John Howard Gilbert

21 octobre 194115 juin 2021

John Howard Gilbert est né(e) le 21 octobre 1941 et est décédé(e) le 15 juin 2021 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Desert Rose Heather Cremation & Burial.

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John Howard Gilbert


Connie Topliff MD

25 juillet , 2021

John, I just learned of your passing.
I met you at PACC when we both Volunteered. You were such an advocate for the Senior pups, and such a kind, humble, and generous man.
I so regret not having more time to get to know you.
I know there are so many pups that met you at The Bridge.
Thank you for all you did to make this world a better place. For pups. And people.
Rest easy.
And please, know you were loved.

molly carrillo

13 juillet , 2021

i worked for john at tucson rescue now for some time in 2019, he was such a funny man with the biggest soft spot for older dogs. i loved getting to adopt out dogs to families under his watch, he always made each adoption a celebration of life and love. sending so much warmth and love to his loved ones during this time of grieving. may john rest in peace.

Barbara Day Romero

5 juillet , 2021

John found my daughter, Marina, and me a wonderful old dog named Rocco. He is age 15, and is healthy now after a few surgeries and seven teeth pulled. He loves to run around our yard chasing rabbits and birds. He is too slow to catch them. We love him and he loves us. Thank you so much John. Barbara Day Romero

Robin Jelks

3 juillet , 2021

I am deeply saddened to hear about the passing of John. He was one of my most favorite people and my favorite boss. While I was working for John at the JGilbert Footwear at Casa's Adobes there were many funny memories so I will share my favorite. I was working with difficult women who had tried on several boots only to find "something wrong" with each one. She looked at the boots I was wearing and decided she wanted the exact same pair. When she tried them on there happened to be a tiny pen mark on the upper outside of the boot. This was the only pair we had left in her size. She demanded a discount and I told her the best I could do was $50 off. She demanded I speak with the owner. I went upstairs alone to speak with John. I explained the situation of the pen mark and John looked at me and said, "Robin, these are cowboy boots you can write all over them!!" "Does she want them, or not?" He was so clever and wonderful and he will be missed so very much! Love you, John!!!!

Mike and Jo Ann Rom

17 juin , 2021

John was our next door neighbor and we could not have had a better friend and neighbor. He was so very kind and generous with his thoughts and what he did. He was a great animal advocate and I a proud to say he was a friend. God Bless him and his family.

Jo Ann and Mike