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Maria T. Gonzalez

12 janvier , 19743 mai , 2019

Maria T. Gonzalez est né(e) le 12 janvier , 1974 et est décédé(e) le3 mai , 2019.


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Maria T. Gonzalez


Cindy Gonzalez

8 mai , 2019

My Sweet Angel,

I miss you already! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be your sister-in-law, for being such an awesome wife to my brother, and for the opportunity to care for you during your illness! Our time was not enough! I miss your smile, laugh, and pep talks. I wish I coulda done more to keep you here with us on earth.

Rest In Peace my beautiful Angel you deserve it! Shine your light down and protect me from the unknowns. I know we will talk often and will see each other soon!

I love you so much!

Your sis always! 😘

Victoria Gonzales

7 mai , 2019

Maria you became one of my closest friends and sister in Christ. We grew close together as our kids attended school together. We battled the school system, PTO, and you even became a school board member. You are the best treasurer! You made positive and impactful changes for our children and community at Riverside Elementary District.

You found a deeper appreciation and love for God your Father as you faced your challenges and victories in life. We had fun times together and supported each other in those difficult ones with lots of hugs and prayers. Whether we were near or far we always made it a point to stay connected and meet up.

During your last years we became prayer warriors, praying for your health. I am missing you so much already and can’t imagine life without you. I know that you are in the arms of our creator Jesus Christ. You are in a better place without any pain or suffering. I wait for the day to see you again and live a life of peace, joy, and laughter with you in heaven.

I am so blessed and honored that God created you and that I was able to call you my friend. I will always hold you in my heart and cherish our memories. Till we see each other again, mi Amiga, love you forever! ❤️💐

Raesha Cartagena

7 mai , 2019

I remember traveling to San Diego for my best friend’s wedding and almost missing my flight. Jose and Maria were at SeaWorld that day with the family and they FaceTime me and said, “We are so happy your coming, just relax and we’ll see you in a few hours!” When I got there I was received so warmly, especially by Maria who hugged me and said “Glad you’re here”. It was that moment I knew my best friend had found a wonderful woman who loved and cherished him. As I shared at their wedding, “You start this journey not knowing what to expect, but you are hopeful your life together will be without regret. The certainty is that you said yes....to look, listen, laugh and learn, for all that you have to experience hasn’t happened yet.” “ But through life’s trials and tribulations, your love will be your constant...as that kind of certainty only comes around once in a lifetime” For what it is worth, your time together is like the wind, it may not be able to see it, but knowing you both existed for that one moment in time, will last forever. Like a walk to remember along the beach....it stays with you!!!! God bless you Maria for loving my best friend as he loved you and your family, who will miss you always. Know you will be with all of us as our journey continues with the blessing of your loving spirit!!!!

Jose & Cathy Gonzalez

5 mai , 2019

To our "Preciousa" Daughter In-law Maria:

We didn't have enough time to do all the wonderful things we had talked about. Its so unfair that you came into our lives so quickly and left us before we had the chance.

Having you in the family has been so wonderful and changed our lives in the most remarkable way.   What a blessing that you are our daughter in-law forever.

We know God has a special purpose for you.  No words can describe how much you are loved and will be missed.

Amor Siempre - Pops & Cathy

Vivian Daniel

5 mai , 2019

Maria was always so welcoming and always making jokes. Never saw her sad even when she was at her lowest, she stayed strong throughout her toughest months. Every time I would go over to Ales house it was always fun, she asked if we wanted to go eat or order food & just watch movies all together. I loved being at her house. Her energy was just so inviting. They always made me feel part of their family, never once did I feel left out. Ive never been this close to anyone’s family before, and they for sure felt like a second family for me. One of my favorite moments w ale & her family was the quince photo shoot.. being there to fix ales dress or help Maria w anything she needed and just being a part of her special day. She was so happy that day, I never once saw her without a smile. I remember her always telling ale things to get her mad but deep down I knew ale loved when she’d make her sarcastic comments. I’ve never met someone so genuine and down to earth like Maria. God really blessed me with bringing Alejandra and her family into my life.. I couldn't have asked for a better second mom. Not only was she an amazing person she created a beautiful daughter with a huge heart and two sons with just as big hearts. I promise to always care for Alejandra as my sister and to always have her best at heart. Maria’s in a better place with God in heaven, finally resting after all the pain and suffering. Rest In Peace to a beautiful soul, much love ❤️