Margo Elaine Hewett

30 mars 197223 mars 2020

Margo Elaine Hewett passed away March 23 at the age of 47. In life she was surrounded by friends and family members who loved her and cherished her smile, her love of people, her determination, and her laugh.

When she was born with Down Syndrome on March 30, 1972, doctors told her parents, Lois and Herbert F. Hewett, that she should be institutionalized. They refused, and Margo went on to live a joy-filled life, independently, touching a lot of people in a meaningful way.

She graduated from John Marshall High School in Oklahoma City and worked at Urban Market at 50 Penn Place for many years. She was a dancer and a poet and loved music. She waved and smiled at everyone she passed. Those who knew her will remember her as imaginative, curious, mischievous, funny, fun-loving, stubborn, helpful, and gentle. She knew so many people around Oklahoma City that her parents often felt like they were in the presence of a celebrity.

Margo loved to dance with MAGICAYAH and Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan and perform in the Paseo Arts District; she performed with these groups for 27 years. MAGICAYAH, which stands for Multi-Sensory Arts Grow Inside Children and the Young At Heart, was a troupe that included people who are physically, developmentally, and learning disabled. She also had the vision for and led the creation of a collaborative art project called “Sea Diversity: Unity in a Diverse Sea” for the 10th annual Respect Diversity Symbol Exhibit at Science Museum Oklahoma.

She attended First Unitarian Church in Oklahoma City, and at the time of her death, she was living at Storey Oaks in Oklahoma City under the care of Healing Hearts Hospice.

Margo is survived by her mother, Lois Hewett, 88, Oklahoma City; her sister Heather Hewett, Sleepy Hollow, NY; and her half-sisters, Mara Hewett, Oklahoma City, and Vanessa Wardi, Atlanta.

A private family graveside ceremony will be at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 28, at Memorial Park Cemetery, 13313 N Kelley Ave, Oklahoma City. It will be streamed via Facebook Live. To view her service, see her Facebook Live event on Hahn-Cook/Street & Draper’s page.

Donations may be made in Margo’s name to the Special Olympics, 1133 19th Street NW, Washington, DC, 20036, https://www.specialolympics.org/


  • Margo is survived by her mother, Lois Hewett, 88, Oklahoma City; her sister Heather Hewett, Sleepy Hollow, NY; and her half-sisters, Mara Hewett, Oklahoma City, and Vanessa Wardi, Atlanta.

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Margo Elaine Hewett


Jay Freede

28 mars , 2020

I was lucky enough to have been in Margo's class at West Nichols Hills elementary and can remember her first day of school. She had a huge smile on her face when our first-grade teacher introduced her to the class.

She was the nicest person in OKC.

terry mcghee

27 mars , 2020

Margo, all light and music, forever sun dancing

Casey Tisdale

26 mars , 2020

Sweet Margo. Poet with dancing butterfly hands. Her magical creativity enlightened our dance rehearsals. I will miss her heart.

Tom Shadid

26 mars , 2020

Our family has been involved with StarDanceSwan for many years. I am so grateful that Margo and Lorrie came together. What a community they have given us. My experience with Margo's spirit of genuine interest and warmth I felt from her every time we visited, lifted me up. I will always miss her.

Jeanne Flanigan

25 mars , 2020

Lois brought Margo to my costume shop in Norman when she was about 7 years old. She was very much her own person, voicing opinions and standing up for herself! Her family obviously supported her with all the treasures of the world, the greatest of which is love! Costuming her through the years has been a great privilege, the result was always gratitude, then cheerfully flying off to dance with the troupe! Her poetry could be self reflective or nature loving, always thoughtful. Her smile and bright eyes captured everyone's heart! She will be missed mightily at future dance performances! Thank you, Lois, for bringing her to us!

John Mead

25 mars , 2020

Oh Margo! I see you there - now in the ineffable firmament, flowers and whirligigs in your eyes and shining bells on your your toes! You've always been the unpredictable words that precede poetry - the muse that poets long for - and now your words no longer even need words - they are instantly the wonder and imagery that flows through you - and that we, still here, can see evidence of in the rainbow-lit sky, the silver lined clouds, and the unreproducible crystalline playground of jolly-swaying snowflakes! Margo, may I have the next dance?

Carol Young

25 mars , 2020

I first met Margo at First Unitarian Church. When I think of her, I see her smiling, her eyes dancing. I remember her entry into the annual fall retreat talent show at Robbers' Cave State Park. She "brought down the house" with her dancing. She was a loving, sweet and pure soul--I am glad to have known her. You're dancing across the rainbow bridge now, Margo..♥️

Carol Young

25 mars , 2020

I remember Margo from First Unitarian Church. When I think of her, I see her smiling , her eyes dancing--whether at church or at Robbers' Cave, the annual fall church retreat back then. She was such a pure and sweet soul and I am glad to have known her. You've danced across the rainbow bridge, Margo, and left us behind. ❤

Randy Belford

25 mars , 2020

Margo, a rare and beautiful soul, shared and anointed with her light and spirit, everyone who knew her and who worked and played with her. We are better off for having had her in our lives.

KC Ortega

25 mars , 2020

Margo was my friend. She always told me when I walked in the room “Hello my friend!” and gave me a warm hug.
I learned so much from her, dancing with her for so many years and taking in her poetry. Her mind was like no other, her thoughts so unique and beautiful. We will continue to carry her spirit with us every time we dance.
I love you Margo.


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