Emilie Ann Fleming

30 novembre 19416 octobre 2021

Emilie is preceded in death by her brothers, Jimmy and David. She is survived by her children, Dean (Theresa), JoLynn (Kenny), and David; sister, Susie (Charlie); and numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, relatives and friends.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations are suggested to Saving Grace Perishable Food Rescue: https://savinggracefoodrescue.org/


  • Visitation

    jeudi, 14 octobre , 2021

  • Memorial Service

    jeudi, 14 octobre , 2021


Emilie Ann Fleming


David Willard

14 octobre , 2021

I can count on 1 hand the number of people I have known in my life that would never say anything derogatory about another person. Emilie was one of them. Some folks prop themselves up through putting others down, not Em. She was always one to have empathy for those who deserved it. She always lead with her heart. I will miss her.

Timothy Baker

14 octobre , 2021

Em was a child of love, laughter and music. I can't think of one time that she wasn't smiling. Her passing was a shock to me..... i really thought she was younger than what is stated.

I have and will continue to say prayers of ease and comfort for her family and friends. Nothing can fill the void of her passing. But i will think of an extra star added to the heavens.

Mark Houston

12 octobre , 2021

Emilie was always a loving and sweet person, her demeanor was always gentle and loving. Some people you know are always just angelic, she was and still is certainly an Angelic being. I do believe we are a spirit having a human experience and when we leave our beingness just transitions to non-physical. Over the many years, we interacted she was always a wonderful person. She was loving and supportive understanding and would listen. I'm sure she Helped Vivian and me with a listening ear as we raised our family and were trying to figure out things. I will always think of her with love and fondness, a beautiful being to celebrate a great life here and now an easier life in eternity! Love and hugs to all her family and friends! Mark

Bruce Jpohnson

11 octobre , 2021

Emilie was a wonderful friend. Loved her dearly.. We had a lot of laughs and I will miss her very much...My condolences go out to her family and her friends.

cindy goering

10 octobre , 2021

emilie was one of the kindest person i have ever known my heart is heavy she brought laughter and love into my life she will be forever be remembered by me all my life may the angels watch over and may she have eternal peace my sympathy to her family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pearl Sorensen

10 octobre , 2021

Emilie was like a big sister to me in my teen years. She thought me things that a young girl needs to know while growing up. Love you!

Rest in peace.

Nancy Mandolfo

9 octobre , 2021

Emilie was the fun Mom that welcomed you into her family and became your friend. I had the privilege of meeting Emilie through her son Dave and we became great friends. She was always interested in hearing about your life. She loved her children and wanted to know they were happy and safe. I will miss our lengthy phone conversations and our girl get togethers when we shared favorite foods and great times together. You'll be missed by many, Emilie. Sincerely, Nancy Mandolfo

Denny Dillon

9 octobre , 2021

I love Emilie.

My condolences to her family.