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G.B. Okill Stuart

10 mars , 192128 août , 2019

Hon Fellow of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, Hon. Lt. Col of the re-raised 78th Fraser Highlanders, Heritage Activist, realtor and a Second World War veteran who took part in the 1944 D-Day invasion of Europe, died in St. Lambert on August 28th, 2019. He was 98 years old. Son of the late Douglas Stuart and Lilias Terrill and brother of the late Campbell Stuart.

A proud descendant of United Empire Loyalists, Gordon Bruce Okill Stuart was born in Montreal March 10, 1921. Through the generosity of his uncle, Sir Campbell Stuart, the first Canadian to be appointed to the post in the British Diplomatic Service, Okill was educated at Bishop’s College School , (Quebec) and at Gordonstoun School , Scotland, where H.R.H. Prince Philip was a classmate.

As a result of the school ties ,Philip accepted an invitation to be a guest at a convention of the United Empire Loyalists in Lennoxville. Mr. Stuart enlisted with the 14th Canadian Field Regiment (RCA) in 1940, served as Bombardier, and was awarded the France-Germany Star, the Defence Medal, the War Medal and the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and the Legion of Honour France’s Highest Order .

He was founding president of a real estate firm, Okill Stuart Inc. and active in numerous public South Shore Montreal community groups and public service organizations including the Federation of Social Agencies, South Shore Community Services and the St. Lambert curling club.

He was twice honoured by St. Lambert as its citizen of the year. He was an officer of the Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knight of the Military and Hospitaller order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem and was the recipient of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs Award and the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award.

He leaves his wife, Sylvia Fairlie and his two children from his marriage to Ruth Ann Clarke, who predeceased him in 1973, Colin ( Vicki Hinchcliff) of Pigeon Hill and Heather Stuart of Winnipeg.

Visitation on Thursday September 5, 2019 from 2 pm to 5 pm and 7 pm to 9 pm at Collins Clarke Macgillivray White Funeral Home, Dignity Memorial, 307 Riverside Drive, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P 1A7,

The funeral will be held at the Saint-Lambert United Church, 85 Boul. Desaulniers, Saint-Lambert on Friday September 6, 2019 at 11 am.

Donations in his memory may be made to a charity of your choice.


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G.B. Okill Stuart


Jennifer Baird

17 novembre , 2019

Mr. Stuart - it was a pleasure meeting you and Sylvia while you were looking for mobility products at Maison Andre Viger.
I am saddened to read that you have left this earth but happy in the same respect that you have become an angel as you are one extremely caring gentleman.
My sincere condolences to Sylvia and the family.
Jennifer Baird
“The wheelchair lady”

Lynn Rochon

15 septembre , 2019

We had moved to Stanley Street when I was 8 years old and I remember shortly after our move, this very tall man with a big happy voice came in and introduced himself as O’kill Stuart, he spoke with my mother and then told me how he had lived in our home when he was younger, he then told me he had lost a couple of his toy soldiers behind the hot water heater in his old room. I went upstairs to his old room and could see two metal things stuck between the sections of the heater. Years later and many cuts on my fingers I was able to get two of them out, they were old metal soldiers that had given O’kill hours and hours of fun as a child. During that time Mom had dug up the back garden and must have found about 20 wooden marbles also belonging to O’kill. Mom handed O’kill both the soldiers and the marbles and he laughed saying he didn’t realize that he had lost his marbles as well. Our friendship lasted all these years. He was a man full of love and caring, he was a hero and a gentleman. I love you O’kill Thank you for your service, your laughter and your friendship.

Edward (Ted) Gunn

14 septembre , 2019

My wife Louise and I were saddened to learn that Okill Stuart had passed away. Sincere condolences to Okill's wife Silvia, his family and his many friends. Okill was a great man in many ways and a friend whom we often met at Scottish events in Quebec City and Montreal. We will miss him as will all those who knew him.

Stephen Murray

7 septembre , 2019

Condonlences on behalf of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada/La société royale héraldique du Canada. Mr. Stuart served as a vice president of the society and was a president of the Laurentian Branch. He served on the Board of Directors for many years. In 2000 he was elected an Honorary Fellow. To all of us in the Society who met him he was an engaging character and a proud veteran. RIP

Stephen Murray

Liette Michaud

5 septembre , 2019

Sincere Condolences to Mr. Stuart's wife and family. I first met Mr. Stuart at a meeting of the St. Lambert Horticultural Society and realized that he had won many prizes for his blooms, or should I say, most of the prizes. I had an opportunity to visit the garden at his home with Silvia and was very impressed with the extent and variety there. Then, I happened to join the Lawn Bowling Club and saw him in action while in his early 90's, and shared conversations with him about WWII, as my dad was also a veteran and had landed in Normandy with the 2nd Canadian Army, in the second wave. My dad passed away last autumn at age 98 in northern Ontario. "They shall not grow old, as we that are left, grow old." What joy to have lived a full and long life and to be esteemed by family, friends and townspeople.

Anne Campbell Orton

5 septembre , 2019

I stepped off the elevator and met Okill Stuart. We talked and I asked him if he and his wife would like to sit at my table in our residence. He agreed and for two years, Sylvia, Okill and I shared our breakfast together. Along the way, their children, family and friends, and my children, grandchildren and friends joined us with their stories. Okill especially loved it when his family came to visit and sat with us at breakfast.

Okill loved to tell stories from his life. He would talk about the Gordonstoun School where he was a classmate of Prince Philip of Greece. The school let them choose what they wanted to learn in their spare time, he told me. Prince Philip chose ships and Okill chose horses, which meant that he had to get up at 5:30 every morning to groom and feed his, to his chagrin. When war broke out, half of his class enlisted. In his group alone, half were lost. As time went by, he and Prince Philip began to correspond, especially around their birthdays.

One funny story he told me comes particularly to mind: He and Sylvia were invited to Buckingham Palace. The invitation read: “Mr. and Mrs. Okill Stuart”. They gave their identification to the guards, but Sylvia had five names, none of which was Stuart. Finally, Okill explained that in Quebec women don’t take their husband’s last name, and eventually, they were admitted.

Okill enjoyed breakfast and the times spent sharing stories from our lives, reminiscing and joking, and discussing the issues of the day. One morning, fairly recently, Okill said to me “You know, I think Prince Philip would like it here, having breakfast, don’t you?” Okill always knew how to make people smile. This was partly because he enjoyed his life and smiled frequently himself.

Okill Stuart was a good man; a gentleman, brave and true. I will miss him and his friendship greatly. I will never forget him, nor the wonderful times we spent over breakfast. He made me laugh and cry with his stories. Goodbye dear friend.

Shelley Hunt

5 septembre , 2019

To Sylvie, Colin, Vickie and all of Okills families..I worked with Okill, as did my Mom and Dad, on the 14th Field reunions for many years at Glen House..my Dad, Ed Shortall, and Okill were both members..Okill was a great guy and I have lots of great members especially of him presenting me with the Diamond Jubilee Medal...my thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time.RIP Okill

Gordon McWhaw

5 septembre , 2019

We have lost a larger than life character, someone right out of the pages of a novel - but real. My condolences to the entire family and close friends. As long as someone is remembered they are never truly gone. RIP

Joanne Fernandes

4 septembre , 2019

On behalf of the members of the St-Lambert Curling Club, the Board of Directors would like to express their sincere condolences to his family, Sylvia, Colin, and Heather. Mr. Stuart was a founding member of the St-Lambert Curling Club and was active in the club for many years. It is in part due to his contribution that the St-Lambert Curling Club is the vibrant place that it is today.

Rose Palmer

4 septembre , 2019

Okill was a man that did things the way he wanted no matter what people thought. Okill and my father were good friends. They hunted together. They both were in WW2 and talked often about the things that happened during the war. They both used to go to the field trails. His dogs were boarded at our place. He was a great help in my life. He will be greatly missed. And as he would say, he and my father will be talking about all the beagling and hunting they did together. He was a great man and a good friend to all my family.
I want to offer my condolences to his family.