Douglas Morris Asp

28 novembre 192111 octobre 2021

Douglas Morris Asp November 28, 1921 - October 11, 2021

Dad died 49 days short of his 100th birthday. We 3 girls were lucky to be with him when he died peacefully in his sleep.

He came from humble beginnings, in rural Alberta, often telling us about how all he got for his birthday was a 10 cent comb. Since he didn’t even comb his hair he said it was a waste of money.

Dad had 6 siblings who all predeceased him. (Gertrude Asp, Herbert Asp, Bertil Asp, Muriel Hyde, Bernice Lawson, and David Asp).

He was proud of his service during World War II as a pilot on Coastal Command over the North Sea, with the 407 squadron, “fighting for king and country.”

After the war, he got his MD from the University of Alberta in 1952 and later qualified as a pathologist. He practiced at the Holy Cross Hospital in Calgary for most of his career.

During his studies, one of his colleagues convinced him to ask out one of the nurses, Mary Boyd. We’re happy he did. They were married in 1952 and had 3 lovely daughters-us-Donna Hammerlindl (Hugh), Kathleen Asp (Don) and Barbara Waskiewich (Greg). Doug and Mary were happily married for 37 years. Sadly, Mary died in 1989.

After Mom’s death, Dad was very lost and was lucky that Anne Shuttleworth came into his life. They were married in 1990. Dad was pleased to say that he had two long, happy marriages.

Dad and Anne enjoyed hosting Dad’s five grandchildren. The feeling was enthusiastically returned by Andy Hammerlindl, Laura Hammerlindl, Pamela Forrester, Heather Farrell, and Bruce Waskiewich. Dad and Anne invited each of them to spend several days with them every year, even as adults. The grandchildren know the Victoria attractions better than just about anyone. It’s a shame his great grandchildren, Isobel and Lucas Farrell, won’t get this opportunity.

Throughout his life, Dad had many interests. At various times he enjoyed cooking, doing needlepoint, conquering the lock and chase video game, doing jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles (moving onto cryptic crosswords at Anne’s influence) and sudokus. In his 90’s he joined the Berwick singers and enthusiastically would “burst forth in song” with them. During family visits, he welcomed conversation, often saying “That reminds me of a story…” usually one we had heard many times before. His faculties were with him to the end, solving a 5 star sudoku the day before his death.

We are profoundly fortunate to have had such a wonderful father. He taught us so many valuable things. He was a dedicated professional with a strong work ethic and was a super good provider. He set an excellent example in his generosity and his honesty. He was the strong silent type, but we never doubted his love.

There will be no service, largely related to COVID, but when we asked Dad what he wanted for his funeral, he said, “I don’t care. I’m not going to be there.” Please take some time to remember our Dad, maybe with a rum and coke or a tin of beer.


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Douglas Morris Asp


Lois Garrett

24 novembre , 2021

Dear Kathy, Donna and Barbara, I’m sorry for your loss. What a remarkable man your father was! He was so accomplished and yet was humble and kind to everyone.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anna Goodson

1 novembre , 2021

I am so sorry to hear this, John had let me know please send my love to Aunty Anne and the family. I have really fond memories of the summer I spent in Canada. I particularly remember Doug making a delicious blueberry pie. I had never seen so many blueberries! And visiting some amazing places in Calgary. I also remember how kind, gentle and wise Doug was and how much I enjoyed the time I spent with him.
Much love to you all.
Anna xxxx

Ted and June Clarke

1 novembre , 2021

Hi Anne. We remember Doug making us crepes in your house in Victoria. They were delicious. June enjoyed many visits helping put together jigsaw puzzles, playing scrabble, doing sudoku puzzles and crossword puzzles. I guess one of the funniest times was when Doug was trying to teach me to do the cryptic crossword puzzles which I can’t seem to get even now

Betty Coppard

31 octobre , 2021

Oh, I am so very sorry to hear of the passing of dear Doug-what an amazing man he was.It was in 2014 I stayed in the flat with your Mum and Doug. A great week and went all over Victoria with him driving and felt very safe!

Love Betty xxxx

Madeleine Zemek

29 octobre , 2021

I really looked up to Doug. He was something of a grandfather to me as he was in my family before I was born. He taught me so many interesting things like baking, cooking, and cross stitching. He would always tell wonderful stories, and it was a treat each time he told them. I enjoyed figuring out puzzles with him, be it a crossword or a jigsaw. Whenever I say "uff da" when sitting down on the couch, I always think of him. Whenever I order a Rum and Coke, it reminds me of him. He truly was one of a kind.

I will miss you, Doug.

Aleisia Arkley

29 octobre , 2021

Doug was a Grandfather to me. He married my Grandy (Grandma) the year I was born, and spent a lot of time babysitting me. He always loved to tell me the same stories about how I was as a young child with unwavering enthusiasm. I continued to enjoy the stories each Summer visit. Our time together was meaningful even when just relaxing on the couch pondering in silence or doing crosswords. His stoic and endearingly stubborn personality allowed him to complete his life journey with dignity. Doug, I will always think of you when playing cards with the deck that you gave us with your air force service picture. Thank you for everything you have taught me and for your service to our country. My last words to you were short and sweet, that you are always loved and will be missed.

Favourite Dougisms:
“A weight watcher’s no no.” (When he would lick the spatula or bowl during clean up from baking or cooking)
“Oofta” (anytime sitting down and relaxing)
“You’re a stupid nit wit” (really anytime)
One of my brother’s favourites: “You’re a two faced baboon”

Love Aleisia xoxo


27 octobre , 2021

Doug was a wonderful and loving husband to my Mum, Anne Shuttleworth. We shared many happy occasions and memories.
Doug put in a lot of time with his grandson, Aiden, who looked up to him as a grand dad. A few favourite expressions I will always remember that got Aiden laughing. are: Who is a two faced baboon? and "oofda"

Doug will not be forgotten and his stories and memories will live long.

RIP, Doug,
Mike and Aiden

Madeleine Shuttleworth

27 octobre , 2021

I will remember Doug fondly always as a fantastic Grandpa to my kids. Visits to Victoria every summer were fantastic. Many a meal we shared in Mum and Doug’s kitchen in Calgary and then in Victoria. My favourite recent memory of Doug was singing songs with him at the pub at the Berwick when they had a piano player performing! Doug was a generous, kind soul who will be missed dearly by our family.

To the “Handsomest man in the world with the 10 cent comb in his pocket” May you Rest In Peace.

Carol Shuttleworth

27 octobre , 2021

I remember many visits with Doug and Mum when I would spend considerable time helping Doug with the current jigsaw puzzle. I remember many afternoons or evenings playing Scrabble or Upwords with Doug and Mum. Doug won frequently. I will miss the time we spent together doing these activities.

God bless you Doug and may you rest in His peace.

Love Carol Shuttleworth

Darlene Hoogstraten

23 octobre , 2021

I have fond memories of Dr Asp. I was a student and graduate of medical laboratory 1967-1975. I worked in Histology and Chemistry. I remember Dr Asp as a kind, gentle and caring man. He always had time to talk and explain things to us. The one thing I remember and tell people is " Do you know why time goes by faster when you get older? Well it's because when you are two a year is half your life. When you are 50 a year is 1/50 of your life." That made sense to me. I send my condolences to the family and especially to Dr Shuttleworth, who I also remember as well from the Holy Cross. It was a great place to work.