actually had to set timers during our days. We would set a talking timer, and then a working timer, just to be sure we got our work done.

Dawn was one of those people that looked you in the eye and truly saw you. Without even a hint of prying, she would know when I needed a hug just by looking in my eyes. She was genuine, caring, and an amazing human being!

I clearly remember the first picture of Benjamin that she was able to share. I called my mom to tell her that I had just seen the most beautiful boy who somehow had the same eyes full of love that his adoptive mother had. Dawn beamed when she talked about her son, and in an instant, a person who had the biggest heart of anyone I had ever met, was able to exponentially have her love grow.

To all of Dawn's grieving family and friends, my sincere condolences! Dawn was an irreplaceable soul who's legacy will live on.

Karen Gronau

13 septembre , 2021

Teaching with Dawn was how I came to know this kind, loving, intelligent person

All her students not only learned facts and ideas; but, more importantly, empathy. Children working with her always felt comfortable knowing that they were in a safe loving place where they were learning important, interesting things.

Dawn loved nature and passed that love on to others by her words and actions. We will never know how many people—children and adults—have come to appreciate or appreciate more how to take care of our earth, how interesting nature is, how intertwined we all are.

I am just one of many who was fortunate to be her friend.