Fr. David Gordon Creamer, SJ

20 août 194617 avril 2021

David G. Creamer of the Society of Jesus died peacefully on April 17, 2021, at La Storta House in Pickering, ON. Dave was born in Saint John, NB, the son of David Creamer and Ruth Keir. He was 74 years old and in his 52nd year as a Jesuit. In Winnipeg he was Principal at St. Paul’s High School and later taught at Jesuit Centres located as St. Paul’s College at the University of Manitoba. He often took his students to India to witness the lifestyle of the poor. He did pastoral ministry at Stony Mountain Penitentiary and helped founded a centre for released prisoners. On Monday, 26 April at 10 a.m. a private Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at the St. Ignatius Chapel at Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Renewal Centre in Pickering. (a link to the livestream is available on the funeral home website) Interment follows at the Jesuit Cemetery, Guelph, ON. Donations to the Jesuit Advancement Office, 43 Queen’s Park Cres. E., Toronto, ON M5S 2C3, (416-481-9154) would be appreciated as your expression of sympathy.


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Fr. David Gordon Creamer, SJ


Johnkumar Krishnasamy

16 mai , 2021

Fr. David Creamer(Dave) came all the way to India (Tamilnadu) to stay with us for 6 months and made friends with us - the Jesuit Novices of Jesuit Madurai Province(1977-79 batch)we were happy to have met him as our good friend and elder brother - a tertian in the same campus; Well, among the novices I became his favourite friend as we could share with each other a lot from our hearts, (as we were happened to be admitted in the same ward in St.Joseph's Hospital(local) for different complaints for couple of weeks); As both of us hail from families alike - of lower middle class background - with lots of siblings, the experiences life were similar, both naturally drawn towards discussing the life and struggles of poor and the disadvantaged in society; Both of us imbibed the value of reaching out to the poor, without much expectations, with moving hearts at any injustice done to any of them. Our friendship endured for long, striking the same chord to wibe with each other however the distance between us - Canada and India; I am very grateful that he generously and thoughtfully recommended with his superior on his own and got the sponsorship for my trip and study (2-semesters) in University of Manitoba. Some of my happiest days in life span were staying with him both as student and friend in the same university and the Jesuit Community at St. Ignatius Church, Winnipeg,Canada. Indeed, he was great man and was also kind enough introduce me to great persons like Fr. John English - a great spiritual guide to many in the Americas and all over in our Jesuit Society.Dave always had a soft corner for India, its culture.
'He touched me and I have grown' was a greeting card he sent me, Its very much true, unassumingly, left great imprint in me.

Sethu Reddy

30 avril , 2021

Dave Creamer was our coach for the Gonzaga High School Reach for the Top Team in Newfoundland. He was still a Mr. then. We respected him immensely and he coached us with grit and compassion to a National Championship. We didn't know he was just 27 at that time! Our experience has left an indelible imprint on the rest of our development to this day. When he moved to Regis College to pursue a doctoral degree, one could feel his enthusiasm for his work during our visits to Toronto. He took up running and I tried to keep up with him but ended with me emptying my stomach's contents at the end of the run! I still had many things to learn. Father Creamer will remain an inspiration to all teachers to have a lifelong impact on their pupils.

Deb Thordarson

26 avril , 2021

With a broken heart I read of the passing of a most beloved man. I met Fr. Dave several years ago through my close friendships with Sr. Margaret and Sr. Bernadette and their work at Rossbrook House. Fr. Dave would say mass for several of us once a month at the Sisters’ home in Winnipeg. His homilies, his stories and his life experiences with social justice always had connections from the Bible to what was presently happening on the streets of Winnipeg and disenfranchised peoples around the world. The Sisters of Sion and Fr. Dave helped draw me closer to a church I had left long ago. From one of his trips to India he brought me back a tshirt that read “God is too big for any one religion.” Fr. Dave’s compassion and his goodness will be missed.

Stephanie Lambert

26 avril , 2021

I was saddened to learn of Dr. Creamer's passing. I feel lucky to have been one of his students at the University of Manitoba and get to travel to Italy with a group led by him. He was a man of faith that made everyone, regardless of belief, feel welcomed. He had great humour. I will forever remember his smile and cargo shorts/pants carrying bottles of cola instead of water as we walked the Italian streets. My condolences to his loved ones.

Emőke Szathmáry

26 avril , 2021

David used to drop into my office for a chat now and then, since my office was just down the corridor from his at St. Paul's College. He told me stories about his background, he shared his interests, and spoke with such fondness and pride in his friend from Quixote House, whose poetry he helped to publish. David was a man of many talents, strong opinions, and a caring spirit. I can still hear his voice at St. Ignatius, where he sometimes said Mass: I don't sing! ... and then he went on with the service. Perhaps his voice did not sing, but his spirit and kindness did. I know he is in a better place now, but I miss him.

John Emslie

26 avril , 2021

I was a student and later friend of Fr. Creamer in Winnipeg at the University of Manitoba. I remember Fr. Creamer's lectures would pull ideas from a far ranged group of thinkers. He would arrange them out, as if they were stepping stones or the puzzle pieces of some big picture.

Later knowing and speaking with him, I would sometimes think, that no one else would pull together this diverse bunch of names- Lonergan, Alexander the Great, Meister Eckhart, back to Teilhard de Chardin, add a movie reference or two- ecologists, philosophers, theologians, mystics and psychologists. It was as if he was meeting these thinkers on the road and be saying something like 'ok, I can use this idea here'. He was impressed by ideas he could build into a larger map. David called his book 'Guides for the Journey'. The destination was not death. It was an ever deepening understanding of life and God, an awareness of ourselves and creation.

Fr. Creamer was both guided and guide in the journey. And though the journey of the body has now ended, he continues on another way, deeper again, in the spirit.

It was an honor to be a student and later a friend of Fr. Creamer. Charity is also sharing the gifts of the mind. Thank you David for the charity and the faith you shared with me. The gift of your friendship continues to guide me.

Monty Williams

26 avril , 2021

For Mrs.Creamer and family
I am Monty Williams a Jesuit who has known David since his novitiate and with whom I was ordained. We were friends. There are many stories one can tell, but I just wanted to say to you all , thank you for sharing David with the Jesuits.
With prayers and blessings at this time for each one of you and for all of the family. David was always proud of his family and loved sharing stories of all each had done.
He will be missed but I am grateful he is now where all his hurts are being healed and all his joys celebrated in ways beyond our wildest imaginings. And now you have someone else in heaven who --knowing David -- will leave nothing undone to make sure you are all given what you need in this life's journey.
in gratitude for his presence in my life,

kathleen byrne

26 avril , 2021

My family and I were very close to Father David Creamer since I was barely a year old. My parents are professors at the University of Manitoba, and were lucky enough to have worked and created a friendship with Father David. When I was very little he would come to the house a lot for dinner and I got a chance to get to know him until he moved away when I was a teenager. I'm completely heartbroken and at a loss for words. I've shared one of the last images I have taken with him. God rest his soul.

Gerard Buckley

25 avril , 2021

I recall Father Creamer, Dave as our Chemistry Teacher at Gonzaga High School in St. John's Newfoundland. He was a very impactful person and teacher. He also led a youth group where we learned of the scholastic work of the Jesuit order. He spoke about his own life and what it was like to be poor. He used those examples to teach us about the less fortunate of the world. He is one of those teachers that has a impact and you recall throughout your life. May God's blessings be with Dave and he rest in peace. Gerard

David Nickerson

24 avril , 2021

I had the pleasure of knowing David as a very clever fellow student who lived in the flat above ours on St. James St. In the South End of St. John NB .
Like most of us poorer large families David was one of 5 Children of David ' Bud ' and Ruth Creamer . His father was a school janitor and his other raised the many youn children . So pleased to hear that David went on to make such an impact on the poor and needy in the world and scholastic .
Very pleased to be able to offer my condolences to Robert , Janet and he rest of his siblings .
RIP Dear friend and neighbour!
David Nickerson