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Mr Sebastian Richard Uccello

Né(e) 8 mars 1946

Born Sebastian Richard, his life was filled with love from the moment he was born until he took God’s hand in peace, to begin his journey home.

Richard had a great passion and joy for the things he loved in life. He was a gentle soul. He was a gifted athlete, running track and cross country in high school and Boston University, lettering at both. Rich loved math from an early age and went on to receive his CPA after graduating BU. He also loved collecting baseball cards, coins and music...he would always know the title and who sang it!

We were married on November 21, 1970. It was an exciting day for us, a beautiful day for our families and friends to share in our love that would last nearly 50 years.

Working in the corporate world, Rich became VP of Finance for Vacation Resorts International, in Hyannis, MA it was there his life was interrupted with the diagnosis of Parkinson disease. He continued to work there for a few years taking an early retirement. Richard was so brave he fought this disease with courage and conviction. He was a fighter. He was loved by all who knew him there. Rich joined both a golf and bowling league. It gave him much joy and he gained many wonderful friends along the way. In the final few years living in the Sagamore Beach house, we kept to a lovely routine going to breakfast at Friendly's for breakfast for his sunny side up eggs. That I couldn't make and shopping at the market place. Rich always kept in touch with close high school friends. Later in our married life, the friendships continued but as couples. We came together many times throughout the years even in 2019!

Rich loved watching sports especially when the Yankees played the Red Sox. More than anything though, he was so proud when he watched his children Lauren and Richie playing their sports, cheering them on with the VHS recording every moment. And of course, the many ballet recitals were recorded.

Besides a loving wife, Rich leaves his loving sister, Marie Mullady of Barkhamsted, CT, two adoring children, a daughter, Lauren Caulkins and her husband Bob of Rochester, MA, and a son, Richard Peter Uccello of Boston, MA, four beautiful grandchildren, Miley and Morgan Uccello and Madelyn and Rowan Caulkins and sister-in-laws Lorraine Keane of Marshfield, MA, Jane Enos of Wakefield, RI and her husband Gary, brother-in-law Patrick Keane and his wife Kathy of Virginia as well as many wonderful cousins, nieces, nephews and many special friends.

A visitation will be held 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at the Nickerson-Bourne Funeral Home 154 Route 6A Sandwich followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at 11:00 a.m. at Corpus Christi Parish 324 Quaker Meeting House Road East Sandwich.

I must acknowledge herein the blessed gift of Cranberry Hospice when they came into our lives for all the loving care and comfort. He looked forward to their visits and enjoyed the comfort and personal care like having his own personal spa treatments. And also, to Tracy, his private aide, who loved and cared for Richard for over 3 years, bringing not only expert care but the joy it gave Richard eating the wonderful meals and companionship.

In lieu of flowers please make donations to the Parkinson's Foundation and/or the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Richard's name.

Written with a heart full of love,

Your Nancy


  • Visitation

    mercredi, 22 juillet , 2020

  • Mass of Christian Burial

    mercredi, 22 juillet , 2020


Mr Sebastian Richard Uccello


Patrick Keane

30 juillet , 2020

At 73, details are hard to remember sometimes, but time does not take away what you know about a friend and brother in law.
I knew him well. He was a calm quiet person with a true old world Italian personality. If you took him for granted he would surprise you every time. He was dedicated to my sister and family. He was cheerful and did what he had to do. When he lost his job, he worked with me on a very tall building in Wareham, not happy about heights but went up with us, knees sometimes shaking, but cheerful and did his job well. He had a wit about him that we all loved. He was kind, but not a pushover. He very much cared for people and had few vices if any. My crew was kinda rough, not from the same neighborhood as Rich lets say, and they wondered if I had lost my marbles taking Rich on the highest residential building ever built in Wareham Ma. They became great friends with Rich after a while, and showed him the respect he deserved. Rich was like that, he treated everyone with respect, and earned it back. Stories....

I remember a time when we visited Nancy and Rich in Newington Conn. They had a very nice place and he worked at New Brittan Machine. Nancy and Rich were like a couple out of Vogue magazine. They were young and much in love. I knew Nancy had chosen well, he was a nice man and he adored her. I think that never changed.
On a funnier note, Rich had a new Toyota that he was very proud of, which I thought was junk, but he turned out to be right. It seems some 15 years later we towed it to the junk yard. But back then, Brian was a toddler, and while we were there, the men were sent on a mission of some sort. While driving home, Brian threw up all over Richards new car, he was furious. I think it said something for his future vehicles. I guess I would say Rich was never in love with vehicles after that. (continued....)

Patrick Keane

30 juillet , 2020

(Continued from last post....) When they returned to MA and bought the front cottage, they decided to remodel it. This was going to be a big task, and everyone pitched in.This was probably the most fun we ever had as a family together. All of us on weekends working on the cottage was a great adventure . We worked hard and partied hard. There were so many stories , I can't remember them. Eventually I got inquiries into work which led to me starting in on the cape.
Richard although not having carpentry skills was eager and willing and together with Jimmie, and Ron, we had many a laugh.
Rich faced adversity bravely. He cut his hand on the table saw and it was gruesome. He carried on. He faced type one diabetes and kept on. He got Parkinson's and kept on. A brave man. I am not sure I could have endured all that. While thinking of that, Cathy reminded me of the day she, Mom, Nancy and Rich went antiquing in Arcadia Fl. While he struggled with his Parkinsons, he gallantly assisted as the gentleman he always was. She remembers Rich helping Mom , holding doors, trying as best he could to be the person he always was.

I feel I need to say to Richard Peter, he never gave up on you, no matter what, he always loved you. To Lauren, you will always be his little princess, I do not think you ever disappointed him. Just like like your Dad, you were a star in sports, got good grades, went to a great school, and created a beautiful family of your own. You are so much like him, to see you reminds us of him. To my sister, I miss you and regret many of the things that kept us apart. I feel your pain I wish I could do more.

I am privileged, he made my life better by his presence , he never lost his wit. I miss those times, I miss him.

Barbara and Don DeRosa

28 juillet , 2020

Dear Nancy and Family,
We were so sad to hear of the loss of our dear friend, Rich. We were friends in Newington when our kids were little and Don and Rich worked at New Britain Machine. They shared many good times on the golf course and at the Mancini’s house afterwards. Our kids loved each other and Nancy and I were like sisters. Rich was a true gentle man with a great sense of humor. He was my best customer for my stuffed shells and meatballs. He made everyone feel special because he was truly interested in his friends and remembered what things were important to them. We will keep him in our hearts forever.

Ailton Ribeiro

23 juillet , 2020

I was so sorry to hear about your father’s passing. I know this is a very sad and difficult time for you and your family. You have my very deepest sympathy.


Lauren Caulkins

21 juillet , 2020

I have so many wonderful memories of my father. My father was not a big fan of the beach, yet he bought a house at Sagamore with my mother and created wonderful memories there with our family and his friends. My father had a soft spot for 80s rock especially Aerosmith which still makes me giggle. Although a diabetic early on in life, he always had a sweet tooth; whether it was black licorice, strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream, rum cake, cannolis or donuts, he loved it all! And he loved all of us in his own quiet way. I have fond memories of my father standing on the sidelines of just about all of my field hockey games. He was my #1 fan. And being such a hardworking man, he'd return to the office after the game to finish his work. My father loved his work! But not as much as he loved watching sports. We would often debate who would win the World Series and I have a wonderful memory of going to a game with him at Yankee Stadium! As you know, my father was an athlete. And he shared his love of golf with me after I came home from college. He thought I would pick up the game quickly because of my experience with field hockey. I remember him teaching me how to play at Holly Ridge. It's not an easy game!
It takes patience and he had a lot of it. Not everyone had a chance to see it, but my father had a silly side. He had a great sense of humor. In addition, to golf and bowling, my father was a big fan of the game show Jeopardy and I can remember watching it with him as he'd challenge himself to answers as many questions correctly as he could. In his later years, my father was a fighter. Parkinson's Disease has been hard on him, but I'm sure it won't surprise you to know that he did not give up easily. And I tried my best to support him the way he always supported me. My father has taught me so much - oftentimes without even saying a word. From him, I have learned about strength, bravery, determination, and most of all, how to love.

David Gustafson

21 juillet , 2020

I have many good memories of cousin Richard going back to the early 60's on Fairwood Farms Drive, and I always looked forward to going to see Aunt Connie and Uncle Santo; and visiting with Rich and Marie. Rich was 10 years older than me, I looked up to him, and remember being very impressed with his coin collection; very soon after I decided to start my own collection. I also recall watching Yankee games with him on the black and white set on their porch.....my allegiance to the Red Sox did not matter! We had many great times also on Branford Street at my Grandma's, his Aunt Josephine; it was a house full of activity in the late 60's, in the years when Aunt Ann was Mayor! Later, when I graduated college in '78, with a degree in accounting, Rich was the first one I turned to for advice on which Big 8 firm to work for. So many good things to remember ....we are a close and loving family; and I hope very soon we can see each other, and I can give a real hug to Nancy, and Marie, and the (grown) kids and grand kids. But for now, please accept this virtual hug. We will miss Rich so much; we are thankful for the times we shared with him, ........we send our love and prayers........ from Russ and Carmela and David and Jacqui.

Tom Murray

21 juillet , 2020

The Uccello Family;

I was very sadden to hear of Rich's passing. I worked with Rich back in the 80's, when I was the Credit Mgr. at Packaging Industries and he was in charge of Finance Dept. there as well. He was an Awesome boss to work with and we shared many laughs over the years there. I lost touch with Rich but ran into him at BJ's a few years ago still with that sense of humor. My condolence's to your family. Rich was one of the good guys you meet in life.

Tina-Marie Fallon

21 juillet , 2020

Nancy, Marie & family -

On behalf of my father and our family, sending you heartfelt condolences and prayers. What a beautifully written tribute to Richard. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.


Tina Fallon and family

David Hopkins

21 juillet , 2020

Nancy and Lauren,

Our hearts are with you all. Mr Uccello was a great man and has left a great legacy in you all. We are praying for you all

David Hopkins and Family

ann woods

20 juillet , 2020

So sorry for your loss. I worked at one of the resorts. When he came there he was always so friendly with all the staff. He was missed when he retired. Again very sorry for your loss