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Lonnie Heath Olson

1 janvier , 19704 septembre , 2019
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Lonnie Heath Olson est né(e) le 1 janvier , 1970 à Phoenix, Arizona et est décédé(e) le 4 septembre , 2019 à Santa Ana, California.


  • Memorial Service mercredi, 18 septembre , 2019


Lonnie Heath Olson


Debbie Olson

17 septembre , 2019

Life is not the same without you. The sun still rises in the east and darkness falls at night but nothing now seems quite the same. Each day is not as bright.

The birds still sing, the flowers grow, the breeze still whispers too, but it will never, ever, be the same world without you.

It’s so sad that you had to go. Your leaving caused such pain, but you were so very special and earth’s loss is heaven’s gain.

I miss you my best friend. My cherished memories of us, I will hold close until we meet again.
In this life,

Andrew Hawkins

11 septembre , 2019

I had the privilege of working with Lon in Arizona. He could always light up the room. I've always looked forward to running into Lon and catching up right where we left off, no matter how long it had been. Lon was cheerful, genuine person whose company was impossible to not enjoy. Lonnie, you are missed.

Corey Quarshie

11 septembre , 2019

I first met Lon before the birth of my 2nd daughter in 2016 on the jobsite. It was myself, another co worker and Lon. It was a small job so between the three of us we had a close working relationship. Through conversations I got to know Lon a little more personally as he did I. He shared his wisdom with me about raising a daughter and how much of a privelage having a daughter is. I ended up working on a couple jobs with Lon since our first meeting but the last day we worked together on that first meeting, I can remember Lon leaving work early that Friday from California to Arizona and how excited he was to surprising his daughter and picking her up from school. The world was a better place with you Lon! Thank you for being a positive light!!

Lauren Webb

9 septembre , 2019

Uncle Lonnie, my favorite uncle. My earliest memories of you, you’d swoop me up, hug me and tell me how much you loved me. When you said it, I knew you meant it. Just like you said it the last time I saw you. You were such a genuine person. The life of the party. We were all lucky to have known you. We miss you greatly and will always remember the impact you had on each of us and the spark you gave this world. We love you.

David Hokanson

8 septembre , 2019

It would never do for God to live across the street,
Or in the house next door, where we should daily meet;
So in His wisdom and His love He sometimes sends
His angels kind to walk with us-we call them "friends."
Just friends-one word! But letters can express
A wealth of sympathy and pure unselfishness.
One syllable-a single breath can form it-friends,
Yet O how much our happiness on them depends!
When trouble comes, or loss, when grief is ours to bear,
They come, our friends, with words of cheer, our load to share,
How could we face defeat without a friend's caress? Had we no friends to praise, how bare would be success!
It is not God's plan that we shall see Him face to face, Yet He would hedge us in with His abounding grace,
And so His messengers of love to earth He sends,
They're angels, but we know it not, and call them "Friends."

Kayla Dils

7 septembre , 2019

I only met Lonnie in person once, but have been friends with Debbie, his amazing wife, for 6 years.

Debby and I bonded quickly due to a number of factors, including working together and both having husbands that traveled for work. We would walk and have coffee on our work breaks and discuss, among other things, where our husbands were traveling that week. We don’t work together anymore, but find time to meet for coffee and pick up our conversation where we left off the previous time we got together.

Over the last 6 years, from the conversations Debbie and I have had, my impression of Lonnie was that of a man that was just plain good and unwaveringly devoted to his wife and children. I felt Lonnie’s love for his family through Debbie’s words, and pray it continues to give them comfort and strength. I believe it’s what that good man would want.

Wesley Ozment

7 septembre , 2019

Doesn't seem real, but you were a hell of an Uncle. Couldn't ask for better, we didn't talk as much as we should have but always seem to pick up where we left off. Love you Uncle Lonnie.

Kevin Shriver

7 septembre , 2019

Lon Olson, I am proud to say that you are my friend.
I know a thousand men but can call few Friend.
You have helped me often and taught me many things.
We have done the same job, although you have done it better.
We have shared our successes and our frustrations.
We have gone into battle side by side and emerged victorious.
Lonnie, you went on ahead too soon, there is no fairness in that.
When your comrades gather we will celebrate your life and make toasts in your honor.
I'll call you when I land, Brother.

Bonnie Lunzer

7 septembre , 2019

I first met Lonnie in 2009 at a safety training session in our Phoenix office. He stood out as a caring, fun guy, with a smile that twinkled in his eyes. As a safety person, most see me as so serious, but Lonnie knew I was a big softie. Over the years I looked forward to seeing him at the annual meetings so I could get a bear hug. He made us all feel like a big family.

Bethany Morin (Sanders)

7 septembre , 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Lonnie for 2.5 years and he forever left a imprint on my heart. He was a one of a kind, easy going guy with a big heart and was dedicated to taking care of his family and always giving 110% to his work. Every time he spoke with me about his daughter, the love for her shinned through each word. He loved her so very much.

When I was going through preterm labor last October/November he checked in on me almost everyday of the week to make sure I was doing ok. He didn’t have to do that but he did because he cared.

Work is not the same without him and he is missed terribly. I hope he knew how much his friendship meant to me. I pray that one day I will be able to see him again. 🙏🏻

Rest easy Lonnie 💙