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Denise Michelle Lowe

21 février , 19648 octobre , 2019

Denise Michelle Lowe est né(e) le 21 février , 1964 et est décédé(e) le8 octobre , 2019.


  • Memorial Service samedi, 19 octobre , 2019


Denise Michelle Lowe


Erica Gibson-Moreno

17 octobre , 2019

R.I.P. Denise. I attended school with Denise, Eric and Mark. Deepest condolences!

Francine Felix sword

12 octobre , 2019

Wow im sure there is a bunch of memories. All start with what I remember . Cousin denise she took care of me and my sisters cousin always made it fun for us. Expressly for me and my sister Stephanie i don't think my other 2 sister's were here yet. Denise was are baby sitter while my mom and dad work. When I was older denise and my aunt pat hung out alot wow we had so much fun the 3 of us. Lol one time we were in the car in front of my grandma and grandpa house not sure where we went we were laughing so much think pat was driving a police officer stopped and asked us if everything was ok. Denise said yes we are peachy keen officer grangerlol. The officer thought someone was having a medical condition lol. Im sure there is alot more exciting times im sure. All i can say is im going to miss cousin denise so much will always remember try to remember all the fun and exciting times we had. Cousin denise love you mucho and i will Cherish all the memories it's not good bye some day all see you on the other side Well not anytime soon but I will. Love you girly oh yeah she would call me mcfly lol

Molly Lowe

12 octobre , 2019

My foundest memory of Denise is the first time Eric introduced me to the family, November 2009, she whispered in my ear “you’re the one, he’s going to marry you”. And the rest is history.