Wauneva Irene Benson

27 octobre 194218 octobre 2018

Wauneva Irene Benson est né(e) le 27 octobre 1942 et est décédé(e) le 18 octobre 2018 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Johnson's Funeral Home.

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Wauneva Irene Benson


Sherri Zesch

29 novembre , 2018

I have know Geneva for many years thru Working with the City of San Angelo. She would stop by to visit and always had a smile on her face. After I retired I would see her in the downtown area and stop to check on her. I always gave her money or food and she was always very appreciative and never complained of circumstances. She always remembered me and asked about my boss Travis Johnson., which had been 20 years ago. My latest memory was at Wal Greens when she was buying cards for one of her children or grand children and she glowed telling me. Geneva will be missed by many whose hearts she touched. I missed the article in the paper and was told of it by another friend today. She s at peace now. God bless her family .

Kay Womack

23 novembre , 2018

I met Wauneva in 1998. She was sitting in the lobby of the Sherwood Group of Alcoholics Anonymous drinking coffee. Although she was homeless, battling mental illness, addiction and, at times, cruel and judgemental individuals, she reached out in kindness and helped me feel welcomed.
I am honored to have known Wauneva Irene Benson well enough to call her my friend. She was an amazing woman.

Violet Rivas

7 novembre , 2018

Wauneva was a regular customer when i worked downtown 2nd look consignment shop. It was always a pleasure to see her trying on clothes. My husband and i fed her a couple of times. Wauvena i heard about you passing on in life,. I will remember you my friend. Comfort and Peace for your Family and grandchildren. Heard you use to cheer at your son's games. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. God Bless you.

Judith Sasser(Zapata)

4 novembre , 2018

I remember Wauneva as a very lovely woman who loved God very much and was a sweet neighbor who raised 3 beautiful children. She had a winning smile and warm laugh when visiting. She will be missed by all. I pray that you will bless her children and grandchildren and comfort them at this time of loss.

Mae Whaley

30 octobre , 2018

Miss Eva was always welcome at the library downtown. When spoken to, her face would light up like a light bulb.