Randy James ROBINSON

7 janvier 195722 décembre 2020

Randy James Robinson passed away at home on Tuesday, December 22, 2020, from complications of Type 1 diabetes, at the age of 63.

Randy is survived by his friend of over 30 years, and wife of 6 years, Lauren (Jassny). At their wedding in 2014 she said he was worth waiting for, and when they made their vows, it was clear that two long-independent souls had found their mates. He was a loving husband, encircling her with warmth and good humor, even when his health was failing. There was always a special quality to their love, like they each knew a secret that was only theirs.

Randy was born in Spokane, Washington and graduated from Whitman College in Walla Walla in 1979. Randy began his long banking career with Old National Bank in Spokane, which sent him to Olympia to lobby Senator Ray Moore on the ‘failing bank bill’ which passed in 1983. This rewarding experience energized Randy to continue to serve the community through the banking sector and in 1987, when U.S. Bank acquired Old National, he began the work that would engage and inspire him for the rest of his career: working on the preservation and creation of affordable housing programs and projects in the Pacific Northwest. Through this work he made many devoted friends and colleagues, who could always trust Randy to be warm, thoughtful, and generous with his time and effort. In addition to his banking profession, he served on many boards, including Community Roots, HomeSight and Impact Capital, and as a Commissioner for the Washington State Housing Finance Commission.

Randy was preceded in death by his parents Wesley and Emily June Robinson. He is survived by his sister Vicki (Ron) Shepherd, and brother Gary (Anne Kilgannon) Robinson, nephews James and Colin, and niece Katherine.

A private service will be held.

Remembrances may be made to The Community Roots Foundation.


Randy James ROBINSON


Lynn Williamson (Riley)

26 janvier , 2021

I was so shocked to hear of Randy's passing. Randy and I worked together at Old National Bank and he was one of my favorite people. Always so kind and cheerful. He had a twinkly smile that lit up his whole face. I was fortunate to run into him a few times back in 2019 as we were on the same Starbucks run schedule in our work building. It always made my day. Lauren, I remember you as well and I was so glad when I heard you and Randy were together and married! I am so very sorry for your loss of your friend and partner. Randy is someone you just don't forget, and I never will. Love and hugs to all who knew him.

Terry Miller

11 janvier , 2021

I only knew Randy in his "affordable" housing capacity at HomeSight while we were on the Board as well as the Executive Committee. I will miss his thoughtful comments/counsel and unwavering positive attitude. I am so sorry to hear he is gone and may his efforts always be noticed/carried out and THANK YOU, Randy, for all you did for HomeSight and the world. Your work will not go unnoticed!

Katrina Freeburg

8 janvier , 2021

Randy’s commitment to affordable housing touched a lot of lives. His colleagues and coworkers knew his kindness and dedication to others. And while they may not have known him, he created homes and stronger communities for generations of families in our state. We are all grateful. We miss you Randy!

Rev Dr Mickey Ross

8 janvier , 2021

We sure the HomeSight Board of Directors together where I quickly learned of your expertise as a Board of Directors involving yourself thoroughly in the success of HomeSight. Thank you for knowing that your financial wisdom helped bring about radical change to HomeSight. Thank you for your commitment to affordability equity include and diversity along with just being a great guy interested in people acquiring wealth building through homeownership. You made it you made a mark and set a standard by which I now know I must attain
GodComfort your family in every way during this time.
thank you. Mickey Ross

Andrew Romero

7 janvier , 2021

I first met Randy when he was hired to run the Community Development group where I worked at the time. Randy was beyond supportive of my work, the community I live in (Denver), and me and my family. He was a great manager for all of us on the team, listening to our needs and championing those needs to senior management. His loyalty to us was incredible! In these regards he was a great manager.

Yet, for all Randy was as manager, he was an even better friend!

I was very fortunate to deepen the personal connection with Randy over the years. His generosity and thoughtfulness to me, and to my son (Drew) were so deeply appreciated. He treated both of us like family, inviting us into his and Lauren’s home and lives. Lauren, I want to thank you for your generosity and welcoming nature as well.

Randy, you were an incredible human being! I feel so blessed that you were a part of my journey and that we shared so many wonderful times. You will be missed in my life. Lauren, I’m so sorry for your loss, our loss.

Joanne Neugebauer-Rex

6 janvier , 2021

To Lauren, Vicki and Ron, Gary and Anne, and all Family,
I am deeply saddened to hear of Randy’s passing. I will always remember Randy as a gentle and kind person. I had the privilege of growing up with Randy in Spokane, and our families enjoyed time together at church and on outings. One of my best memories is when our families got together at Wes and June’s for Thanksgivings. I remember the twinkle in Randy’s eye, his infectious laugh, and how much he reminded me of his dad Wes. I am grateful for his life’s work in affordable housing activities and in banking. I always knew he was an expert in his field of banking. Whenever I saw Randy he just didn’t smile with his face, he smiled with his whole being. Although I didn’t see Randy much in past years, I think fondly of a visit when my brother and I went to his condo above Lake Union. It was a great time to remember our times together in Spokane. I am praying for God’s comfort for all of us who mourn his loss. It was a gift to know Randy, and his life’s work and memory will continue to give to others.

Melora Hiller

5 janvier , 2021

It's clear by the number of times the word has been used already that Randy was incredibly kind. He was also soft-spoken but he knew what he was talking about! HIs volunteer efforts were numerous and time consuming but he never complained and always fulfilled his commitments. I first met Randy when he was at Fannie Mae and later served with him on the (then) Capitol Hill Housing Foundation Board. Randy was taken too soon.

Steve Walker

4 janvier , 2021

Randy lived his life as an advocate for the homeless and others in need of affordable housing, fighting to provide people with dignity and a roof over their heads. For the last eight years Randy brought his passion and leadership to the Washington State Housing Finance Commission. He was a kind, gentle and thoughtful person who will be sorely missed by our WSHFC family as well as his loved ones.

Tony To

4 janvier , 2021

Randy and the old US Bank Community Development team made HomeSight and the American dream of homeownership a reality for hundreds of African American families in the Central District by financing loans when the neighborhood was still “redlined”. Randy’s dedicated service to housing and intergenerational wealth creation will be missed but not forgotten by those of us who were privileged to work and collaborate with him. Farewell to a humble, gracious, and thoughtful fella.

Frank Baird

2 janvier , 2021

“A kind face is a precious gift”
from the poem “A Kind Face” by St. Francis of Assisi.

Almost forty years ago I met my new brother-in-law’s brother, Randy Robinson. Three things stand out since I heard of his early passing. First I learn so much about a person after they’re gone and the cream rises on a settling soul. Second, my first impression (and my last) were confirmed by all I have read about him this week. Thirdly, and unanimously, Randy was incredibly gracious, kind and intelligent. That he turned these qualities into a force in Olympia and in banking is a testament to his character and his family.

Randy was gifted and I thank God I glanced some of it. May his family and friends find comfort in the memory of his kind face.