In lieu of flowers it is requested that a donation in Barbara's name be made to the Arizona Kidney Foundation.

Barbara Joan Sandler

16 novembre 19411 février 2020

My mother Barbara Joan Sandler was born in Granite City Illinois in 1941 On November 16th

and I always blamed her the war starting right after that. Ha!

She was the second daughter of two children from Dr. Jacob Chalfin MD. and his lovely wife my Ione Pearl Madison Chalfin RN

Sadly my mom lost her sister.. my lovely aunt Judy at a way too early age from a car accident as a young adult...But finally now the Chalfin sisters are together again playing in heaven

My mom had a great childhood growing up in this tiny town called Venice near Granite City Illinois and located right across the Mississippi River from St Louis

My grandpa built his doctor’s office with his wife as his registered nurse in the back rooms of same house that they Also lived in..

This way my grandparents could work together In the office but still be close to their children Barb and Judy as they grew......they had a great family life together !

My grandpa worked as the company doctor for the railroad employees And received free railroad tickets on the sleeper trains to many fabulous destinations such as Florida and Hollywood during its heyday in the 40s and 50s

And my mom said she had wonderful experiences from those trips

Then my mother found my father Stanley Jerry Sandler and they were married soon after they met in 1958.

I guess it was love at first sight !

Then my brother Michael was born in St. Louis in 1959

My parents then relocated to Phoenix after my dad finished his tour with the army in Ft Huachuca

They chose sunshine over snow.

Then I was born in October 1964 .... and she had no idea what was in store for her

I was a good kid that occasionally found trouble

but she was always Had my back

Even when she knew I was in the wrong

One of the fondest memories I have is where my mom and dad would take my brother and I to Kiddie Academy ... a long gone local amusement park for our birthday parties

My mom organized the parties and all our friends would be there to play and go on the rides ...and of course eat cake and ice cream

When we were children my mom was involved in PTA at our schools and very active in that ...as well as with the Jewish organization Hadassah where I remember her winning woman of the year in the 1979s

That’s when she wore a big beehive hairdo.

If you can imagine.

I remember she would come every year to my grade school and teach about Hanukkah to the children that were never exposed to that custom and that was also a very fond memory

After my brother and I were old enough to take care of ourselves my mother decided to go back to college and get her registered nurse degree which she received from Arizona State University

After that she began as an RN and quickly rose to the ranks of Head nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital on her floor ...and she held the title for her tenure there.

Unfortunately my dad passed early at age 54 but was lucky enough to have 34 years of marriage to my wonderful mom . And now she is by his side for eternity

After several years of giving all of her attention to her children and grandchildren..she decided she needed some more comfort and companionship in her life and met Jason Yaffi...A retired police Lieutenant from the Washington DC metropolitan police Dept and originally from Boston

They were married in December 2003 and just recently celebrated 16 years of marriage together

They found a common interest in taking pictures so they both joined the camera club in Sun City Arizona where she held various positions.

But mainly I think it was for the Tuesday night dinners out...that she often planned....

..because I never saw a decent picture that my mom took. Ha

Throughout her life My mom battled many medical obstacles but she never complained

Not a once about anything until the day she passed.

My mom had kidney Transplant ... that ran for 12 years and extended her quality of life but she also had many other Serious medical conditions...and I recently noticed that she started to slow down from the firecracker that everyone knew and loved

In fact we always joked ...if she could ...she’d would... play all 9 positions in a baseball game at once.

But unfortunately everything combined was too much for her tiny body to handle and she decided it was better to Rest In Peace

I will miss my mom but I will never lose the memories of her love and compassion for me and my brother as well as to her daughter-in-law‘s Karen and Sandy and her 2 grandchildren Nathan and Tiffany...

As well as being a fantastic aunt to her nieces and nephews Lisa and Jeffrey Kivett and

Richard (rip) and Jeffrey Kalina.

Thank you mom .. you truly were the best mother that anyone could’ve ever wished for

I love you and will forever miss you

Rest In Peace

Your Loving Son David

There will be a celebration of life luncheon following the Graveside service.


  • Graveside Service

    dimanche, 9 février , 2020


Barbara Joan Sandler


Michael Sandler

20 février , 2020

Being the oldest son and living in the same state with my Mom. I can recall a lot of memories from traveling as a little boy to different Army bases in Georgia, Boston, Arizona with my Dad ( Stanley) & my Mom (Barbara).

Then we moved to Phoenix, Arizona, were my Dad worked & Sperry Rand & my Mom was housewife rising my little brother David (1964) & myself 5 years older.

My Mom decided that since her two boys were old enough to take of themselves that she wanted to go to nursing school. After she received her degrees from Glendale Community College & Arizona State University. She took a job with Good Samaritan Hospital ( Now Banner). She rose thru the ranks and became Head Nurse of her Orthopedics Floor.

She spent 34 fantastic years with my Dad ( Stanley), until his passing in 1992. We as a family enjoyed are family trips back to St. Louis , Missouri. This is were my Mom & Dad grew up and met each other.

My Mom loved to travel to different places in the USA & took a few cruises. My Mom loved going out to nice restaurant with her family. She supported both her boys (Michael & David) in School Activities , Sport Teams, Cub / Boy Scouts and being the Taxi Driver for the neighborhood kids.

My Mom was a wonderful Mom that her boys could ask for in life’s journey of Ups & Downs in life.

She always put EVERYONE in front of her own self.

My was proud of both her boys who she put thru college and saw them graduate.

My Mom was a Proud Grandmother to Tiffany & Nathan Sandler (Michael). She loved her grandchildren and enjoyed spending time with them.

In 2003 she married for a second time to Jason Yaffi. They were married for 16 years until her passing.

MOM I WILL MISS YOU ❤️ and all the fun times you spent with my family.

Love your oldest son,

Dave Sandler

13 février , 2020

Miss you mom!

Donn Hornberger

10 février , 2020

Barb was a wonderful life-long friend for all of us in our smallish
Venice school classes. After she left the area we all grew up in, we had the good fortune to maintain contact. I know of no one that didn't miss her back in the day when she married and left us.
although she finished school elsewhere all of us thought of Barb as one of us and we continued to invite her to everything the class of 1959 did throughout the decades. The last reunion Barb attended was in 1991, as I recall. It was wonderful to see her then. We wrote a DVD with many town memories in it and we covered the Chalfin family...Doc C. served all in the town and it would've been impossible not to write of the Chalfin family in Venice and their impact. I will miss Barb a great deal.

Dan & Rose Evander

9 février , 2020

Today, Rose and I say goodbye to one of the gentlest and kind women we have had the pleasure to meet and get to know. We first met Barbara when we moved to Sun City in 2005. She helped us get to know other members of our photography club. We shared many meals, laughs and moments of discovery for the next 15 years. Her generosity and humor will be missed.

Jackie & Rick Duarte

9 février , 2020

Barb and I worked together in the 80's at Good Sam. She, Cheryl A. and I along with our spouses shared lots of great times together. Barb was always the life of work and the parties with her inspiring and funny stories and humor. I know she will be missed by all. She was a kindred spirit, full of life and love. Blessings to the family and love. Jackie and Rick Duarte

Karen Sandler

9 février , 2020

Barb enjoyed crafts like painting. She made things like wood napkin rings and centerpiece figures that she painted in bright colors. It was always a fun expression of her creative side!

Terrie Rudolph

8 février , 2020

I have so many happy memories of Barb when she would visit with us in Calif over the years. She was a joyful part of our family. We would laugh, tell stories, had a few adventures and those were great times. We'll miss her and always remember her kindness toward us (the Rudolph's) and her love for her family. I hope all the beautiful memories will bring them peace and comfort.
Barb was a bright light in life and now in our hearts. Love always, Terrie

Cheryle Archuleta

7 février , 2020

Barbara was a friend, coworker and family.
The Archuletas loved Barbara she was so full of love and excitement. Never a dull moment. We shared so many great memories. One funny time. I was helping her change a light bulb and her dad lectured us that job was done by men not ladies. We laughed and said ok. She loved her family and would do anything for them. Rest my friend say hello to Stan.
Love Cheryle

James Jeffries

6 février , 2020

I have so many fond memories. Of Barbara myself And other kids from Venice. And our fun times together. We spent countless hours. Playing together. Her upstairs of the house became quite a place for the group 2 enjoy and do silly things like trying to fix Dr. Chaffins wire recorder. We never got it done. But we sure tried. Venice held in annual May event in which members of each class Where chosen to beThe king and queen of the event. Barbara and I had the honor of being the king and queen in the first grade. We wore tuxedos. And Formals and we're actually taught. How to waltz. Rest in peace my dear friend.

Cheri Kennedy

6 février , 2020

Barb will be missed, not only by her biological family, but by her Camera Guild of Sun City family. Her voice, laughter, kindnesses, service, and guidance to everyone there who knew her will be missed but not forgotten. I will always cherish her in my heart and will miss her counsel.