Marilyn Faye Ross

14 décembre 19373 mai 2021

Marilyn Faye Ross est né(e) le 14 décembre 1937 et est décédé(e) le 3 mai 2021 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Wasatch Lawn Mortuary.

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Marilyn Faye Ross


Sheryl Groneman

7 mai , 2021

I just heard about Marilyn's passing. It's funny, I had been thinking so much about her recently, earlier this week in fact! When I spoke to my Mom yesterday (Janis = JoAnn Tolman's Sister ... JoAnn being my Aunt) & she mentioned that JoAnn had sat with Marilyn in her room for awhile. I said, "now, how did that happen, unless Marilyn somehow got herself moved over to be in the same facility as JoAnn?"
Which apparently is what must have happened.... which would have been such a blessing for Marilyn particularly as I know how much she truly wanted them to move to the same facility years ago, I know she has missed her dear friend since they lived at the Brickyard.
I too loved visiting with Marilyn myself, at the Brickyard when I would come over weekly to see my Aunt JoAnn & I would enjoy having Dinner with them on Thursday evenings. Often I would even stop and help Marilyn at her apartment with a couple of things on occasions.
Marilyn has such a good heart she sure loved her Family & Friend's as well as her Kitties! She loved to bake treats but more so loved sharing them!
If there is any Obituary or Service, I'd love to attend in the place of my Aunt JoAnn, or be able at least to print a copy of the obituary to take to her. I know she loved and appreciated their special Friendship!