Mark Victor Spillane

12 septembre 19603 juillet 2020

Mark Victor Spillane est né(e) le 12 septembre 1960 et est décédé(e) le 3 juillet 2020 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Robert Toale and Sons Funeral Home - Wiegand Chapel.

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Mark Victor Spillane


Rita Alenciks

16 juillet , 2020

To the family of Mark....
I am deeply saddened that this place we call home, has taken a beautiful soul from our presence.

A memory I have of Mark... He had Recovery Bible he had shared with me many years ago.

Mark read to me JOHN 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whomever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Thank you God...
For the gift of Mark in our lives. We are here for a short while, and Mark has left me with many memories of happiness and sadness. This is life!
Mark will be with me, in my heart forever!
I look forward to the day I see you again, my dear friend.

Your Forever Friend,

Dan Lipowski

15 juillet , 2020

My condolences to the entire Splitt family.

Anne Cannon

15 juillet , 2020

Dear Uncle Vic, Aunt Elaine, Corey, Brad, Sarah, Grant, Ben, and Jake,
Words alone cannot express how deeply sorry we (James, our kids, and I) are for you all. Mark touched all of our lives in a special way and he will be greatly missed. A kinder-hearted person does not exist. Whenever we visited Florida, Mark made a point to visit us and he was genuinely interested in all of our lives. He had a gift of making you feel like his time with you was the most important thing to him. He was so warm and welcoming and our SK visits will never be the same. He was so intelligent, insightful, and emotionally connected and his smile and humor could light up a room (or the beach!). His regular, thoughtful calls to Aunt Tess and my dad meant so much to them. His gentle nature left the world a better place and I'm/we're so grateful and honored to have known him. Rest easy, cousin.
Anne, James, Tess, Charlie, and Beth

Eileen Carrigan

10 juillet , 2020

To the friends and family of Mark....my sympathies. Mark was one of the first people I met when moving to Sarasota twenty years ago and I will forever remember him as an icon of Siesta Key.

Mark was gracious, happy and kind....he will be missed. Rest in peace, Mark.

Beth Hennessy (Splitt)

8 juillet , 2020

Uncle Vic, Aunt Elaine, Brad, and Sarah
I was so deeply saddened to hear of Mark’s passing.
Growing up so close to your family has provided many happy memories.
I vividly recall Mark’s impromptu visits that ultimately ended in a ping pong match with my Dad. I always loved the special bond he had with my Dad.
Mark had a genuine interest. He always took the time to ask about my kids and how I was doing. His caring way and warm smile will be missed.
My heart goes out to you all, and as soon as we are able, I want to hug each of you.
Much love

Shelley Castans

8 juillet , 2020

I was so sorry to hear about Mark. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Shelley Schultz Castans

Tim Rieckmann

7 juillet , 2020

Vic, Elaine, Corey, Brad and Sarah.

I was very surprised to hear of Mark’s passing and very sorry for your loss. On a recent visit to Dallas , Brad and I had called Mark to touch base. Though we hadn’t talked in awhile, he always had a way of making me feel that it was just yesterday. What comes to mind when thinking of Mark were the off the cuff, anecdotal stories , and quips he would come up with. Often times leaving me either shaking my head or laughing until my gut hurt. His calm and carefree demeanor will be missed.

Rest In Peace, Mark.

All of you are in our prayers.

Tim & Stacey Rieckmann

Mark Pisoni

7 juillet , 2020

Dear Vic, Elaine, Corey, Brad and Sarah,

I don't now how to start or express the sadness I am feeling, Mark
was not just a Neighbor. He is a brother, roommate, best friend and the Best Man at my wedding. I have more stories and memories that still bring tears and laughter to my face. I never felt like just "the neighbor kid" but truly a part of your family.

One of the funny stories is when Mark and was living in Wheaton on Dorechester . We had the brilliant idea to watch the 4th of July fireworks from the roof. We fond a rickety old ladder and propped it up against the side of house and proceeded to climb up to the roof with a case of beer. It was a great view, but hours later we were not in the best shape to be climbing down. Laughing and some time later we safely made it back to solid ground.

Everyone who new Mark quickly felt his compassion for friends and family. We always had a great time and many laughs, he made everyone feel special. Miles apart he would always ask about the family and our friendship never wavered. I will miss reminiscing of how we ever made it out of our twenties and the greatest friend &
brother I could ever have had.

Mark will always be in my heart and the fondest of memories.

Rest in peace my Brother,

Mark Pisoni & Family

Randy Shaw

7 juillet , 2020

I recently was talking with Mark. We were reminiscing about Siesta Key. We talked about the recent past, the great times we had, the people that made it a better place (Casey, Amy) as well as others..Mark had a smile inside that he shared with everyone he met. This is a true loss. I will miss him like no other.

Jeff Schultz

7 juillet , 2020

Vic, Elaine, Corey, Brad, and Sarah,

I am so sorry for your loss. You were like my second family when I was growing up and Brad was my best friend. I can only thank you so much for all you did for me. The numerous memories of Mark wrestling Brad and me; chasing us all over the yard; chasing me around the family room table when I told him his arm muscles were robin’s eggs; and of course Mark driving the RV 90 mph when my mom and sisters went to Florida with you after my dad passed away. Mark had a huge heart, loyalty to his family, and was always in my corner growing up in Lemont. Mark always put a smile on my face when I saw him and he made whomever was around feel good. Mark will be deeply missed and made a positive impact on my life growing up. All I can say is “Mark you did it your way and thank you for being you.”

God Bless all of you!!


Jeff Schultz