Ronald Alan Carlson

31 mai 194627 septembre 2021

Ronald Alan Carlson, age 75, of Green Valley, Arizona passed away on Monday, September 27, 2021. Ronald was born May 31, 1946.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at www.funerariadelangeltucson.com for the Carlson family.


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Ronald Alan Carlson


Albert Bechtel

14 octobre , 2021

I remember Ron as one of the kindest, generous and accepting person
I have ever known. Besides being my best buddy and friend for almost 20 years he was as Hojoon has already said a very saintly man with his sharp mind and his pocket book with a generosity that amazed me. To me his kindness has inspired me to be kinder myself to everyone and everything in this world. I couldn't have had a kinder and more generous friend than him. He was a 1 in a million kind of man who through his acts of kindness and good listening habits endeared him to the hearts of everyone who was fortunate to meet him; myself included. I am deeply saddened and diminished by our loss of one who though he suffered and went through so much it made him the kind of man he was to us all. My deepest sorrow and grief is that he was not with us longer and I regret not having the power to make that happen and though I grieve and am deeply saddened by my loss of one who was so dear to me and everyone who was touched by his kindly heart my hope is we shall meet again someday. Sleep peacefully my good buddy. See you in the morning. I will never forget you. You are in my heart forever.

Erin Morales

12 octobre , 2021

I remember Ron coming to the house when dating Colleen. He would walk with metal crutches up and down the stairs, as he had recent surgery (he almost lost his legs). He was always nice to me and wore a big smile, though he had gone through so much. He was generous and loved animals. I'm saddened by his loss and that his life and health was so impacted by the war. I'm so sorry Kim and Chris and family for his passing.

Hojoon Kim

12 octobre , 2021

Ron was the most kind and generous person I ever known with the biggest heart. He always helped other people as if helping others were his mission in life. As far as I know, he never passed by people in need of help. He was very generous tipper too. The man was practically a saint.
Also, he was a great father, he always were concerned and a fool for his daughter and grandson. He was very proud of them and would constantly talk about them. He always wanted what is best for them. I wished I had father like him.
We originally met as a neighbor at the apartment we lived in. He was very wise man and was great with his conversations. We talked about all kinds of subjects and he was specially knowledgeable in subjects related to economy, politics, and international relations. Numerous times when I needed some life lessons, he gave me very wise and sound advices.
After he moved to Tucson, I visited him couple times there. It was very good times like old days. If it wasn't for this pandemic, I was to visit him again last year. I regret not making the plan earlier so I could have met with him before all this chaos started. I remember when I drove him and Jim to one of the park in the area and had small picnic the last time I visited. It was nothing fancy but it was so peaceful and we were just happy to be out there enjoying each other's good company. I am crushed and grieving his absence but only these fond memories with him gives me both console and yearning. He will be missed greatly and will be in my prayer always.
Until we meet again my good friend... wait for me in heaven. Let's have another picnic then. See you later... Ron...