Gino Moratti

15 janvier 193718 janvier 2021
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Gino was born in Brooklyn on 1/15/1937 to Italian immigrants, Luigi and Maria Moratti. He grew up embracing his heritage and being proud to be an American. He served as a Marine for six years with honor.

After serving in the military, Gino began working in the investigative field. He started working as a Private Investigator for the well know investigative firm, Pinkerton. He left Pinkerton to be one of the Founders of the Public Investigative Service. He worked hard and became a supervisor.

Due to his extensive background in investigations, Gino decided to form his own investigative firm, G Moratti and Associates. Gino’s main client was the prestigious New York Athletic Club in New York City. Gino prepared investigative reports for the Athletic Club for many years until the club changed management.

In 2001, Gino decided to form another company to follow his passion, music. He started a managing agency for jazz musicians expanding to include classical musicians. He had extensive background in both jazz and classical music. Gino was a pianist who performed in the jazz, pop and rock genre. Gino was involved in the music industry as a musician for over 30 years.

Through the years, Gino was sought after by aspiring musicians. He represented highly acclaimed international artists of outstanding achievements and also young rising stars in both jazz and classical music. Gino offered professional guidance in a caring and supportive manner.

In 2006, Gino was appointed the Artistic Director for the Jazz Program at the Kitano Hotel in New York City. He was an inspiration in the music community described as “a Class Act”, “A Legend” ... “Strong, Kind, Generous and Always a Gentleman”.

Gino played tennis, loved to drink Italian wines and drink espresso. He was an avid runner who won many trophies in competitive races.

He is survived by his only son, Gary, his daughter in law Joanne and grandchildren Stefanie and Anthony. His passion for basketball was evident every time he played basketball with his grandchildren who adored him.

Rest In Peace Gino - Forever in Our Hearts


  • Visitation

    dimanche, 24 janvier , 2021

  • Funeral Mass

    lundi, 25 janvier , 2021

  • Interment

    lundi, 25 janvier , 2021


Gino Moratti


Stephan Bosak

18 mai , 2021

Gino was terrific! He was the Best! Salute Gino! Rest In Peace. You are missed.

Robert Davenport

19 avril , 2021

Gary and the Moratti family. This is very late, but we just learned of your father’s passing.

Ann and I knew Gino for 15 years at the Kitano. What a kind, gentil, and thoughtful man. His smile and charm and warmth were totally infectious. We enjoyed wonderful music with him. He assembled great musicians and a wonderful staff. Visiting the Kitano was always the highlight of our week. We have been waiting for Kitano Jazz to re-open so we could again enjoy Gino and the music. It will never be the same without him.

We are sorry for your loss, but please know Gino touched us all in a loving way.

Bob Davenport

Karrin Allyson

17 février , 2021

Hello, this is long overdue.
My name is Karrin Allyson and I'm a singer/ pianist in the NYC area... I used to go to Kitano's and hear great music and Gino
was always very kind and fun... I'm very sorry to hear of such a
vivacious spirit passing -- he loved the music!
RIP Gino
Love, Karrin

Jeannette Hardie

2 février , 2021

We enjoyed Gino's opening comments every time we came to our cousin Carl Bartlett's performances at Kitano. He was always very welcoming and delightful. Sorry for your loss and we know he will be deeply missed.

Jeannette & Shirley

Aubrey Johnson

31 janvier , 2021

Gino gave me one of my first gigs in New York back when I moved from Boston in 2012. He heard me sit in at one of the jam sessions and gave me a chance, and it was incredibly meaningful to me. I am so grateful to him for the love and support he gave to both emerging and established musicians. He told me how much he loved the Jimmy Rowles tune, "The Peacocks", so I wrote an arrangement of it for him and played it at one of my Kitano dates. A few days before he passed away I had thought about how I never shared the studio recording of it with him and made a note to send him my album. I'm so sorry I never got to share it with him. Gino will be sorely missed by the New York jazz community. Much love and condolences to his family, and all who were touched by his kindness.

Jun Saito

30 janvier , 2021

He was a sponsor for my Artist Visa for long time while I was living in NY.
Every time I played at The Kitano or went to see some one play, him, Romero and all the stuff treated me so nicely to make me feel at home.
He loved that baby grand when the club was on the 2nd floor.
One night he started playing that piano after everyone left.
He sounded so good!!
He was a great piano player as well.
Gino, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You are trough friend of mine!!!
I miss you but, you will keep living in my soul for ever😆

Carl Bartlett, Jr.

27 janvier , 2021

To my dear Gino, thank you. Words, alone, cannot convey how much of an amazing person you were. I was fortunate to know you, personally, whether seeing you at Jazz at Kitano or talking with you on the phone. You had an innate sincerity and warmth to your persona that was always inviting and made me feel welcome.

I remember the first time that I met you, when "Live Jazz" was still upstairs at The Kitano. As I stepped off of the elevator to hand my press kit to you, there you were greeting me with a smile and open arms, as if we had been pals for years. I'll always be fond of that first impression, Gino.

From there, it was an honor to perform on your Jazz at Kitano stage with my band, regularly.

Gino, your reverence for Jazz and immense respect for the artists that you booked shined, in spades. Your dedication to the music made Jazz at Kitano one of the esteemed venues on the NYC Jazz scene, and throughout the USA. And everyone knows, you had some of the best introductions of the bands, in the business! Something you'd mention to audience, that I loved, was that "the anagram for listen is silent". Classic! Things like that set the stage for the musicians to perform to an attentive audience, and it's what made you an original and a class act. You cared, you loved, you taught!

As I hear your distinct voice in my mind, I miss you, greatly, but am comforted by the fact that I knew you. The blessing is that we all got to be with you, talk, laugh, and in some cases cry with you, and, in turn, be seen by you. So, this time, unlike the anagram for listen and "silent", your legacy, Gino, will "resound" because of the lives you've touched.

To the Moratti Family, you had great man! Cherish and take comfort in that, and you'll keep him deep in your hearts. Gino, you were truly one of a kind, my friend. And rest assured, this Saxophonist will always have a special place in his heart and a song to play, just for you.

Carl Bartlett, Jr. and Family

Janet Kay Simmons

25 janvier , 2021

Fond memories of a lovely Friend . From staying at the Kitano and each and every time going back to New York to visit , always stopped by to see Gino at the Kitano .

Been thinking about him all day , a true gentlemen who showed kindness to an English girl on her own in NYC. Forever in my heart Mr Moratti will truly miss you . RIP my beloved friend

Maria Costidis

25 janvier , 2021

cont... Even toward the end when his health was probably frail and he knew he knew life was coming to a near end, he never wanted to burden anyone and secretly made his pack with god to leave the physical world and go to sit by his side. He never complained, he never said anything bad about anyone. You never heard him grip about his day or his life, because he was full of life and yearned to offer as much love and gratitude that he could to strangers and then to himself. Gary, I feel that your dad's legacy will live on. I know you will carry his torch and nurture your children to be just like him. I see qualities in your father in you and for that, you are so fortunate. Keep his memory alive when you listen to the jazz music he adored. Take examples from his kindness and his gentle soul and learn to never have a bad day or grip about the little things. He did not and we should all learn a little today from Gino Moratti. He will always be in my mind a gentleman with a grand smile and each time he and talked about his contributions to life it melted your heart along with his acts of kindness. Along with our small gift that arrived yesterday, my family is contributing to St. Francis Hospital Cardiac Pediatric Center in memory of Mr. Gino Moratti. The contribution we hope will help treat a child who is suffering from a rare heart condition. We hope that this gift of love will commemorate Gino in every way, as he always gave lovingly. May his memory be eternal.
God bless,
Maria, Louis, George & Elias Costidis

Maria Costidis

25 janvier , 2021

To My Dearest Brother-in-Law Gary,
What an emotional day it was today. I found myself very sad getting into the car to come to your fathers wake. I think it was because I never had an opportunity to say goodbye to such a kind human being. Through the years, we were so blessed when he came to visit us for quite a few Christmas holidays. I remember when he would come through my front door with full arms of presents for your kids and for my family. Every year he would give us a box, which had a calendar for the year for each of us. There was a reason why he gifted us what he did, he wanted us to keep tabs of all the family holidays during the year that we would look forward to and during each holiday try to remember how our families will came together to celebrate. And with the pictures that scrolled on that TV monitor in the room where his body was laid to rest, we watched all those wonderful memories that we made with your loving father unfold right before our very eyes. He was the man, the man with a plan. A plan to keep a loving connection between our families and what a connection. Each picture showed your dad in his true element with a smile from ear to ear in each picture that flashed for those few minutes in that video, it all made sense. He was proud and happy of the son he had raised and was so proud of the wife you chose to start a wonderful family, a family that would yield him two very loving grandchildren who adored spending time with their grandfather, and what an amazing grandfather. As a young boy, he faced the choice to go into the marines and invest almost 6 years in serving his country. Gino also brought a small dream the Kitano Jazz club and to continue his legacy through music to serve young and old the joy of music. He never wavered from his dreams. He surrounded himself with people he wanted to help and care for, because he was selfless. He put all others before himself.