Joanne Nichelson Massey

27 juillet 195310 juin 2021

Joanne Nichelson Massey est né(e) le 27 juillet 1953 et est décédé(e) le 10 juin 2021 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Cook-Walden/Capital Parks Funeral Home.

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Joanne Nichelson Massey


Jackie McCulley

24 juin , 2021

JoAnne was my best friend, my mentor and part of my family. My family, from my husband to our children, all loved and respected her. Me and my whole family would have done anything for JoAnne…she was our JoAnne 😊.

Dear friend, you have left a big hole in my heart and I will miss you forever. I loved our celebrations of thanksgiving, Christmas’s, birthdays and just us having dinner with our families and laugh, talk for our hours. For me it seemed that time flew when we were together and I just wanted to continue talking and laughing until wee hours of the night. I loved our lunches at the office with the huge sandwiches and our watermelon…I just loved our time together. I loved our long talks and your laugh always made laugh hard. I loved the gifs that you would text us… always cracked me up.

I loved when you straighten me out and the advice you gave me. Loved when you spoke truth to me, even if I didn’t want to hear it. I have watched you very closely over the years and the way you have conducted yourself and I have always tried to conduct myself in the same manner. I tried to be professional, caring, fair and honest like you. You taught me not to take myself so serious but just to chill and enjoy life. You my dear friend have been a blessing to me and my family and I will love and miss you dearly.

RIP sweetie (she hated pet names lol).

Mary Ellen Roche

22 juin , 2021

My heart goes out to all who knew and loved Joanne. As one of the House Supervisors at SMCA I appreciated her fairness and communication style as well as her wonderful sense of humor. I will miss talking with her. God bless and rest her soul. With love and condolences, Mary Ellen

Damaris Roulette

17 juin , 2021

JoAnne was a woman of limitless love for those who were around her. She did not mince her words and could be painfully honest - I loved that about her. She was no hugger, and so I made it a point to wrap her in two (one for hello and one for goodbye) every day when we still worked on site at Chevy Chase. She was witty, smart, sharp as a tack, and knew her stuff. She had had a rough year and I know she now rests in peace.
JoAnne's generosity was abounding. Kept us fed at the office, showered me with tons of baby stuff at my baby shower, and always always, had time to listen (though she handled fluff poorly lol! Just get straight to the point heheheh). I miss her terribly.
Even in death, you are still loved. Our circle will never be the same without you.
Rest easy.