Manuel Gilbert Olea

4 mai 19565 septembre 2020

Manuel Gilbert Olea age 64, passed away peacefully on September 5, 2020 surrounded by his loving family. He was born in Nogales, Sonora Mexico in 1956 to Juanita Olea Martinez, Gilbert was the fifth of eight children. Gilbert is preceded in death by his mother Juanita Olea Martinez.

Gilbert is survived by his wife Loretta Johnson. His five sisters and two brothers Norma, Kris, Stella, Lupe, Becky, Manny and Tommy. His two children Melissa and Pierre. His three grandchildren Moises, Manny and Kaden.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at www.funerariadelangeltucson.com for the OLEA family.



Manuel Gilbert Olea

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Berlena Gullett

septembre 14, 2020

My dearest Gilbert,
You are one of the kindest and most generous people that I had the pleasure of meeting in Tucson. You always accepted me and welcomed me into your life and into your family. Loretta and I met while working together and I remember how, when I would stop by, you were always trying to feed me or give me something to drink. You told corny jokes that made me laugh and you told great stories. Fridays after a long week at work, You and Loretta always had food on the grill and cold beers in the cooler. It was always so much fun hanging out at y'all's house. I have a slew of memories and they will stay with me forever. I love you and know that you are at peace and that you lived a good life. You leave behind a beautiful family and many, many, many friends. Until we meet again...

Noreen Isom

septembre 14, 2020

Tio! Is how I greeted you. You in return would reply, “Hey Ugly!” I can hear your voice right now & I can see your smile. Sometimes Missy would tell me, “My dad is in a bad mood right now, but I’m sure he won’t be once he knows that you’re here.” When you learned I stopped eating meat you didn’t know what to give me. You were so confused. You went to the store & bought me fruit. This was the first time you didn’t know how to feed or give to someone, but in that moment you gave me the most. The opportunity to appreciate your thoughtfulness, kindness, & love. You always made space in your home & at your table for anyone & everyone. My kids & grandkids will know you because I will speak of you always.

Descanse en Paz, Tio.

aka “Ugly”

Violet Rodriguez

septembre 14, 2020

My heart is struggling. I know with life changes, I had not seen you in such a long time. But you all know that you all hold a very special place in my heart. Gerbert (as I would call you) You’d always try to come up with some type of joke to make us laugh and make us laugh you did. “I don’t know what was funnier. The joke or the way you repeated and laughed at your joke.” You were always so thoughtful and a giving person. Rich at heart, no doubt. You will always be remembered as the person with a big heart that always wanted to feed everyone. Your home was definitely the hub for many. Thank you, Gerbert for being the wonderful brother that you were. You will be missed by many.
Love you, Violet

David Jr Wilkins

septembre 14, 2020

Where to start ...well as kids i remember going to tios and loving it. He was so easy going.. me and my cuzzins would make forts outta his couch pillows when all me other tias and tios would more then likely scold us. I remember our perents setting us to eat and it never failed there be tio gil taking from each kids plate a piece of food ..he always had this way with people ..he could walk up to a complete stranger and talk to them for hours.. i remember being at primo Luis out near ajo and him showing me and pierre how to shoot pierres new daisy at cans ..i was greatful when he was around and i was doing a task and if he new an easier way he would show me.. ooooooh how greatful i was ... Now all i can do is hold all these moments i was blessed with... tio i love you. thanks for always being there when i needed someone just to listen or give me advice. Thanks for genuinely caring and never judge me no matter how low i was ..for these things you have shown me how to be a better man person father and son... thank you ill hold you close .please watch over all your love ones help us still to walk rite ..go ....you are free from this world ..see you in the next.

Rebekah Schoonover-lopez

septembre 12, 2020

My funniest memory of tio Gilbert is when we lived down the street from him n we were cleaning out the chicken coop the chickens were out he was telling me n Dee to put them inside that Becky would love it... He is very much missed n loved may you rest in peace old man 😘

Jeannie Caruana

septembre 12, 2020

Tio, I still can’t believe I am writing a tribute because of your passing. Words cannot describe this difficult moment. I consider myself blessed to have lived this life as your niece. You touched so many lives by your selfless heart and your kindness, you were always giving and never expecting any favours in return. My heart is heavy i wish I could be there. I love you with all my heart..
Love your niece
"ballhead" I'm sure this was my Indian name he gave me 😞

Jody Caruana

septembre 12, 2020

Back in 1990 Jeannie and I just moved down to Tuscon and Tio and Tia was Soo generos to let us start off and stay with them.Being from Detroit I had no clue the customes of and tradition s of a America Mexican family's, heck I couldn't even Roll a tortillas lol or even Know what it was..lol.well I got an instant lesson.while we stayed at my Tios,my Tio Rennee(RIH),Tia Stella,Anessa,JR,missy,perrier,Tia loretta,Jeannie and I..yes 11people in a 3bed room ranch..lol.it was a happy time and I was Soo grateful to have such a warm welcome to the family with such Great fun people.
Well I believe it was super bowl Sunday we're in his front yard on a wire spool with the TV on it watching the super bowl, only in Arizona LOL LOL. When I smelled a good aroma coming from the kitchen. Of course after a good half a case of beer and two-fifths of tequila my Tios and I indulged, the aroma in the kitchen got stronger and more tempting to investigate. As I slowly walk into the kitchen I see my Theo Gilbert demembrng some meat in the sink while the vegetables are frying on the stove creating this aroma . Then I asked "hey Tio what you cooking?"being barely to answer because he was hysterically giggling he yells out to me"Mexican scrimp Mijo hehehe, pretty young and naive I actually noticed it wasn't shrimp but went along with his story out of curiosity and humor. As he finished cooking the meal he came outside giggling and had a burrito rolled up for me with what he made. Hysterically trying not to laugh and giggle my alcohol buzz was at the point where I would eat anything but with that good aroma from the kitchen it was on . After the first bite he asked me in"well Mijo do you like the Mexican shrimp?"I said yes tio it tastes really good but I know it's not shrimp..". He say s laughing you are eating (mountain oysters) Wabos from one of
Tio Eddie's Bulls fresh off the Butcher Block,..lol.. hysterically couldn't stop laughing ..my Tio loved to see people laugh.ill miss him in alway