Avis de décès

Raul Arballo Ortiz

5 octobre 19599 janvier 2022
Nécrologie de Raul Arballo Ortiz
A Father Taken Too Soon On Sunday, January 9, 2022, the Ortiz family lost Raul “Raulito” A. Ortiz. Raul is survived by his 3 children and many loving grandchildren. If you asked who Raul was, you would get a different story because he wasn’t just a father, grandfather, brother, or son… he was a comedian, a singer, a musician, a chef, and the life of the party. Raul was born on October 5, 1959, and he was the oldest of 6 siblings who he shared his love for music with and many memories filled with lots of humor, from impersonating Julia Childs to walking around the house with lemons under his shirt. Every moment he spent with family he filled the room with humor and delicious food. All the good times spent with Raul will be treasured and we ask that everyone who was touched by him in their lives that you share those amazing memories to keep him alive within all of us. One of his favorite things that we should all continue… is to sing the songs that he loved because his singing was something that we loved to hear. Reasons The reasons that we're here The reasons that we fear Our feelings won't disappear May you rest in peace and may our memories of you forever carry on… We love you

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