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Mark Todd Poole

6 avril , 19791 octobre , 2019

Mark T. Poole, 40, passed away at his home in Redding, California on October 1, 2019. Mark was born April 6 in Wichita, Kansas to Gary L. and Susan K. (Shaw) Poole and was lovingly referred to as “Marky” by his family growing up. He graduated in the class of 1997 from Milan C-2 High School in Missouri. After high school, Mark proudly served his Nation for seven years in the United States Marine Corps. He completed boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, CA and became a combat engineer. Mark attended several advanced courses where he excelled in his career field, receiving multiple Letters of Commendation and advancing to the rank of Sergeant. In 2002, Mark was chosen to be a Close Combat Instructor and achieved his Green Belt. In 2003, he deployed to Okinawa, Japan, highlighted by a training evolution at the base of Mount Fuji. He was honorably discharged in June of 2004 from Camp Pendleton, CA. After his military service he worked mainly in the construction industry. He was formerly employed by Olson’s Concrete and most recently at Hughes Construction in Redding, CA. Mark will be especially missed by his three children: Savannah A. Poole (age 19), Luke L. Poole (age 9), and Paul M. Poole (age 4). Savannah will always remember her dad as the man that could do anything he set his mind to; even build an airplane if he wanted. She will remember how loving he was and the way he had a big impact on everyone he met. She will miss her dad deeply but hold him in her heart forever. Luke will remember his dad as the greatest, always being there for him and willing to help others. He knows his dad will still be watching his every practice and game. To Paul his dad will always be his superhero and says now that his heart is bigger than everyone else’s as he has his daddy in it. Mark will be lovingly remembered by his family including his parents, Susan and Steve Riker; his paternal grandparents, Chuck and Kay Poole; sisters Kim (Poole) Havens and her husband Cory, Jennifer (Poole) Tisone and her husband Tom; brothers Seth Riker, Stephen Riker and his wife Joy; sisters Sarah Riker and Shelby Riker. He was preceded in death by his father, Gary Lewis Poole, and maternal grandparents, Emery Earl and Janine Joy Shaw. In lieu of flowers, the family has established a memorial fund for Mark’s children. Contributions can be made online at https://everloved.com/life-of/mark-poole/ Burial scheduled for Monday, October 28th at 2:00 pm at Northern California Veteran's Cemetery, 11800 Gas Point Road, Igo, CA 96047 to be followed by a Celebration of Life Service at 3:30 at Lawncrest Chapel.


  • Committal Service lundi, 28 octobre , 2019
  • Celebration of Life lundi, 28 octobre , 2019


Mark Todd Poole


Jordan Head

30 octobre , 2019

Part 2 commencing.... Another time would be a family gathering at the Riker haaacienda. Which is portuguese for "french house". Google it. There was definitely music. Probably a little booze. I believe a live band in the gazalle by the garage. I remember going out back to the drive way to smoke during all the music and festivitals and i found that the driveway was already occupied by Marky. This man, had a beer in his hand, the tightest jeans i never want to see on a man again, and he was boogeying to the music BY HIMSELF. I don't think i have ever seen a muscle totin' 6 foot 95 toned stone fella move like that in my life. Not even white girls im the 80s did moves he was doing and it was the same over and over like they didn't progress. He was stuck dancing this loop which reminded me of Chris Penn from Footloose when he was learning to dance. He didn't even acknowledge i was there for all i know. But that definitely stuck with me. I also vaguely remember him catching Seth Stephen and myself watching south park and him saying "South Park? Right on. Hey don't let Susan catch you." I know he touched and was a bigger part in many more lives but those are the few i have to share. He will definitely be missed but we all still love him and will keep him in our hearts and minds. And as long as i can speak i can always retell EVERY SINGLE WORD I JUST SAID TO KEEP REMEMBERING those preciously weird memories. Love you Marky. Aaaaand *exhale*

Steve Evers

23 octobre , 2019

Mark Poole, what a great man. What a great friend, father, co-worker, teacher, brother. Mark had taught me so much in life about many parts of life. We have worked many jobs together and if it wasn't for Mark's input and presence, those jobs wouldn't have gone the way they went. We have spent many days and nights outside of work together that were absolutely unforgettable and if it wasn't for Mark, those memories wouldn't be what they are. I'm going to miss you brother, tremendously. I love you Mark, may we meet again one day.

Jordan Reed

22 octobre , 2019

They say the good always die young, he was more than good, Mark was the best. A pillar of strength and unmatched character. I had the pleasure of meeting mark two years ago. I worked with him every day for the last six months. He was sharp as they come, driven, and most of all dedicated to his job, and expected no less than perfect. At first he drove me nuts over how maticules he was about certain details and how hard he tried get us all on the same page making little things like reber on Dobie's and not hanging off his perfectly hung form boards I used to giggle alot watching him try so hard not to explode on us. Some of the things most people ignore that will never be seen by man again buried forever in cement didn't really matter he wanted it to look good I didn't know much about set up. Instead of getting frustrated or fed up, like any normal person in the concrete world Mark had an extreme amount of patience. He took me under his wing and decided he was going to teach me the only way to set up, his way lol. And I tested him alot. He never cracked. It didn't take long for me to see why he did what he does. We became really close friends and I began to open myself up and ready my mind to soak up as much as I could. What he possessed was pure and simple gratenes, I want you to know Mark, your my biggest inspiration yet. You have changed my life forever. I love you with all my heart bro and I want you to know that everything that drove me nuts is now a battle to protect and always will be my goal to keep and build off of and to pass on. Thank you for being you, brother I miss you man. I'll never come close to being half the man you were. You gave me inspiration to be twice the man I was, and Ten times the man I could only hope to be. You will never be forgotten. Love Your friend always and forever. J.W.R.

Dan Heichel

17 octobre , 2019

When I checked in to 1stCEB As a boot PFC Mark decided to take me to get haircuts, fixed my car (he and Josh Bruce), introduce me to everyone, and generally ensured I was doing the right thing. He was a Marine I looked to for help and he’d have the answers. Mark was a great Marine and an even better person.

Gary McCullar

16 octobre , 2019

I was Mark’s platoon commander back in 1999 at 1st CEB in Camp Pendleton. He was a tremendous Marine, great American, and one heck of a combat engineer. Mark always had a positive attitude, knew his job and worked exceptionally hard. To say that he was highly respected is an understatement. You will be missed Mark. Semper Fidelis Marine!

CPT Shane Dayley

16 octobre , 2019

I remember Mark’s first day in the fleet when I was selected to help to in-process into 2nd Plt, Bco, 1st CEB. He later became my roommate for a stint where we hung out, talked about our families back home, and became friends. Mark was a outstanding man, Marine, NCO, friend, and had outstanding qualities to become a great father which it looks like was true. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and he is greatly missed.

Kristi (Shaw) Head

16 octobre , 2019

When Marky was about 2 years old, he, his Mom, and 2 sisters where making a trip from Oklahoma to Milan, Mo. where my parents ( Papaw & Grandma) were most anxiously awaiting their arrival ( my Mom & Dad so loved their grandchildren) once happily joined together,( after what seemed to have been an extremely long journey for a 2 yr old boy), with tired little shoulders slouching, Marky walked (ever so slowly) looked up to his Papaw and said "Phew, I need a tup of toffee" !! translation"Phew I need a cup of coffee"!! You can only imagine the burst of laughter they shared !
My Dad absolutely loved telling that story and I know he would have wanted me to share it with you. Aunt Kristi

Kristi Head

13 octobre , 2019

My heart aches for all that had the privilege of knowing and loving Marky. Such a beautiful young man !
I can only find comfort in knowing that he is now in the presence of our Heavenly Father and sweetly surrounded by our loved ones already there. Marky will be missed here every day until next we meet on streets of gold where all our tears are wiped away !
My love and prayers to all

Savannah Poole

12 octobre , 2019

Julie Van Vleet

11 octobre , 2019